What Men Secretly Want Review: Are You Sure You Know What It Is?

Women are used to thinking that men are only interested in looks in a woman. Looks and humor apparently don’t make the perfect woman for men. I heard about this guide that counterpoints every idea that I had about relationships.

When I was younger, I always went to beauty salons and I never got out without wearing any makeup. I felt that all that was a must if I want men to like men. Plus, I was always on a diet. I felt that I needed to look like those models in the magazines. I realize now that there are so many girls that make the same mistake. We are bound to this misconception about how things should look like.

I have heard about this book at work. One of my colleagues told us about it and recommended it as being the perfect guide for any woman that wants to evolve.

She told us that this book is a myth buster and that it makes a lot of sense: men are not looking for beauty and fun. Men are looking for commitment and respect, just like us women. It is a bit shocking at first when hearing that. But I felt the need to dive deep into this book and see what it is about. Now I feel the need to pass it on to all you readers out there. Thus, I share my personal opinion with you through a quick review of this book.

Who Created The Guide?

 What Men Secretly Want Who Created The Guide

The founder of this program is James Bauer. He is a life coach that teaches women how to grow their self-esteem and how to surpass old fake principles about beauty. Bauer insists upon the beauty that women have inside rather than on the outside.

According to the author, men are not into models, but into role-models. He claims that the principle of respect is the key to a healthy and happy relationship. It sounds logical, right?

What Does The Respect Principle Mean?

What Does The Respect Principle Mean

The Respect Principle is based on a study conducted by Shaunti Feldhahn in 2006. 40 men were asked what is important to them when it comes to women.

Men dwell upon respect and would prefer giving up on your love if lost. Seldom, women think differently. They prefer love rather than respect. What would you prefer for yourself? For me, respect is above all and I am happy to see that a man says that men also think of it the same.

Is This Guide Helpful?

What Men Secretly Want Is it helpful?

What I mostly found interesting about this guide is that it is not the typical X steps to make your man want you. It does not provide you with tips on how you should transform in order to become the perfect fit for any man: 90/60/90, pounds, hair color, fit, etc.

If it would do that, it would be a waste of time. In return, you get relevant issues from a masculine point of view. Hence you will see what men expect. We know that men tend to close up more often than women. They are not as talkative as we are and that makes us judge them badly.

Yes, the guide was helpful for me and for the rest of the girls from work. Those who were alone are now with the man of their dreams, while those who were complaining about their relationships solved their issues with their men. Do you think it’s a coincidence? Thought so…

How To Really Become Irresistible?

Basically, you read these 9 chapters and use what you already have inside you but didn’t acknowledge. Deep inside, there are some qualities that you just have to explore and develop and mostly express freely. It sounds simple because it is simple.

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So, here is what you will learn from the 9 chapters of this guide:

1. What is The Single Most Powerful Factor That Will Determine Relationship Success

What is The Single Most Powerful Factor That Will Determine Relationship Success

Me, for instance, I did never acknowledge how my disrespect toward my partner affects him. This section is about the way in which our behavior toward each other affects the entire relationship.

Thus, what I now know is that self-control is crucial in a relationship. You must show your partner respect in order to get respect from him at your turn. I am now very careful with what I say and do and also tend to be more positive for our well-being.

2. What is Your Secret Barometer For Success

As I said before, men are much less talkative than us. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have feelings. On the contrary, they seldom are more sensitive than women. Except that they don’t say it out loud, they are men and there is this absurd principle that men are not allowed to be sensitive.

So, if your man craves for respect, give it to him. He will give it back for sure. Sometimes, love tends to fade away, while respect takes its place. The foundation of any relationship is respect. That is not only the feeling that women usually have but also men appreciate respect.

So, the secret barometer for success is linked to respect.

3. How to Double His Desire For A Committed Relationship

Sometimes men tend to lose their interest in their women. But is it always their fault? Sometimes women don’t take care of themselves anymore and also take them for granted. But nobody has to take disrespect. People are together to make their lives easier. It is what men think and feel as revealed by the author of the guide in its third chapter.

4. How to Stop Being Interesting and Get Interested

How to Stop Being Interesting and Get Interested

Humor is moreover a male trait. Women are rather delicate and respectful. That doesn’t mean that women should not be funny. It means that men appreciate more what you are than a joke that you say.

