Is it A Medical Concern to Have Large Testicles?

There are so many questions that are usually asked these days about the issue of large testicles. Some of the top searches have been:

  • Are girls fond of big balls?
  • Is it normal to have big testicles? Among others

And in the curious nature of human beings, one cannot help but wonder, what are the medical risks of having large testicles?

Why Do Other Men Want Large Testicles?

While for some men their testicles are naturally large, there are those who will go a long way to get large testicles.

  1. Men, tend to be very protective of their ego and it is for this reason why some decide to find the means of making their balls grow larger if they feel they are too small.
  2. Others have the notion in mind that the bigger the testicles, the more semen you will produce during sex.

Are There Any Medical Conditions Associated with Large Testicles?

A lot of research has been done and is still being done on how the size of one’s testicles affects him. Here is what the scientists say about that:

  1. The Bigger They Are, The More Likely You Will Develop Heart Conditions

Per a 2013 research, men who had large testicles were found to have higher chances of developing a chronic heart disease. The research also discovered that such men were heavy drinkers, which raised their chances of getting a heart condition.

Hypertension was also another chronic health disease that they were seen to be at risk of getting. The likelihood of getting a heart problem was linked to the increased production of testosterone in such men.

  1. Bigger Testicles Mean Better Quality Sleep

The University of Denmark researchers studied 1000 men and observed their sleeping patterns. It was found out that men who had smaller testicles were the ones who mostly had cases of insomnia while the guys with the large ones slept well on most of the nights.

Is it A Medical Concern to Have Large Testicles

Aside from the above medical issues, other pros and cons of large testicles include:


  • Men with larger testicles have a higher libido
  • They are also able to produce more sperms. This means that they can easily make a woman pregnant.

The Con

  • Studies show that men with larger testicles are poor fathers and are more likely to be promiscuous.

Large testicles should not be a major reason for you to worry yourself. An extra tip is that learn to check your testicles every now and then for lumps or any unusual swellings. These may be a sign of cancer.

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    I always thought I wanted to have bigger testicles but if that increases the chances of chronic diseases then, I’ll be fine with what I have now.

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