Oral Fixation Review: How You Can Get Head Anytime You Want From Her

In my experience in sex, I ventured first into oral before the actual penetration. I had my first serious boyfriend when I was 15 years old. As teenagers hormones are raging for the both of us, making out up to the third base and eventually lead exploring more of oral sex.

The guy used to give me oral but I am not reciprocating because I used to think it was nasty and degrading for a girl. Then one day when we were fooling around, he asked me to watch porn with him. While watching he convinced me to try giving him a blowjob. It was my first head to give a guy and boy was I amazed.

I discovered there on that giving head for a woman is empowering.

Guys go gaga over blow jobs. I don’t know what is it that guys are obsessed with blow jobs. How is it different with vaginal penetration. Let’s find out.

Michael Fiore’s theories:

  1. Acceptance

It’s the intimacy showing a deep connection with someone or with your partner. Men feel like they are accepted when receiving head from their partners. It comes with trust because the degree of vulnerability for men having their tools in someone’s else mouth is enormous.

  1. Feeling Loved

Okay so sometimes the media portrays sex as things people do for release right? But no, first of all, sex is about feeling so when couples having sex is a way of expressing their love to one another. Men are more deeply connected with their partners when they are receiving a blowjob. One more thing MEN LOVE SEX, it’s just what they are.

  1. The Submission Of A Woman

Let’s face it men likes to be dominant in the bedroom so having women in their knees and giving them a blowjob is a giveaway. At this position, men feel more masculine and powerful.

  1. Fixation To Their Penises

Most men love their penises, in fact, I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t. I don’t really know why but they are really fixated with their member. Maybe it’s about their manhood and receiving blowjob means you are respecting them.

Guys who are receiving religiously good blowjob are very lucky. They have chosen women that loved them very much. But for those who aren’t, well here are Mr. Fiore’s advises to you from his book and recording of Oral Fixation Step by Step Training Manual.

Oral Fixation

How To Convince Your Woman To Give You A Blowjob:

  1. Romance

Yes, women are romantics. They must feel loved and appreciated for what they are. They also want respect and acceptance guys. So if you want to get lucky with your wife or girlfriend, show her how much you treasure her and is a big part of your life.

  1. Talk To Her

Approach her in a non-threatening way or non-accusing way and treat her with respect. Make her understand your needs. Try to have an open conversation with her.

  1. Keep it clean and well-groomed

For some women, they hesitate to go down on you if you have a wild bush down there. So make sure your genital area clean, smell good and better yet hair free. No one wants to have her mouth, teeth, and tongue full of pubic hairs.

  1. Too much dirty talk

Well, sometimes women tend to be turned off of too much dirty talking. Just keep it sexy and not too raunchy and downright nasty for her to listen to. Don’t use degrading names for her that would make her feel humiliated.

  1. Give her a head start

Well, there is a law of receiving and giving. So if you want your chances high that your woman will give you head is to give her head first. Women tend to reciprocate if you go down to her too.

  1. Tasteful

Okay here it is you guys, this one is very very important. Make sure your semen taste good for her to be able to swallow. Don’t you ever feed her with your yucky spunk? If this happens, your chance of a repeat is zero!

  1. Make it fun

Try role-playing or whatever to make the act as playful as it can be. Don’t take it too seriously because that would be pressuring her. Do the 69 positions so that she is also receiving head as you are.

  1. Say thank you

Show her gratitude! Most of the time if guys say thank you after receiving blowjob would likely get another one.

Hopefully, these tips will necessarily help men out there to a happier and satisfied sexual pleasure with your wife or girlfriend. Remember don’t ever force your woman to go down on you. That would be a crime and it is downright traumatic for women.

Also check out the other book and recordings of Michael Fiore’s “The Blowjob Interviews”, where he interviewed guys about their experiences and expectations of receiving head.

The Psychology of Blowjob

Did you know that some of the confidence or lack thereof men is based on their penis size? Studies showed that men tend to be more confident if they have a larger penis than with men who have a smaller penis. The man’s cock and balls are the physical definitions of his gender and masculinity.

For men, the masculine role shows that he is in-charge in or out of the bedroom. This role also shows that men are the protector of his women. I know for some women this doesn’t go well with them but it is what our society portrayed it. Masculinity for men and femininity of for the women.

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So enough about men and their fixation with a blowjob. Let’s talk about women’s sexuality and desire and the significant roles in participating in oral sex. With “Self- Esteem Skyrocket” an interview with Isabel Del Rios, shares that women should own their sexuality and be able to enjoy giving head to their significant other as well as receiving them.

Here are what women should do for giving a blowjob:

  1. Use Your Hands

Yes ladies, use your hands and don’t let the mouth do all the work. Rub up and down his penis when you come up for air or while sucking too. Multi-task this job.

  1. Compliment him

Tell him how great his tool is. Words can be very sexy and powerful at the same time. Just don’t make any nasty remark about his penis. Remember me are very sensitive about their organ

  1. Linger

Don’t rush it. Take your time and savor the job. Always start slow, make him squirm and beg you for more.

  1. Gag reflex

Don’t overdo it like a porn star. Just swallow what can you get into your mouth and take it an inch at a time.

  1. Take some break

Relax your jaw and lips from time to time.

  1. Explore

Find his other pleasure zones especially his balls. Fondle, caress and lick them all. Sometimes use your teeth but not too much because it could be painful for them.

  1. Committed

Your commitment from the start until he finished is very important. Once you get started, try to see it until the end.

Blowjob for some is hard to come by because literally, it is a hard job to start with. People who receive oral pleasures all the time are very lucky, especially with men. As for women, a girl who loves and enjoys giving a blowjob is rare.

Oral Fixation

About the Author:

Michel “Mike” Fiore is a young man in his 30’s that happens to have cracked the code for men for having head regularly. He is very generous that he shares his insights to other men and women out there about this code. Suffice to say he knows what he is talking about with his book, audios and interviews namely; “Oral Fixation Step by Step Training Manual”, “The Psychology of the Blowjob”, “Self-Esteem Skyrocket” and the “The Blowjob Interviews”.

About The Book:

This book, audios, and interviews are available on the author’s website. These books have the no risk feedback methods that will help learn how to tell your wife or girlfriend what you want without her ever getting offended.

This book also helps women to be open about their sexuality and to the possibility of giving blowjob to their husbands and boyfriends regularly.


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I for one used to love giving a blowjob with a guy I am starting a relationship with. Because for me it’s part of knowing each other phase and showing love intimately. But I was also one of those women who lost interest in giving heads if we are in a serious stage of our relationship.

I tend to get bored doing it for him and sometimes I just do it to manipulate him or compensate him for something he had done that I approved of. Thankfully I was able to do this review and listen to these videos and read their interviews for me to see what has been the problem.

I for one would grab these books and read them with my boyfriend. So for you guys out there, grab it now! Let’s not make our guys live in blowjob Siberia. It’s time to rekindle our sex life what it used to be.

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    Men, take notes. Good article. Great information. Does it work the other way around though? I was thinking about trying this in reverse. One thing that gives me pause is the fact that it was written by a man for other men to follow. I’m kinky so I’ll get this for me and my husband.

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