Why He Disappeared Review: Learn The Real Reason And Fix It

What goes on in the mind of a man?

Why do they love you and leave?

Do smart women have to dumb themselves down to find love?

Is spinsterhood the only option for the smart and successful woman?

Today we shall review a product that promises to give answers to women. In particular to any woman who has ever wondered about the above or anything related to it. Evan Marc Katz is the program’s author and creator.

Who is Evan Marc Katz

Who is Evan Marc Katz

Evan is a dating coach. His focus is women. Not any women though. Smart, strong, and successful women. Women who have been misguided. Made to believe that begin smart, strong and successful are negative traits.

Our review shows that Evan is popularly referred to as the “Personal Trainer For Women Who Want To Fall In Love.” He is widely featured on mainstream media. His articles have been posted in The New York Times, Time, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. You also may have seen him featured on CNN, The Rachel Ray Show, The Early Show, and Tyra.

Why He Disappeared — The Smart, Strong, Successful Woman’s Guide to Understanding Men and Keeping the Right One Hooked Forever.

The book that Evan has put together is dating, courting and relationship how-to guide. It provides a blueprint for women to find and keep the man of their dreams.

Included in the book is information that decodes a man’s dating behavior. You’ll find out why men in committed relationships cheat. Why good women are attracted to bad boys. You’ll also learn why you keep falling for the same wrong time of guy.

The book is divided into three parts. The three parts correspond to stages that one goes through as they date.The three stages Evan’s dating how-to guide covers are dating, courting and established relationships.

Why He Disappeared

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Dating – Part 1 – Why He Disappeared After Your Date

 Why He Disappeared Why He Disappeared After Your Date

Dating is fraught with confusion and conflicting signals. Part one of this relationship manual sets out to clear up any confusion.

In part one, some of what you will learn about dating is shown below.

What men truly value. This program reveals that men and women value different traits in the opposite gender. Apparently, this is a good thing. This program will show you how to use that knowledge to your advantage.

• How a philosophy acquired from Zen Buddhists can help you created more successful relationships with men who you truly like.

• This program shows you how not to major in minor things. Ignoring minor things allows you t more important issues. And you will learn to do this without sacrificing a healthy relationship. These lessons have been found to work successfully on alpha type males.

• They say opposites attract. However, some women may prefer to be attracted to men with similar qualities to their own. This program will show strong, smart, and successful women how to date and attract men who are also strong, smart, and successful.

• What to do on your dates that leave men with a positive impression. Evan says it has nothing to do with showing more skin. He also says you don’t need to change who you are either.

• This part of the program also includes a dating checklist. Things that you can do to show a man that he is special.

• Dating increases the potential for a bad date. In this program, you will learn how to turn a bad date into a good one. This, of course, is only if you want to.

Courtship – Part 2 – Why He Disappeared During Your Courtship

Why He Disappeared Why He Disappeared During Your Courtship

The second part of this program covers courtship. Courtship is the next step after dating. You think this implies solid footing in your relationship but not always.

Some of the courtship advice includes the following:

• When a man disappears during dating that’s one thing. Courtship is another story. Courtship implies that commitment is in the picture. In this section, you will learn why the “why” behind the disappearance should not be your most pressing concern. It will reveal what you should actually be focused on.

• How to determine whether a specific man is a good investment of your time and focus.

• Behaviors that you unknowingly partake in that leave men with a negative impression of you.

• How sometimes doing absolutely nothing may work great for your relationship during courting.

• There are rules pertaining to sex according to this program. You will find out what they are in this section. Knowing these rules will show you how not to fall prey to men who are only interested in sex and not long relationships.

• You will also learn how to quickly tell what the man you are interested really feels. This program reveals two key tell-tale signs of a man’s true feelings.

Relationships – Part 3 – Why He Disappeared From Your Relationship

Why He Disappeared Why He Disappeared From Your Relationship

Things can still go wrong even if you are in a full-fledged relationship. This section of the program shows you how to avoid relationship pitfalls.

Some relationship advice available to you in this program includes the following:

• How holding on to previous negative experiences is like cancer. it eats you up on the inside. This makes you less appealing to the opposite sex. It even ruins your chances of finding a great guy.

• The quality men find most attractive in women. Knowing this quality tips the relationship bar always in your favor.

• The next lesson is controversial for sure. Evan says the being told to ‘always be yourself’ may be bad advice.

• You’ll also get to read personal accounts of great relationships. One, in particular, shows how a woman got a particular player to change his ways and eventually propose. That player turns out to be Evan himself.

• Information is also provided on relationship chemistry. The program reveals the there is too much hype surrounding chemistry. Seeking a perfect match based on chemistry might actually derail your relationships.

• This program also includes a how-to portion. It covers two key steps to becoming a woman that men naturally gravitate towards.

When you buy this program, first read it all the way through. Then focus specifically on the stage at which your relationship is at. This ensures that you get the most bang for your buck. It also allows you to see results sooner rather than later.

Program Bonus Items

Why He Disappeared Program Bonus Items
Your purchase of this dating, courtship and relationship guide comes with three bonus items. The bonus items allow you to experience this program about how you prefer. Those items are:

1.  Audio

2. Online E-book – Why He Disappeared: This bonus program provides an alternative to traditional books.

3. Online Audio – Why He Disappeared Online: This third bonus is for those who prefer listening to reading. The online audio is thirty-six minutes in length. The online audio has four parts.

These bonus items allow you to take Evan with you wherever you go.

Who Is This Program For

Why He Disappeared Who Is This Program For

The type of woman who buys this program is full of questions. some or all of those questions are as follows:

Why am I attracting the wrong type of gentleman?

• What are my girlfriends, co-workers, or acquaintances in happy and loving relationships doing differently?

• Why do the good guys I find always leave?

• When will I meet my soul mate, the man of my dreams?

• Do good men even exist anymore?

• Will I  live out my life on my own?

Money Back Guarantee

You can try this program risk-free. The program comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee. Refunds are available via email. The confirmation of purchase email is the one to use to request the refund. Your request needs no explanations. Just write ‘refund ebook.’  Email processing is prompt. You’ll receive a refund shortly after your request is submitted.


Why He Disappeared

Evan, in creating this program, is not excusing bad boy behavior. This book provides you with crucial knowledge. Knowledge is power. It is the first step one must make to win any battle. The knowledge in this program will undoubtedly help you build a solid, healthy and happy relationship.

Falling in love should be simple. Unfortunately, it’s not. The complication lies in us, men and women, and not in love itself. The love you have patiently waited for. The partner you have prayed for. All that waits for you in this book. Buy this book today and find and keep a man worthy of your beauty, brains and wonderful personality.

If the possibility of finding lasting love is something that speaks to your spirit then reviews show this program is a must-have. Multiple reviews and testimonials show that women of all ages have built enviable relationships after reading this guide. There is no reason that you should not be one of those women.

At this time, there is an enticing promotion for this comprehensive relationship how-to program. How long it will last is anybody’s guess. Try the program risk-free with the money back guarantee.

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