The Woman Men Adore Review: Become His Only Ideal Woman

“What’s a woman with a man? What’s a man without a woman?” Does it ring a bell?

Those lyrics are absolutely amazing and a perfect fit for describing relationships. We learn so much over the years, at school, at home. We do homework, we learn to speak foreign languages, and we make mathematical calculations. But we learn so little about love. When it strikes, we have no idea where it comes from and what it wants.

Because school and parents give so little time to discussing love, books on relationships are a true blessing. Finding the perfect one is hard though. We find so many women that give advice about relationships, personal coaches, feminists, psychologists. But the point of view of women isn’t enough for us to say that we are ready for a healthy relationship.

What do men want?

While women have their own way of seeing things, we must also consider men’s point of view. As part of the couple, a man’s opinion is crucial for me. It is like listening to both versions of the story. In order for women to become irresistible, they must know what men want.

What men want might surprise you sometimes. It is not always your intuition telling you the right thing. Reading a book that a man wrote might be a good start for your understanding.

Trying to figure out things by yourself can be counterproductive and sometimes more confusing than useful. So, stop guessing what your man means by this or that and start asking the right questions.

Without keeping yourself updated, you won’t be able to completely understand how you should behave in some given moments.

How do people fall in love with each other?

They simply do. I do believe in chemistry. I also think that sexual attraction has a lot to do with it as well. I think that those two are the foundation of a relationship. Still, sustaining a relationship means more than just chemistry. It takes a lot of hard work. Plus, you could use some knowledge about it, in order to make it work.

Learning to make a compromise and not expect too much isn’t easy at all. Because, well, life isn’t a fairy tale. And we are not princesses and princes. But we can learn to become the best version of ourselves.

What is the role of relationship books?

To me, it matters a lot to know things about relationships. It matters reading things from more experienced people, it matters seeing how others treat certain situations. Also, the advice of some professionals is always useful. I am always learning something new. It is incredible how relationship books help you predict your partner’s reactions and thus maintain your calm in certain situations.

As I already have a few years of reading and reading articles and relationship books, I know I am wiser than before. Plus, I know what I want better. I know how to ask things from my partner and not make him feel forced to do anything.

The Woman Men Adore Techniques Now

The book Be the Woman Men Adore

Bob Grant’s The Woman Men Adore, and Never Want To Leave is about what men appreciate in a woman. And about what women should stop at. What? Let me explain. Nowadays, I don’t know if you have seen it yourself, women tend to become more manly than men themselves.

Maybe their work requires such a transformation, but honestly now, this is not a competition. Grant very well tackles on the differences between men and women. Both have energies that are complementary. It is why men and women work together very well.

So, within the book, there is priceless information about how men think and what they expect from their women. Plus, some tricks that women can apply in order to make their men appreciate them.

Creating healthy love relationships

The basis of any healthy romantic relationship is love. But then, love requires commitment and hard work. Simply because it’s partners who contemplate, decide, and agree to love each other.

So, without commitment, love can never last, leave alone have a long relationship. Still, relationship experts say besides commitment, couples must bring and maintain trust plus dedication into a relationship.

Yet, if relationships were to be equated to a suit, there is no one size fits all. In short, all relationships are different since different individuals make a relationship and all are unique in many ways. So, the “right” way to have a relationship is not always black and white.”

Nevertheless, there are a few universal aspects of a budding love relationship. Some of the agreed qualities of a healthy love relationship include trust, communication, honesty, and respect. Still, having fun, commitment, self-love, and mature emotions come out as important elements too.

Takes two to tangle

And “it takes two to tangle.” Such that each partner in love relationship has a role to play for the relationship to last. In short, it is a give and takes, where one wins and loses some. That means each partner must accept and commit to cede some ground even in times of conflict. Above all, it behooves on each partner to support each other, under whatever circumstances. That way, your relationship will grow to be a healthy one.

Indeed, one Panganiban said that “the way you handle conflict is a sign of a healthy relationship.” A core piece of understanding a healthy or unhealthy relationship is what happens during conflicts or disagreements,” 

And he continues. “Even in times of conflict, couples should have a one-in-five ratio: for every negative moment or feeling, you should be able to identify five positive things that outweigh the negative.”

How do relationships run smoothly?

Well, it is a common effort. Or at least it should be. Still, Grant is a man and teaches women how to work on their behavior in order to influence their men’s behavior. Because yes, women are the neck of the relationship. So, instead of becoming a man, women should think of a balance.

Not too needy, yet not too independent. That is the secret. Not too imposing, yet not too permissive. It might seem hard, yet it is just a matter of time and practice.

After all, everything is already in our nature. We just tend to forget about that and turn it into something that is against our nature.

