Blow By Blow Review: Do You Know How To Give Him The Best Head?

In the natural, as a woman, you will strive to give him some intense sexual pleasure whenever you get intimate. There are many ways to achieve that but one sure way is Fellatio; Men really love it when we go down on them. We all want our partners to be like Yuuuuuhhssss! But unfortunately, Most of us are not well versed with this act.

We all want our partners to be like Yuuuuuhhssss! But unfortunately, Most of us are not well versed with this act.

Regardless of whether it is your first time? Or just want to up your fellatio skills? Or you want to find out if you are doing it the right way? Michael Webb’s EBook titled Blow by Blow will give you some tips to ensure you stop feeling like a lost ball in high weeds.

The blow by blow gives some very resourceful tips all aimed at enlightening women on the art of pleasure when going down on their partners. It makes it totally clear that giving head is not just about moving your head up and down; it is an art.

Blow By Blow Review

At one point or another, you may have resulted in watching pornographic content with the aim of learning how to give a good blow job to your man but failed. Don’t you worry that is the story of the day for most women?

These videos have been edited and only show you what they want you to see; leaving out some of the most important parts.

I know you are probably asking yourself, is this EBook that is challenging my knowledge on giving head, worth my time and money? Well, after reading this review, you will be in a great position to make an informed decision; whether to buy it or not.

In case you are wondering who the author of this EBook is or why you should heed the advice in this book when giving head? Well, here it is:


Blow By Blow Review The author

  • Michael Webb, the author of this amazing book is no amateur out to give substandard advice. He is not just any other author; He is a bestselling author of numerous books on matters sex, romance, love, and relationships; 19 books to be precise.
  • His first book released in February 2000 has made large sales internationally and is in the tenth printing.
  • He has been featured in multiple leading media outlets; Television and Radio as one of the world’s top experts on matters love, sex and relationships.
  • He is also popular in the show business; where he received an invitation to present one of his super interesting books.
  • Also, there are lots of women who have sent him their feedback. And all I see in these feedbacks is sincere gratitude.

Therefore, it goes without saying that the step by step advice given here is valued all around the world so you are in safe hands.

Have you heard of that pathetic breakup line, “It’s not you, it’s me? Well, in today’s world, the reasons that bring your relationship to an end are not only numerous and scary but also rather pathetic just as that breakup line.

For instance, according to a contemporary Survey on Men’s Health 44% of men in relationships will break up with their significant others because their intimate relations lack blow jobs or their women lack good oral skills.

Blow By Blow Review

The bottom line here is, men love getting some head and you can’t risk making an effort to up your oral skills; especially if he is part of the 44%.

Many men cannot tell you how they like it. It’s actually very hard for a man to describe it for you but this book does all that for you.

Men assume that women know that they love getting some head; unfortunately, if they do not ask for it, some women can be really clueless.

Giving head and wondering if it was good enough can be very frustrating. To make matters worse, people in our social circle may not be willing to freely talk about it and if they do, it may be not taught properly.

Also, if you go seeking for help in the online reviews online, you could get some very misleading information.

Blow By Blow Review

Girl, rest assured that if you implement the techniques in Webb’s book there will be no other name on your man’s lips.

What is there to learn from this book?      

What is there to learn from this book

The tips featured in Blow by Blow are out of this world. This book:

  • Gives a comprehensive step by step guide to amateurs who may be nervous. Even if it’s your first time, Webb’s book got your back. He outlines some tips that ensure you are comfortable and relaxed when you decide to go down on your guy.


  • Makes giving head easier by stating 5 simple things to do before fellatio to make him come faster; work less, achieve more.


  • Teaches you how to work it! Read this and you will know when to blow, suck or lick and how to spice it all up at different positions. It’s an art that only this book has been able to explain.


  • States in detail the 6 ways through which you can give him a boner and keep it hard throughout the fellatio phase.


  • Enlightens you on the specific spots on your man’s body that will make him explode in pleasure.


  • Makes you a pro in fellatio matters; eventually, have a secure relationship with your man. Not having to worry if he is about to walk out the door because of non-existent blow jobs or poor morals, can be a good feeling.


  • Offers skills on how to go down on an uncircumcised man without making fellatio a turn off for him or even inflicting pain on his penis.


