Pheromone Advantage Review: The Real Secret To Attracting Women?

Most of us know that every second animal has its own scent or smell and it is used as a tool to seduce! Scents are the best seductive tools as nature suggests. Each of the living thing that mates use scents at one or other instance. You would be shocked to hear that human can also have this characteristic.

The scent that exists in you is called pheromone and it is quite impressive to say. Just because it can seduce ladies, it is what men want to know about. As it is first things first, so let’s know what this pheromone really is?

Naturally, each of the living things has been blessed with one way or the other to seduce. It may be a scent or a mating call but it exists for sure! In the case of humans, the seduction tool is talk but not everyone can master the art of linguistics. Though people would say that feelings speak better, it is all hoax.

Neither you all have such a persona that can catch every passing eye! You can never frame your looks according to what you desire and that is why you can’t match the level that you want to. The lack of looks can thus reduce that ability to seduce to quite a low level.

Your appearance does not rock each time!

Humans need to have something else too! Scientists believe that humans used to have a seductive scent in the times of Homo Habilis but the scent somehow went away with time. To date, the scent does not exist and the humans are left with only words to use a seductive tool.

The words sometimes don’t really help and that is when the real problem arises! You don’t have your major seductive tool working and you don’t know of a substitute as well. What’s left for you? Give up or think of something else!

I believe that you have not been programmed to give up. You have not been programmed to think of giving up on love and lovemaking either. This is just that a lean patch can make you disappointed to an extent that you try giving up but believe me! You can’t!

The thing is that you can not really survive without all this stuff. It is not about the continuity of race or about biological reasoning. The real stuff is about the emotional strategy attached to lovemaking. You make love because it gives pleasure.

Once that emotionally attached tag gets removed from this activity, it may lose the sheen as well! Like all other acts that had their heights, it may have also come to a dead end. But it hasn’t! Just because it is your need and your survival!

You need the ability of lovemaking to get going and to be a real human. With the help of seductive nature, you can satisfy this requirement of yours.

Why is seduction important?

We are really not existing in the cave ages and you can not pick on a girl by smashing a rock into the head. You can’t win her over a war. The only choice that remains is to get her consent to match yours. Is there anything else you can do to make love happen?

Love happens!

You can’t develop a thousand characteristics within this short lifespan of hardly seventy years of which 15 belong to the disability of lovemaking. That leads to a new tension. Tension can cause stress and stress can lead to breakage! That is not just words, that is Hooke’s law of elasticity.

So, that much stress of having someone die for you or having someone crave for your love is kinda dangerous. You need to have a way carved out to avoid such unavoidable circumstances. The way may seem difficult but it is never impossible to find one!

You need to develop such a persona that seducing does not remain a part of your habit. If that seems difficult then at least you should own one of the tools that make seduction easier for you. The tool may be fashion, words, body or even scent.

Other options rely heavily on the personal liking of the opposite gender. As far as a scent is concerned, it can make way right to the nervous system and can hack your power of liking and disliking a person. A scent that has enigma and magneto, can never be written off!

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How can a scent help?

Well, the thing is that you need to get that seductive characteristic to a level that becomes irresistible. A level that is matchless and a level that can never be ignored. To reach that height, you either need to have a life of 1000 years or you should have the magic lamp.

Ascent is something that boosts your seductive nature without any delay. There is no need of mastering an art and it does not even require your personality to be rocking.

You would be thinking that I have gone mad or I am gonna sell perfume to you. It is nothing like that. I am no perfume-seller. You would have seen a hundred of perfume and deodorant ads that show their seduction power but a huge collection of those scents hasn’t helped you a bit.

The thing is that they have sown to you the half truth and you have really believed in it! You need to believe that scent can seduce but deodorant can have that scent? It is just lame.

According to recent studies in the Universities of the United States, it has been proved that pheromones, a kind of scent, can prove to be an intoxication high seduction weapon for women.

Pheromones! What?

Pheromones, you got a difficulty to pronounce thing just because it is made out of medication. Whats biologically correct lacks ease and what’s easy lacks biological proof! This thing called the Pheromone can be the one weapon you have been finding all through your lifespan.


These are chemically produced scents that contain seductive instincts. The real magic behind it is a simple natural reason. Mother Nature has ensured the continuity of race at all costs and for some conditions, there exists the pheromone.

These pheromones are a lifeline for all those people who have been failing badly as a seductive personality. If you have been failing to get girls attracted to you, then you need the help of Dr. Virgil Amend.

Who is Dr.Virgil?

Dr.Virgil is someone who has found a way for you to seduce ladies. You have been fishing with a bow and arrow for a long time and yet you complain of catching no fish. That is because you have tried the wrong way. Dr. has found the right way for you.

You may not rock when it is about words or appearance and that is not a fault. Those traits are God-gifted. But if you can not find a way out of that pit of being alone, then you are at fault for sure! You need to get away to do what you have been programmed for.

Dr. Virgil has created the Pheromone Advantage that triggers such mating lust in women that they would try animalistic characteristics for sure. The way it is destined to be would be the way it happens for you once you have this secret pheromone with you.

How does this help you?

Your brain is the driving seat of your body. Inside your brain exists such a compartment that controls all sensual feelings and reacts to them. To make seduction possible, that very compartment is curtained.

You put a curtain of the happy and seductive environment over it and you have won the game for sure. The pheromone is something that can do that for you. It curtails all other feelings and just arouses lustful feelings within the human brain.

brain is the center of seduction!

The brain is the center of seduction and not the vagina! That is what you need to keep in mind. You need to be-fool the brain and not the private parts. The brain has to do all else for you. The pheromone can control the brain and you can then have control of all other proceedings.

How to use it?

Well, it isn’t rocket science! You just need to apply it to your body and all else will be up to it. It will then affect the nervous system of all ladies around you and they would crave for a moment of privacy with you.


The way to do it!

The Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a change in your life, that makes ladies fall for you then it is what you need. This very Pheromone Advantage can reignite the love that you have lost behind in your married life. It may act as a plug that starts things off for you.

You can have all the joys added to your playlist of life once you get your hands on this very pheromone from Dr. Virgil Amend!

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