So, if you want to become irresistible, you should moreover get interested than seeming interesting and showing off. Men don’t like that.

5. How to Get A Guy To Commit: How to Increase Attraction While Setting Standards

Women tend to lose weight and put some tan on and that is it, men should completely lose their minds over them. They might, temporary. But commitment comes differently. Women with high standards must come up with interesting things that make men respect them.

More than a physical matter, a commitment has a lot to do with mental connection. So, aim big and get big. Check out this chapter, you will have so much to learn from it.

6. How To Unlock His Emotions and Get Him To Open Up

Yes, women are complex, but men also. Yes, women speak up their minds easier, while men tend to hide their feelings of fear that they might look weak.

This chapter will show you how you can help him open up to you. Thus, you can have a relationship based on mutual trust and communication.

7. How To Find Quality Men?

How To Find Quality Men

It’s true that good men are rare. All women want good men, but they are hard to find. So, where to look for them? Check out this chapter that shows you where to find the perfect fit.

8. How to Meet Your Avatar

Sometimes we are not aware of what we want or need. So, there is a questionnaire that you can fill. Find out how your match should look like.

This section is only about how to find the perfect match.

9. What Places and Situations To Avoid

So, you got yourself the basic information that you need. This chapter will also teach you where to go find your beloved.


The respect principle

• The Art Of Intrigue: How To Make Him Crazy For You

•. The Active Ingredients Of Love

The Advantages

1.  One of the most efficient relationship guides

2. Based on hard work and research

3.  James Bauer is a reliable relationship coach

4. Easy to understand and follow due to the light language and good structure

5. It has attractive bonuses

6. You can download the PDF format or listen to the registered version

The Disadvantages

1. You have to put some effort into the process if you want to see results. It requires consistency and determination and a plan to stick to. You might need to make some changes in yourself too.

2. Don’t expect overnight miracles. The content is helpful, but by only reading, you don’t change anything. You must also apply.

3. There is no hard copy of it. Just the PDF format. Without an internet connection, you cannot access the document.

Final Verdict

 What Men Secretly Want Final verdict

For me, this guide was more than helpful. I thought I knew what men think and want. I was wrong. Now I am more patient with my partner and always treat him with respect. He gives it back and we enjoy giving to each other. We are optimistic and helpful and always willing to discuss matters that might bother us.

I recommend this guide, as it has some insights that I have not found in any other book since now. Good luck!

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  • David Romero says:

    I couldn’t agree more to this! If you’re thinking how I stumbled upong this article, well, it’s because my girlfriend was asking me a little too much if the things written here are true. What she got from me are nods because it speaks so much about us. I like it!

  • Marjorie Mannino says:

    Men are not as simple as they appear. This program reveals their true nature and what they look for and need to have in order to build a successful relationship.

  • Tracy Carlson says:

    Wonderful article about relationships! To all ladies out there, we should know that men are not looking for beauty and fun. Men are looking for commitment and respect, just like us women. It has taught me how to make my relationship succeed and spice it up every day and how to have a committed relationship with my partner. I recommend it to all ladies especially those in relationships or those contemplating to be in one soon.

  • Elizabeth J. says:

    There is so much to learn about this system that i never thought exists. I think this is a great program and i can use it again and again. I have suggested it to many of my friends and it really works for them. They love it.

  • Carol White says:

    Apparently i have been able to find out that men are not as complicated as i thought earlier. And all this is because of this amazing system. It has taught me so much about men and it is interesting to use.

  • Salvador Murphy says:

    They are concise, to the point, and you won’t be bogged down with unnecessary filler information.

  • Luz says:

    It’s a guide telling you exactly how men operate – once you know how they operate, you can relate to your man on a deeper level and keep him as yours.

  • Marie Tyson says:

    This course is a good choice for you if you want to find the man of your life or if you want to improve and strengthen your relationship.

  • Jag_Boy says:

    Hi. Very interesting article. And useful. Thank you

  • Andrew Griggs says:

    This is not the first book the author writes for women who experience relationship issues but it is the most similar to Bauer’s What Men Secretly Want.

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