Ejaculation Guru Review: Will It Help You Solve Your Bedroom Problem?

Ejaculation guru is both a website and a downloadable program that has been created by Jack Graves. The program is said to contain a method that is not unique but also effective in treating Premature Ejaculation. Premature Ejaculation has been found by research to affect more than 30% of all men at different times in their lives.


Ejaculation is the process of releasing sperms through the pineal gland of the penis. This process ordinarily occurs at the end of intercourse. He a man is stimulated; sperms start to travel from various channels that connect to the seminal vesicle at the back of the reproductive organ, located inside the ‘vas deferens.’

When the intimate exercise reaches its peak, the sexual organ contracts, pushing the sperms through the penis. This is how ejaculation takes place. However; controlling ejaculation is tough for many men.\

Premature Ejaculation.

  • Premature ejaculation is uncontrolled ejaculation either before or shortly after sexual stimulation and against the person’s wishes. It is one of the main forms of sexual dissatisfaction and it will result in unsatisfactory sex for both of the partners involved.
  • The man will have an organism much sooner than he wanted or anticipated. The following criteria medically define it:
  • Ejaculation nearly always or always happens even before sexual penetration has occurred or within a short time of penetration.
  • The man may find it impossible to delay his ejaculation almost every time he achieves penetration.
  • Negative feelings such as distress and frustration; and sometimes avoidance of sex.
  • Research shows that premature ejaculation has probably affected every single man at some point in his life. Scientific research has illustrated that as many as 15 to 30 percent of people in the US are suffering from Premature Ejaculation.

The condition is mostly witnessed in men under the age of 35. However, it is seen in people who:

  • Are coping with the new situation
  • A new relationship
  • A new job
  • A stressful situation / conflict

Causes of Premature Ejaculation

The following are some of the causes

Psychological factors

The psychological factors will affect a man who previously had normal ejaculation. This type of condition is therefore said to be secondary or acquired. The factors include:-

  • Lack of sexual experience
  • A new relationship
  • Over-excitement or too much stimulation
  • Presence of stress in the relationship
  • Anxiety due to various causes
  • Feeling guilty
  • Presence of control and intimacy issues
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    Ejaculation Guru Learn How To Stay Longer in Bed Now

Contents of the book

  • Introduction
  • Copyright warning
  • Medical Disclaimer
  • About the creator
  • Directions on how to best use the guide
  • The importance of focusing on one method at a time
  • Goal setting
  • Why you should focus on what you want, rather than what you do not want.
  • The importance of being very specific.
  • Why you should set a deadline
  • The actions that you should take.
  • The techniques that will help you eliminate Premature Ejaculation.
  • Ending Premature Ejaculation through a Psychological Approach.
  • You should change your perspective: it is just to sex.
  • Anchors of arousal.
  • NLP Exercises
  • How to use NLP to control your arousal.
  • What next if you still ejaculate prematurely?
  • Can women really like Premature Ejaculation?
  • Ending Premature Ejaculation through the physical approach
  • Level one of arousal
  • Level two of arousal
  • Level three of arousal
  • Level four of arousal
  • Level five of arousal
  • How masturbation can be a weapon to increase your time in bed
  • How to break the ‘fast masturbation habit.’
  • How to stimulate sex
  • Treat it like it is just sex.
  • How using lubrication can help you.
  • Why you should get a vaginal stimulator.
  • Why you should consider using a condom
  • Directions on how to use the tactics that are in this guide.
  • How to breathe to control your arousal.
  • How to engage your diaphragm
  • Correct breathing techniques: Inhale through your nose and exhale through the mouth
  • Using the techniques during sex
  • How to lower your arousal levels using the right breathing techniques.
  • How to use your PC muscle to improve level three arousal times.
  • The fundamental role of the PC muscle.
  • How to use your PC muscle to stop ejaculation.
  • How to time your PC muscle contraction.
  • He exercises that will help you to block ejaculation.
  • The importance of rest in the fight against Premature Ejaculation.
  • Warm-ups
  • Breathing
  • Flaccid or erect?
  • The importance of mini flexes.
  • The importance of big flexes.
  • What to do during sex to last longer.
  • Sex positions that will speed up ejaculation
  • Positions for medium ejaculation
  • Positions that will help you to delay ejaculation.
  • Positions that will achieve super-fast ejaculation.
  • Changing positions to buy time.
  • The full thrust stimulation was reduced.
  • Why you should just go slowly.
  • How you can get your partner to orgasm within a few seconds of sex.
  • How to please your partner until she is dying for you.
  • How to teasingly withdraw a kiss.
  • Teasing a nipple lick.
  • How to tease your insertion.
  • How to use these techniques consistently.
  • The reasons why this technique is so good.
  • How you can get harder erections.
  • The big flex exercises when you are erect.
  • How to get more physical exercise.
  • Why you should improve your diet.
  • The clean sheet: Tips for instant lasting longer in bed
  • How to change positions during sex.
  • Why you should masturbate before sex.
  • Why you should urinate before sex.
  • Why you should stop halfway through to give her oral pleasure.
  • Why you should go very slow.
  • Why you should use long-lasting condoms.
  • Why you should include a lot of lubrication.
  • To your success
  • More success secrets.

