Mend The Marriage Review: How Can You Repair The Break For Good?

While it is true that in our world there are a lot of different cultures, religions, and customs, all of them encourage one thing: marriage.

Marriage symbolizes a new beginning. If you are married, by now you have probably experienced the good and the bad sides of marriage. Maybe you were in the marriage, but it fell apart. Or you feel that your marriage is going in the wrong direction. Perhaps you want to try again, patch things up with your ex-wife, or you want to start a new marriage with someone else.

My father used to say that marriage is like a big barrel. On top, there is honey and all the sweet things which make marriage so special. But as soon as you dive deeper, you find what marriage really is: a pile of poop.

And for a while, I believed him. I too thought this to be the truth. But it’s not. There are a lot of successful marriages.

There are a lot of successful marriages, those that could last forever.

Why marriage is good

A new start

Many consider marriage to be a start of a new life, a formation of a family. You commit yourself to someone you love, you make compromises, have fights, you reconcile. It is a union, both physical and spiritual, a chance for you to be selfless, and to help your loved ones.


Most say that it is not easy to stay committed to one person for your entire life. I disagree. If you respect and love someone, you will stay faithful to them throughout your entire life. Sure, there are always temptations. And you will resist them if you truly love someone.

Being a parent

When you have children, it is no longer just about the two of you. You are now responsible for your child, and they are the most important thing to you. Suddenly, you have the extra energy, and you want to give everything you have to make sure that your child has everything it needs.

And here comes the bad stuff

Unfortunately, all the good things can equally turn into bad things.

Many people enter the marriage out of need or necessity, not out of love. And I don’t judge. So-called “forced” marriages can turn out into the most beautiful thing. Respect, love, and mutual respect can develop out of such marriages, but very rarely.

Marriages fall apart, more and more often because of various reasons.

Sometimes couples enter the marriage unprepared, unwilling to coexist, compromise and share. And sharing includes the good and the bad things. The thing is, most people see marriage as some form of prison. They say you give up your freedom. I personally believe that the greatest act of freedom is to completely give yourself to that one person. But that’s just me.

People are also not ready to fully commit to marriage. They think they are, but their actions speak otherwise.

Divorces are the worst for children. Sometimes couples stay together for the sake of their children, but they clearly unhappy. And children are not stupid. They always know when something’s up, they feel it.

So what is it that makes great marriages so great? What is the secret to their success?

Mend The Marriage Effectively

How can you save your marriage with Mend the Marriage?

Brad Browning is a marriage coach and a bestselling author of Mend the Marriage book. He also is known for his nickname “Divorce Geek”.

And he indeed is a geek when it comes to marriage information. But that’s a good thing if you want to save your marriage or prevent it from falling apart. Even if your marriage is currently perfect, you can still check out what Brad has to say to everyone who is married.

He points out three “marriage murdering mistakes”. You can guess why they are called the way they are. And there is no false promise in his talk either. He himself claims that fixing your marriage is never is and that it cannot be built overnight. So if you are looking for some miracle liquid that will make your marriage problems disappear, this is not your type of review.

Mend the Marriage

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Three marriage murdering mistakes

g that you can’t talk your way out of a marriage crisis.

Most marriage counselors, gurus, and coaches tell married couples that good communication is the key to any successful relationship. While it is true that communication is important, the lack of communication is rarely the murderer of marriages. Think about it. Whenever pro

Whenever problems in marriage occur, couples firstly try to communicate. But does that really work? Sure, problems can be solved via communication, but people usually amplify the problem. Suddenly you are throwing insults at each other and saying things you don’t really mean. And in the heat of the moment, you say things your wife or husband will never forget. And then it is already too late.

Brad proposes the opposite of that. He calls this method Immediate Impact Actions.

2. Thinking that you need your partner to save your marriage!

This can come as a shock and might even seem controversial, but you can save your marriage without including your partner directly. It is actually more effective if you take the first steps on your own. This step is about changing your partner’s perception of you, rewiring his perception on a psychological, subconscious level.

Don’t play the begging and the pleading card. Even if your partner had already checked out of the marriage, you can still salvage things.

3. Constantly reminding your partner about your marriage problems

Talking and bringing out the problems can only amplify them. And the more you bring them out, the worse it gets. This type of conversation can force your partner to feel bitterness and resentment toward you. It gets even worse.

Because of these constant upbringing problems, your partner will tide the negative emotions with yours. What you should do is to focus on the good emotions by invoking the good memories and remind them of the intimate experiences you shared.

How do I correct these mistakes?

Step #1

Now we are going back to the previously mentioned Immediate Impact Actions. Use this technique to rewire your partner’s perception of you. This technique is easy to master and with it, you will feed your partner’s mind with positive emotions and memories which they will relive again and again in their mind. That way, they will replace all the negative feelings with positive ones.

Step #2

Stop focusing on the analytical aspect of your marriage. Instead of focusing on logic and reason, you have to focus on emotions. The source of this problem lies in the western scientific approach to problems. We put too much emphasis on the left part of our brains, assured that we can think our way out of everything.

When you fell in love, is that based on logic or something else? It is a chemical mixture of lust, beauty, and desire and that is what you need to invoke in your partner. Forget about fights, arguments, and reason.

Step #3

Use Brad’s Big 6 Bond Builders. Use these techniques to make sure your partner never even thinks about leaving you. These are specifically designed techniques with a purpose to “divorce-proof” your marriage. Your partner will not be able to think about the future without you and will fight for that future, making sure it becomes a reality.

What do you get with Mend The Marriage?

Mend The Marriage is a complete, step-by-step guide to save your marriage. Brad has put over 10 years of his experience into this system. Many relationship experts claim in their reviews that this is probably the best marriage-saving system today.