  • Educates you on not only giving head but also waxing, shaving, the anatomy of his sex organs and sexual health at large.


  • Explains 15 blow job techniques to make him reach orgasm; trust me you have not heard of 8 of the tips outlined in here.


  • Enables you to enjoy giving your man head without getting exhausted or gagging. The guide also tells you the appropriate positions to be in when going down on him to avoid getting a crick in the neck.


  • Illustrates the specific placement of hands to make him feel multiple intense sensations.


  • Lets you know how to offer your partner’s big man down there fellatio despite him having a virus or a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) and of course how to stay safe.


  • States the difference between the right and wrong way of giving fellatio to your partner.


  • Gives you tips on how not to offend your significant other when asking him to take a bath before going down on him. I know it’s only obvious for you to want his crotch area to smell great. Phew! Finally, something to help with this struggle most women have to deal with.


  • Outlines the 3 guaranteed ways through which you can convince your partner to shave down there and also some 9 tips on the right way to trim or shave. Alternatively, if he is not up for it, Page 34 gives you tips on how to make your partner’s pubic hair softer; you will not have to deal with the red sore rashes for another day in your life.


  • Emphasizes on the foreplay that should precede the blowjob phase.


  • Gives you a variety of simple methods that will extend your partner’s erection to make it easier for you to give him fellatio.


  • Teaches you the techniques used in the olden days and those used today when giving fellatio.


  • Discusses another resourceful tip which is meant to make him wild by building anticipation; a technique every woman should adopt so as to give him intense orgasms if not multiple.


  • Gets even better in pages 53 -55 where it gives ladies a list of interesting places to give their significant other a surprise fellatio. Super interesting right? The fear of getting caught makes it super hot and pleasurable.


  • Talks of the big mistake to avoid as it turns him off and leaves the poor guy disappointed. Page 58 explicitly talks about it and tells you what to do to avoid being a culprit.


Why blow by blow and not any other book?

  • It is easily accessible. If you have a computer or a phone, or even an iPad you can access this book on the click of a button.


  • The resources in this book are safe and aimed at revitalizing your sex life and creates room for improvement.


  • It is not limited to a certain age group. It is very flexible and any woman who wants to give good head to her man can read it.


  • This EBook has information you won’t find in other books, for instance, Webb openly explains how to give fellatio to an uncircumcised guy without hurting his manhood.


  • This book has an adaptable guide that clearly states the mistakes you should avoid.


  • It is easy to understand and practice.


  • It does not stigmatize people who are living with a virus or Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). It also gives a guide on how to go down on these men and not contract a disease.


  • If you purchase Webb’s book, read it and feel it is overrated or for whatever reason did not like it the author allows you to ask for a refund of your cash within a 60 day period.


  • The price is wallet friendly. This author wants you to access this valuable information at discounted rates of only $47. During some weeks, the prices are slashed to as low as $27. Good news, Right? Go ahead and grab your copy today.


  • If you decide to purchase this book, it is available 24/7; anywhere, anytime.


  • We all love bonuses, Don’t we? Purchasing your copy today wins you 4 special bonuses to spice up your sex life.


Bonus 1 is an 18-page report on how to make your partner’s fellatio session unforgettable,

Bonus 2 is 53 sexy coupons for your lover,

Bonus 3 is 101 romantic ideas and truth be told we sometimes run out of ideas to keep the fire burning in our relationships,

Bonus 4 is a guide to teach you how to give your partner sensual massages. All these free bonuses combined are double the price of blow by blow. So, get your copy today!

Why not?

  • If for whatever reason you prefer reading hard copy reviews to soft copy, you will have to incur extra costs for printing and binding.
  • This book is limited to people living in places where there is a power supply. Places with no electricity cannot access this book because their gadgets’ batteries will keep running low.
  • Missing a single step in the various techniques could mean that you might fail to get the desired results. Your memory, in this case, could fail you.

With all the above said, I believe you are now in a position to make an informed decision; so is it a yay or nay? I added this pdf to my cart because after critically reviewing it, the pros outweighed the cons.

Also, I felt the techniques outlined here are perfect, as there is a comprehensive step by step guide for not only amateurs but even those who need to up their oral game. The resources in this book take your sex life to a whole new level that is adventurous and super fun.