The Basics of Ejaculation

Reprograming your sexual confidence so that you feel like a king before sex has even begun. Feeling sexually confident and believing that you are a great love goes a long way in making you eliminate nervousness before intimacy. Improved confidence will have won the battle halfway.

This is because part of dealing with Premature Ejaculation is changing your approach towards sex. Having 100% confidence that sex will go well, even before you engage in intimacy is a big step in handling Premature Ejaculation.

Breathing control

Learning to control your breath and keeping yourself relaxed will help you to enjoy leisure sex. Tensing up your body will push you to hurry things along. The secret is to learn how to relax easily so that you can last much longer.

PC muscle control

This is a muscle that runs under the penis and around the pelvic area. Knowing how to control (contract and relax). This muscle will help you to reduce your excitement, and you will continue to enjoy all the pleasure of sex. Knowing how to control your PC will help you to gain full control of your ejaculation.

The body’s level of arousal

You must be aware of the degree of sensitivity of your body. Simple awareness tactics will enable you to stay focused on what you are doing from one moment to the next. Remaining focused will help you not to ejaculate too soon.

NOTE: This is the complete opposite of using the distraction stories that recommend that you focus on something unpleasant like taxes. You will be able to think about the sexiness of your partner and delay ejaculation at the same time.

Control your arousal

You must believe that you can control your arousal. You must then go ahead and learn to control the tithing program will teach you techniques that will help you to control your arousal. The main module of this pdf contains 15 emergency techniques that you can engage, one by one, to control your ejaculation. Among the techniques is one that is guaranteed to give you complete control over your ejaculation.

“When you fall in love, it is a temporary madness”.

Mental and physical techniques.

These are techniques that are guaranteed to give you complete control no matter has aroused you are. The tactics are designed to help you to stay below your point of no return for as long as you want. The techniques include:

  • NLP
  • Imaging
  • EFT

NOTE: The techniques are revolutionary, and they will program your brain so that you can remain in control during your lovemaking.

This manual helps men eliminate premature ejaculation by following step-by-step instructions. Premature ejaculation is treated using natural methods and approaches instead of pills, creams, condoms, and other common treatments. The goal of this technique is to train the mind and body to control orgasm for at least 30 minutes before climax.

A comprehensive guide that offers all the tips and methods men need to do much better in bed, Ejaculation Guru is a comprehensive e-book that covers every aspect of ejaculation. As well as sex positions, breathing techniques, and much more this book offers valuable information. Early ejaculation can be alleviated by this method, which lets the men stay in bed longer. It is essential that a coaching course be efficient and capable of eliminating the underlying issue. 

You can do that with Ejaculation Guru. Nowadays it is one of the few solutions available that provide actual results. All the factors that must be considered are discussed there. The numbers show that there’s no man who’s never had a PE incident. 