Here are some of the content that you will get if you buy this system.

  • Getting started video: this getting started video (which you will watch when you start the program) will explain what you should do immediately in order to save your marriage. You can think of this video as a foundation on which you will build your system.
  • How to use Forever Phrase: you will learn how to implement this phrase in your partner’s positive memory. With this technique, your partner will let go and forget all the negativity and focus on positive memories and feelings.
  • Dispute Defusing System: with this system, you will stop any fight in its roots. Your partner will feel like he/she won the argument, but only because you invoked that victorious feeling. This is probably the most effective way to resolve conflicts in a relationship.
  • Forgiveness Technique: if the problem in your relationship is cheating and jealousy, this technique will make your partner beg for forgiveness only a few days after you apply it, promising commitment and faithfulness to you and you only!

How effective is the Mend The Marriage Program

This is an important question anyone would want to know before buying a program such as this. Why should you trust The Mend The Marriage program when there are thousands of programs talking about marriage? Why don’t I just seek marriage counseling from an expert to help build or mend my marriage?

Truth be told, I have reviewed quite a number of marriage programs and most of them tend to keep repeating the same old stories. Knowing the problems most married couples face is one thing, and proffering solutions to these problems is another thing.

Talking about marriage counseling, it is a very expensive and time-consuming process to consider. Also, there is no guarantee that a marriage counselor will help bend a broken relationship. In some cases, this strategy leaves some people more frustrated because you may find it difficult to convince your partner to visit.

However, the Mend The Marriage program eliminates all these obstacles. This program touches on the major causes of marriage crises and profers effective solutions. The strategies you will learn in Mend The Marriage is gotten from life experiences and not mere theories. Also, the information is precise and straight to the point.

So far, the Mend The Marriage program has a high success rate and doesn’t take time to implement the strategies. If you are to compare the marriage principles in this program to other programs or counseling, it is relatively very affordable and more effective.

I was able to find out about the effectiveness of Mend The Marriage through the number of couples that have used it. So far, thousands of couples have used the program, and a good number of them have succeeded in rescuing their marriages.

Mend The Marriage Effectively

Why should you try this program?

For starters, you have 60 days to test if it works. If this program doesn’t work for you, you can refund your money. There are numerous reviews and videos that prove the credibility of this program. Feel free to check them out.

Also, people usually hide the content of their programs. As you can see I’ve already revealed some of the content in this post, but that’s just the surface. Furthermore, this offer comes with bonus content.

  1. Mend The Marriage Video Series. These 5 videos demonstrate how to resolve the most common marriage issues.
  2. Infidelity Survival Guide. This video tackles the affair problem, how to deal with it, recognize it and even stop it.
  3. Children And Divorce. The focus of this video is on children. You will learn how to explain to your children what you and your partner are going through, and how to shelter your children from the problems you and your partner are having.
  4. Marriage Money Matters. Money is often one of the reasons why couples fight. This guide will teach you how to deal with financial quarrels you and your partner have.

This product is a must for anyone who is in marriage and who has marriage problems. Those who are thinking about marriage or are about the get married should also think about purchasing this product.

Marriage can be a beautiful thing if you know how to mend it.

Mend The Marriage Reviews: Final thoughts

Marriage is a beautiful thing that comes with a lot of perks. However, it doesn’t always go as planned, which could lead to divorce or separation. If you are tired of having issues with your marriage, trying out the Mend Your Marriage program might be the intimate solution. This book covers the major issues most couples face and provide solutions to them.

Trying out this program is completely risk-free because you have nothing to lose. It comes with 60 days money-back guarantee. This means that you have 60 days to try the program. If you don’t see significant changes, you can return it and get a refund.

While no book or counselor can guarantee you your marriage, the Mend The Marriage program has saved thousands of marriages. This might just be what you need to mend your marriage.

“Marriage is a beautiful thing but can be complicated sometimes. Understanding the basics of marriage can save you from unnecessary headaches”

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  • Dennis B. says:

    The essence of marriage is to make your partner feel special, it’s a relationship which should be above all connections. So, it’s vital to be more conscious in making your partner feel important, and this is one action you should do to have a perfect and strong marriage.

  • Rachael says:

    This is a real marriage-saver. If you think your marriage is in trouble, you have to act. Moreover, anyone willing to work on improving their marriage should get Mend the Marriage. No messing around, bud real advice on what you can do to improve your marriage.

  • Glen Hazzard says:

    The Mend the Marriage system provides tips, psychological and practical, to overcome and work through problems and issues in a relationship. Men and women will learn how to make themselves more attractive to their mates through behavioral and other methods. More importantly, the system teaches you how to stay enticing and keep the relationship together for a lifetime. Jealousy is discussed in detail as this is frequently a significant factor in a breakup. The consequences of jealousy, such as uncontrolled anger, constant bickering and accusations and even physical abuse are dealt with in a logical and rational way. The system then provides the answers into overcoming jealousy and not allowing it to override your thoughts and daily interactions.

  • Lisa Stpierre says:

    My marriage was almost falling when a friend couple suggested this system to us. The best thing for sure is that this system has worked beyond our expectations. We have found some amazing tips that are wonderful to use. It is full of secrets that we never thought existed and they have worked for us just perfectly.

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    This is a system that has been able to repair something that i thought cannot repaired. It is really a good program that is worth using. All my expectations have been met. Wonderful system.

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    Mend the Marriage tries to accommodate every marriage going through difficulties, a lot of its lessons can feel too simple.

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    Unlike many relationship courses that are targeted towards women, this online course is designed for both women and men, as it should be!

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