The role of a smooth relationship is to keep it going. In order to make things work, instead of arguing with your man that he wants to watch a game on TV, you should join him. But seriously now, how many women actually do that?

Why do couples lack communication?

Grant speaks about the issue of communication in a love relationship between the members of a couple. Men are normally listeners, while women are those who speak. Still, women speak four times more than men can actually hear. So, while men tend to zone out, women get angry and disappointed by their indifference.

So, what Grant advises women is to be shorter and more concise. If you want to make sure that your man hears what you have to say, do not speak too much. He will lose attention, and you will lose your temper instead.

Also, when angry, try to avoid any discussion. In essence, it is better for both of you to calm down. Then, speak about your emotions after a while instead of speaking out your emotions. This is because it might generate some problems if you do not control your feelings.

Men tend to close up when they feel that they got into a fight. Actually, men open up so hard, so making them close up is so much easier. Thus, make sure to take a step back each time you want to say something and reconsider whether it’s worth it or not.

Make sure that your message is clear and concise. Also, control your tone. Women tend to be very mother-like. That image is unpleasant for men who just want to getaway. So, the best thing is to be as friendly and smiling as you can. Join him in his activities, and he will treasure your time together.

The opinion of a man counts.

Grant tells his manly point of view. We women could use a man sometimes to tell us what is wrong and what is right to do with our men. It was interesting to see a man open up in a book. It was nice to see how they thought and a bit shocking to realize what I was doing wrong.

I feel that we are in such a hurry, always rushing for something that we don’t know what it actually is.

We do not pay attention to what we do or say anymore. We speak our minds, but sometimes using the proper words can save you a burden. So yes, I love reading what men write. I love finding out what they like and what they hate about us. I love that I can learn more and that I can, after all, work things out as long as I am willing to do it.

The Woman Men Adore Techniques Now

Why should you have this guide on your bookshelf?

A relationship book that offers such impressive insights into how men think and feel is a must. I have put it on my to-read list as soon as I found out about it. What I know now is that men and women are so different by nature. Men and women come from different planets, yet they can live together on earth.

Unfortunately, most women tend to blame their men for their failures yet do not take the time to evaluate their own behavior. But I feel like I want to be the woman that my man adores because he deserves it. Because I deserve it.

Above all, all those myths about being obedient or bitchy are two unhealthy extremes that Grant confirms. And Grant is a man, so I believe him. Indeed, being balanced takes some hard work, but it is definitely worth it.

My Final Thoughts

In the end, the fact that the author offers a 60-day money-back guarantee is another good reason to buy this book. If you feel that it does not meet your expectations, you just ask for a refund. The good thing is, you will receive all the money you used to buy the guide with no question asked.

I recommend this book to all women who are aware that they have their part in that relationship as well. I also recommend it to the women who don’t realize that they might be wrong sometimes. After reading it, they will understand and thus realize their part of the guilt.

The good news is that there are people who do research and write about relationships with the hope of making things work between couples. Certainly, I find that amazing. After you finish your reading, please add your personal review about it. Let other women know that this guide works and that it helped you.

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    As a man, I can tell you this is true and also tell you that I have hitched recently and my wife used this on me! What more can I say, I am totally in love with her!

  • Jesus says:

    The book has excellent content if you are looking to be more effective in your relationships. Focus on the content and you will walk away with valuable information.

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    Women, this is a product that you need to buy. I would say that what is offered in this guide is more than special. You get to understand a lot about men as a woman. The system is created to help women understand how to carry on with their lives and driven by men’s desires.
    Thea author has great understanding on both sides hence knows that one thing a man desires and a woman can do something about it. It is easy to understand and implement.

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    The Woman Men Adore is a guide that explains what men find attractive in women. It explains to women what they should do in order to make a man fall in love with them. The Woman Men Adore book provides explanation as to why men choose to marry, five qualities that men crave in women that women are not aware of, how to be loved by a man while still being yourself, what makes a women attractive to men and how to make them do what you want. The guide is based on one simple philosophy, “Any woman can have full control over any man as long as they learn to put their heart’s need ahead of any man.

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    The book has excellent content if you are looking to be more effective in your relationships. Focus on the content and you will walk away with valuable information.

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    Bob emphasizes the need for forgiveness as part of all conflict resolutions, and looks into how women can take the lead in the forgiveness process. He does not just ask women to forgive, but shows how women can use the simple power of femininity to help men heal from hurt and attain a state of whole forgiveness.

  • Willard says:

    A happy marriage or partnership is the result of hard work and commitment. This book is all about opening up your heart and being firm and strong in your emotions, so that you can do this kind of sustained long term work in your relationship.

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