Your Marriage Savior Review: Finally Restore The Spark You Had?

When Mary and I started speaking about divorce, I felt that earth was turning upside down for me. I spent a great amount of time in depression, blaming myself for our situation.

Mary and I were sleeping in separate rooms. She hardly spoke to me and that hurt a lot.

I did not consider counseling because I am unable to open up to a stranger. So, after feeling sorry for myself, I decided that this was not what I wanted for myself and for my marriage. I wanted to make things work between Mary and I. So, I looked for a book to help me figure out what I should do instead of feeling down.

I ran into this guide that turned out to be a life savior. I read the incredible reviews and purchased it. I didn’t have much time to lose waiting, so I had to act quick.

As a result, I read the entire guide and then retook every chapter and applied it. Bit by bit. With a lot of patience and hope.

Here we are still married, yet happy! So, here is my review of this guide:

What does Your Marriage Savior Mean?

Every marriage has its ups and downs. We are all humans and that makes us commit mistakes. It is not necessarily voluntary, yet it is disturbing for the partner. A relationship needs a lot of work and constant effort. If one of the two partners gives up on doing the minimum of effort, the relationship can suffer.

It is what happened to Mary and I. I was too busy working and doing business trips. She was very understanding, but up to a point. We weren’t even on a vacation in the last 2 years. We had so less time to spend together. I even forgot about her birthday and left for a business trip. She was very disappointed and that marked her long-term.

So, one day she told me that she wants to divorce me. As per said before, I decided that I did not want that to happen, but had no idea what I should do.

It is where the guide intervenes. It contains so many useful information about married couples and how to have a long-lasting happy marriage.

What does the guide contain?

I not only wanted to win my wife back, but I needed to erase all the bad things that caused her pain.

I was well aware that she was suffering. I wanted to take that away from her.

So I read this guide and followed the instructions. Trust me, I do great in business, I suck in personal life. So, I always need guidance. Good thing I can figure out what is wrong with me.

With this guide, you will get to understand what are the issues that married couples have. Also, you get to find out what holds two persons together “until death does them apart”.

The guide has an answer to any of your questions concerning marriage. It is incredible how it kind of reads your mind.

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What makes a relationship fall apart?

By reading this guide, you will understand, just like I did, that a relationship needs constant maintenance. Just like an app. If you do not verify if it has bugs and solves them, you might end up alone, with no opportunity to go live with that app.

In other words, you can not ask for peace and quietness if you do not deliver anything.

Relationships fall apart easily when people are stubborn. Especially when both are, like Mary and me. Yet, the great secret behind this guide is that men don’t have to be too emotional in front of their women.

Women love strong men, regardless of what they say. But keep in mind that women also love attention. When you stop giving her attention, she becomes depressed and your relationship might suffer the consequences.

I understand now that a relationship falls apart because of:

  • the lack of trust
  • little time spent together
  • bad communication
  • men being too obedient

Wait, what?


OK, let’s stick to the last point for a while. What woman likes a man that does anything that she asks him to do? What do women like about men? Being… men! So, yes, being an obedient man will not work. Women go crazy about a man that has his own point of view and sustains it with arguments.

Within this guide, you will find exactly what makes a woman want to keep you aside. Because if a woman does not want you anymore, there is nothing you can do. Except for everything that is in this guide. After all, what is there left if not trying?

The program is meant to bring out the weapons that only a real man can have. Being a real leader in your family will save your marriage.

What are the features of the guide?

the guide

This program teaches you that being a real man makes a woman respect you and rely on you. Do not become too sensitive, as you lose ground in front of her. Yet, do not overreact with being too manly. You just have to adapt to the situation. I know I might sound a bit ambiguous, but trust me, this guide is very well structured and very accurate.

As a matter of fact, I was a bit doubtful myself, as I am a bit reticent to this kind of reading. Yet, I find this book very helpful. I am very grateful to the author, as it helped me save my marriage!

What can be good and what can be bad about this guide?

I think that the pros and cons section might help you make a decision, so scroll for them:

The Pros

You get the advice and also the result of your action, so will know exactly how to practice

• The guide grants you the motivation you need to work on your relationship and regain the heart of your wife

• Moreover, discover how you can make her want you by letting her go

• Reawakening the Lion is a piece of this guide that helps you rebuild your self-confidence and become the man you always dreamed of being

• All men need to know how to apply husbandly leadership within their marriage. Women like that and that is why you should become a lion yourself

• The guide accompanies all men. It is the result of a research made upon happy men in American couples

• The constant positive feedback is perfect for your trust in this book. If you have doubts about it, which is normal, do as I did, take a look at the testimonials and convince yourself if it’s worth a try or not.

The Cons

• The price is above average, but it contains some interesting insights. Also, there are guides that are much more expensive and have less information within

• You might not get a response to your email within 1 day, I received it in 3 days. Maybe it’s because of the large number of clients

• The guide starts a bit overwhelmingly, which makes it hard to trust, yet it turns out to bet what you need

• Reading a guide does not solve your issues, you will need to commit to saving your marriage. This program does not provide overnight miracles.

• It is a bit too much focused on sexual intercourse and becoming THE male, but the main target is achieved

My final thoughts

When I started working things out with Mary, I realized the importance of family above all. I would do this all over again anytime. I now know that my wife needs me more by her side. Yet, she does not need a weak man, but a leadership male that can help her and sustain her when times get rough.

For those who feel that they can work things out and really want that, you should lose any time. Purchase this guide and see for yourself. To me, it was miraculous. Of course, I have put a lot of effort myself, but I know that it was worth it.

Each story can have a happy ending. Still, if yours will have just an ending, at least you will know that you did everything you could to change things out. I remember that my grandmother used to say that nowadays relationships fall apart so easily, while years ago they stood together, as marriage was sacred.

To me, my marriage with Mary is indeed sacred. We now help each other grow and are very happy. This review is for all those like me who need some guidance and have a hard time picking the right system. After going through the guide yourself, remember to pass it on to anybody in need. Put your own review online and let everybody know your success story.

I wish you luck and be a male leader of your family!

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