Whats He Really Thinking Review: Find Out His Innermost Thoughts Now

2 years ago, the relationship I shared with my man was starting to get rocky.

Things I said for fun were taken seriously and a lot of times were cause for major misunderstandings.

I was beginning to feel like I couldn’t share my deeper feelings with the person closest to me.

Always afraid of sharing things with him and lived with the fear that I would hurt him in some way.

I was beginning to lose confidence in myself and my way of communicating with him.

Things were slowly going downhill as the intimate and emotional connection between us started to take a toll.

I was at a point in my life where I could not decide how I was to communicate with my man.

There was somebody I desperately needed to explain what went on his mind when I shared something with him.

I could not understand how he would take certain situations and how I could handle them.

Afraid of hurting him in some way, I continued to live on like this in fear.

My Experience with Men in my life


All my life I have desperately failed at understanding men.

I have always been frustrated and confused about how men think and why they do the things they do.

I have always felt that the way men behave and speak actually did not make sense to me.

Most of my time, I would end up being utterly confused and frustrated because I had no idea or clue about how the world looked a man’s eyes.

I was always someone who was ready to learn in order to understand what went on in the mind of my man.

Wanting to save my 5-year relationship, I was ready to take any chance to actually learn more about how to understand with my man and how to communicate with him so that I could connect with him.

During this time, I came across a program called “What’s He Really Thinking” through a friend of mine.

When I looked at reviews over the Internet about this program, I saw a lot of people vouching for it. That’s when I decided to buy this program.

This decision has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever taken in my life.

My introduction to the “What’s he really thinking” program


When I first got this program, I was skeptical about its genuineness.

But as I began with this program, I realized that getting to know your man’s heart is not as difficult as it seems.

The author of this program explains how simple it is to use intuition to achieve and almost magical ability to see through your man’s heart.

I was able to understand, finally understand, what my man was thinking, the reason for some of his actions, and successfully interpret some of his confusing behaviors.

I could finally learn how to deepen my emotional and romantic bond with my man and charge my relationship to an everlasting high.

The program showed me how I could decode his body language, and translate his speech into something that really made sense to me.

I could finally get him to listen to me, without the fear of being misunderstood.

You see my man would always try to fix my problems, instead of just listening to me.

Starting with the program

After I started with this program, I was able to talk in a way that my man actually listened to me.

I was able to make him feel like a superstar in bed and also in many other aspects.

I was also able to gauge his commitment to me and know if he was serious about pursuing a relationship with me.

My man finally opened up to me about how safe he felt in this relationship and proposed marriage to me.

The most important thing that I learned from this program was the right way to communicate with my man- without offending or hurting his feelings.

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How to get a man to really listen to what you are saying


The author explains in 2 steps about how you can communicate with your man so that he really listens to you.

The first step is to stop stuffing negative emotions inside of you. If something bothers you, you need to stop pretending like it doesn’t.

If you pretend that nothing is wrong, things might initially look okay but will start eating away at the peace in your relationship.

When you pretend everything is okay, but things actually are not, your man is going to feel the uneasy vibe and subconsciously know that something after all is not okay.

This would cause him to become uneasy around you, because somewhere deep inside, he knows you are not being honest with him.

When you are not being honest with him, he, in turn, will not feel the need to be honest with you.

This is a vicious cycle and can be the cause of the downfall of many strong relationships.

The only solution to break this cycle is to learn to be true and authentic with your man.

Vulnerability: the main trait

All of us are vulnerable, and there is no harm in being vulnerable with the person you love the most.

Being authentic and vulnerable can only make your man feel like he is your protector.

And that is going to strengthen your relationship.

The second step that the author discusses is to share your feelings in such a way that he does not feel responsible for anything wrong that’s going on with you.

Instead of blaming him for things you feel, try to separate his actions and your feelings.

Try to convey your feelings to him plainly without mixing in his actions and words.

The stress must be on what you feel and not how he makes you feel.

When you express how you feel in a way that allows him to actually listen to you, you will allow him to gain closeness to your heart.

Benefits of this program

Bob Grant s What’s He Really Thinking eBook.png

This program reveals answers for many of your complicated queries about how a man thinks.

The program reveals the number one way to make a man want to stay with you forever.

It goes deep into the mind of a man to see what things he really wishes women in his life knew, and how women can avoid making crucial relationship blunders most women make.

The program discusses how you can stop fights before they start, and the techniques are simple and powerful.

It also discusses subtle and simple steps to make a man do whatever you want him to do, without looking like you made him do it.

Tips and Techniques

There are multiple steps and techniques you can follow to make any date a winner-date, and a night he would always remember.

The author discusses crucial relationship truths, every woman should know. These love lessons so essential for any woman who wants to fast track her relationship to success.

A part of this program is for any woman who wants to find her soul mate. The tips and techniques here would equip you with sure-fire ways to pick your perfect man.

It also shows you how you can test a man and predict if he would be a good husband or not.

There are many more lessons you can learn from this program.

These points are just the highlights.

What’s in the box?


These are the some of the most powerful lessons that you will learn from this course.

Most times, you must have experienced hard situations.

Where your man does not tell you what he is thinking. Sound similar?

The surprising thing about what a guy really wants from you will shock you. It’s a really simple concept if understood, and applied can work wonders in a relationship.

The author explains in this course, about how you can subtly use these techniques.

You can set yourself apart from other women so that you remain his beloved always.

When your man is quiet, you would often wonder about what he is thinking. Worry no more!

In this book are the exact steps to know what your man is going through without sounding pushy.

When your man shies away from you or from the relationship, there are steps to bring him back. And this book explains beautifully on how exactly you can do that




This book literally saved my relationship and helped me understand how my man looked at me.

I was able to get a sneak peek into his way of thinking, and communicate with him accordingly.

Following the steps and techniques in this book, give me the confidence to understand and communicate with my man. All this without fearing the consequences.

Now our relationship is stronger than ever and my man relies on me as his trustworthy companion.

He shares a lot of things with me.

He also has repeatedly confided in me about how I was his closest confidante.

The only way I can thank the author of this book is through this review.

I hope to reach thousands of people through this post along with other positive reviews for this product.

Hope you, the readers make use of this wonderful material and strengthen your relationship.

I send you lots of love and light.

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