The resources in this book take your sex life to a whole new level that is adventurous and super fun.

The most appealing thing to me about this pdf is the author’s courage to openly discuss this subject, unlike many people, would do; most people would maintain it as a taboo subject. I commend the author to blow by blow for critically assessing the problems in most of our sex lives.

The author offers quality information on blow jobs that is lacking out there or rather being offered by sexual health scam specialists.

I commend the author to blow by blow for critically assessing the problems in most of our sex lives. The author offers quality information on blow jobs that is lacking out there or rather being offered by sexual health scam specialists.

Also worth noting is how the author proposes new ideas and techniques to help you and your partner ignite that spark in your intimate relations.

Whether you are a seasoned lover or a first timer for that matter, this pdf definitely has some resources that will be of so much help to you.

There’s this statement in this book that really left me lost for words. “A masterful fellatio can either destroy your relationship or cement it”.

My interpretation of this was that if your man gets head from another woman with great oral skills; that you are probably lacking, you could lose him to her if you do not do something about it.

Blow By Blow Review

To a woman, that is not only scary but also leaves a huge dent in my self-confidence.

Michael Webb gets loads of positive feedback from women who read his book and took their relationship to a deeper, sexually fulfilling level. Going through these feedbacks gave me a clear picture of how much men value a good head.

After a great fellatio session, all women confessed that their men gave them sensual kisses and kept professing their love for them unlike they ever did before.

All these come down to the fact that if you know exactly what to do when the ‘D’ is in your mouth, you got your man’s attention 100 %.

After reading this book, it has finally dawned on me how important giving head is important to men. And if that is what rocks your man’s boat, do not let that be the deal breaker.

If the smile on my man’s face was dependent on how many times I go down on him, trust me I would always be on my knees. This pdf is a great guide and I have learned so much from it.

So my verdict? Every single person who loves giving head should buy a copy and get to work!

Blow By Blow Review

Well, now the ball is in your court, take a look at your sex life and see the loopholes in it, and determine if this book will be of benefit to you. If yes, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy a copy today! It’s affordable and worth your every cent!


Blow By Blow Review 2


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  • Marj says:

    I never knew that giving head was the only thing that I needed to do. It spiced up our sex life, it made him listen to me. I feel that as a newly wed, blow by blow has given me the best reward ever – a man that is loving, caring, and passionate when giving love. It is thanks to this book that nothing ever seems so dull for him and for me anymore.

  • David Romero says:

    My wife had never understood her mistakes about giving a head before she got this program. This guide taught her so many important things about giving a blowjob. I never told her anything about this. She tried this her own. Now she gives me excellent head. It has made our marriage life more interesting.

  • Daniel says:

    I wish every girl would had undergone this kind of course, because this thing is extremely important for all the men out there, I’m telling you 😉

  • Jimmie says:

    Blow by Blow is balanced by open-ended jamming and crisp ensemble interaction as it sidesteps the bombast that sank much of the jazz-rock fusion of the period. One of the album’s unique qualities is the sense of fun that permeates the performances. On the opening “You Know What I Mean,” Beck’s stinging, blues-based soloing is full of imaginative shapes and daring leaps. On “Air Blower,” elaborate layers of rhythm, duel lead, and solo guitars find their place in the mix.

  • Sheila Traub says:

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  • Sean Allen says:

    Blow by Blow signaled a new creative peak for Beck, and it proved to be a difficult act to follow. It is a testament to the power of effective collaboration and, given the circumstances, Beck clearly rose to the occasion. In addition to being a personal milestone, Blow by Blow ranks as one of the premiere recordings in the canon of instrumental rock music.

  • Addie says:

    My husband is now more than happy for what i have accomplished. And that is because it has trained me a lot of things concerning blow by blow. It is very clear and easy to work through.

  • Johnny says:

    If this product doesn´t reach your expectations, don´t you worry. You can ask for a refund of the money within a period of 60 days.

  • Kenneth Talamantes says:

    A blow job offers different sensations with the mouth and hands working in tandem. A blow job tends to feel looser than penetrative sex, but the pressure on the tip that comes from deep-throating is totally different than sex.

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