You will be giving your woman extreme pleasure even if you can go for up to 15 minutes of penetration. It is quite possible that your partner could get more than one orgasm if, by chance, you overcome the half-hour barrier. In summary, having an extended PE period can leave both you and your partner dissatisfied, not only sexually but also psychologically. 

Feel the joy you will experience when you see her reach her optimum level of satisfaction during sex with you. You are used to a certain physiological response, which is the body’s way of coping. Observe an animal, and you will notice that none of them survives for more than a few minutes. A major objective of this course is to separate your sex action from its “reproductive” purpose and to lead you towards the enjoyment stage.

The creator of the program recommends that you master the art of controlling masturbation, and presents strategies and tips aimed at that end. There is no misinformation in this book. Being able to master masturbation will help you stay alive longer.

Afterward, you will learn how this is effectively accomplished by the author. You must make a commitment to change your sexual approach if you want to enjoy a sexual life that is more fulfilling.

Ejaculation control is addressed in the guide without a doubt due to psychological barriers.

Basically a guru himself, he developed this mastery and documented how it would be integrated into everyday lives…not only in order to be the longest-lasting but to have a better understanding of the body as well as your own.

Ejaculation Guru Learn How To Stay Longer in Bed Now

A sneak peek into the book

Procedures for ending premature ejaculation

The methods have been split into two:

Psychological techniques

Premature Ejaculation will occur when you become too aroused to stop yourself from ejaculating. Ejaculation will then happen almost automatically. This level of arousal can be a result of two things:

  • Physical stimulation
  • Patterns inside your mind

Mastery of your thought patterns will help you to gain absolute control of your arousal levels. When you can control your arousal, you will be in a position to determine when you will ejaculate.

A change of mindset is just sex

The biggest challenge with Premature Ejaculation is blowing up sex into this big event in your mind. This will inevitably excite you as you anticipate partaking in this amazing activity. Working yourself up like this will steal all control from you. To last longer, you must change your mindset about sex:

  • Sex is just sex
  • Sex is not a massive event where you have no control.
  • People have been having intercourse for millions of years, and it is not a big deal.
  • Sex is a normal, natural thing, and it is nothing to be too excited about.

Arousal anchors

An anchor is a technical term hat that is used to refer to things, events, actions places, and thoughts that are associated with high emotion for a person. Anchors are equally important in sex. Every individual has the main thing that gets them aroused. It is important that you recognize your anchors.

Once you have identified your anchor, you must then stop it from occurring. You must always remember that one of the most fundamental ways of dealing with Premature Ejaculation is to control your arousal.

Using NLP to control Premature Ejaculation

NLP refers to Neurolinguistics Programming. This is the study of how language and the images in your mind affect the nervous system. It is a scientific study of how the sounds and the images in your mind cause you to act in a particular way and experience specific emotions.

By harnessing the images and sounds in your, Mindy can control your emotions and actions. The target of this module is to empower you to change the way sex occurs in your mind so that you can stop building up intercourse to be incredibly tense and arousing to the point that you are left without any control.

The exercises consist of the use of visualization tactics to change the thoughts that dominate your mind as you think of or perform sex.

Control your hormones to last longer

One of the leading causes of Premature Ejaculations hormones

Hormones are certain chemicals that are produced by the body and released into the bloodstream of direct other processes of the body. During sex, depending on our emotions, various hormones will be released into the bloodstream. These hormones can boost the chances of Premature Ejaculation. Examples of pdf these hormones are:

  • Dopamine
  • Adrenaline

These two particular hormones will be produced when you experience stress, anxiety, fear, and excitement. If you are going to last longer, you must ensure that these two hormones are not released during intercourse.

Remember what causes the release of the two hormones: anxiety, overexcitement, fear.

  • You must, therefore, learn to relax before and during sex.
  • Slow deep breathing very efficient effective relaxation technique.
  • Fast, shallow breathing will increase tension and induce all undesired emotions.


• It is a very comprehensive program. This is a guide clearly designed to help you understand everything about ejaculation and eventually how you can change it.

• It is a product based on natural means. The guide explains to you how you can make use of some simple natural tips that will help you improve your ejaculation periods.

• Easy to understand. The language and style of writing used in this guide are very simple. It allows everyone to easily understand the concept.

• Affordable. It is clearly a very affordable product that you will be more than happy to use. It will cut all the costs of going to clinics.

• Fast working. Many men have testified to this. Those who have used the guide have found it to work very fast. The tips are given work faster and within a short time.


• The guide is only available in digital format. This might hinder some men from accessing the product.


The program received very high reviews. One review indicated that a quick survey had rated the book as follows:

Amount of content    9/10

Quality of content    9/10

User-friendliness    9.5/10

Bonus items        8/10

Customer support    9/10

Value for money    9/10

Another review indicated that even though the program may not work for everyone, the techniques outlined in the book are credible and that they are likely to be of help to many men out there. Another view indicated that the information in the program might be all the help that some men need to beat this embarrassing situation. There is no chance that the pdf is a scam.

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4.9/5 - (9 votes)
  • Sunn Todd says:

    This program has helped me learn how to control my mind, muscle and breath to feel relaxed while making out. I realize I did not know how to enjoy sex before. The secret is to know how one can relax easily and can end up last longer than usual.

  • Kristine Brown says:

    This is very different than many guides online today, which promise ridiculous things and don’t deliver any results. In addition, the great customer support, the easy-to-follow directions. This program comes with a full money back guarantee.

  • Rogers says:

    My fellow men, the Ejaculation Guru is what you need. I have been there before but now I am a happy man. I can satisfy my wife without worrying about premature ejaculation. It is a guide that is worth every coin. Another this is that this guide is full of natural tips that will not cause any side effects.

  • Mark Walker says:

    I have been dealing with some negative emotions for a while now. There were some problems in my family and problems at work. It was a mess. Then I started to have issues in bed with my girlfriend. You do imagine how angry I was. It was like the whole world was against me or smth. Then I started to search for solutions and found the Ejaculation Guru. My sex life is so much better now, and I am happy. I love my girlfriend, and I didn’t want to lose her due to constant stress.

  • Karl K. says:

    This has been a great experience for me with this guide. The system has really helped me deal with all the shame i have been going through. I was really feeling bad about myself seeing that i could not do much. The system is well structured and provides the best information that a man may need. What i would say is that this is a training. It has trained me and helped me get better.

  • Delbert says:

    Ejaculation Guru” was developed by Jack Grave – a well known sex guru and a natural health researcher.
    In simple words, this is an informative downloadable book that contains step by step instructions for curing PE naturally and helping you last over thirty minutes in bed, without needing to use any pills, creams, or useless exercises.
    More specifically, the following is a brief overview of the main things that you will learn from the Ejaculation Guru book:

  • Paul Pierce says:

    Ejaculation Guru is a step-by-step manual is designed to eliminate premature ejaculation in men. It offers natural techniques and approaches instead of pills, creams, special condoms, and other usual methods for treating premature ejaculation. Focus is placed on training the mind and body to control orgasm and last 30 minutes or more in bed before climax.

  • Tyree Gilligan says:

    Ejaculation Guru is a guide written by Jack Grave to help men with poor sex lives as a result of ejaculation problems. Ejaculation Guru primarily addresses premature ejaculation but overall, the techniques can be used to correct other ejaculation issues such as overly prolonged ejaculations. And it couldn’t have come from a better person.

  • Ryan Bullins says:

    I really feel strong and more of a man now. There is nothing horrible as having premature ejaculation. Before i got this system i had really tried very many programs that were not helping me. Since i bought this product things have been different and i like it.

  • John Cervantes says:

    The guide is understandable and easy to follow. To minimize confusion and ensure success, the author offers full information and takes you through the whole program. This he does through steps that are clear-cut.

  • Jill Kirkland says:

    You will be taught by the author how this is effectively done. Among the most important keys to enjoying a sexual life that is more fulfilling, is to make a transformation in your sexual approach.

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