What Makes Men Tick, Why Do They Cheat, And How To Get Him Back

Being in a relationship is among the most fulfilling feelings in this world- Having someone to love and feeling loved and cared for right back.

What Makes Men Tick, Why Do They Cheat, And How To Get Him Back

Things don’t always go as planned and relationships are one of these uncertain things. One day you committed to someone, and the next day you are single. Breaking up or getting dumped does hurt a lot.



You feel like your heart is breaking into a million pieces, and cry yourself to sleep almost every day after, wondering how you can get him back. Well, when a relationship ends it doesn’t mean that all love is lost. In most circumstances, there is always a way to get him back in your arms, and have you living happily ever after.

What do men want from women

Men like to think that women are complicated. Well, I would like to think that this is just an excuse for not even trying to understand women and of the two genders, men are even more complicated. There is no right way to answer what men really want from women.

From my experience, men are vulnerable deep inside but would rather die that show these emotions. In the real sense, I think that what most men want from women are love and understanding.

What do men want from women

Men want to feel loved and taken care of despite their shortcomings. Some are insecure about a lot of things, including financial status and even physical appearance. When they get a lady who likes them despite any insecurity they might have, this becomes a haven for them. Wonder why most men love their mothers?



Simple. Moms take care of us in every way possible. They cook and clean and nurse us back to health without asking for anything in return. And these are the perks most men will want when in a relationship.

Someone to take care of them and tell them how amazing they are, even if they aren’t that great… Just like their moms. Have you seen how they act when having just simple flu?

If you have not dealt with a man with flu, then you have a long way to go. I like to think that men are just babies in a big person’s body. This is purely from my interaction with a few of them. They need women who will take care of them, feed them and clean up after them.

If your man is financially stable, it doesn’t make things any easier. Having a lot of money will not get him to want those perks any less.

What makes men cheat

Cheating is always a very sensitive issue when it comes to relationships. If you have ever been cheated on, you know how much it sucks.

What Makes Men Tick, Why Do They Cheat, And How To Get Him Back

It makes you question a lot of things about yourself when in the real sense, you had nothing to do with it. Cheating speaks volumes about a person’s character. If you are a victim of this, your man must have used the ‘it was an accident’ line.

I find this to be so hilarious and yet so frightening at the same time. Someone who thinks this is a good excuse is someone you have no business being around. So why do men keep cheating and giving such lame excuses?


Some men are just bored with their relationships. This makes them want to try something new, a new experience with a different person. More often than not, after the deed, they realize that they are better off being in the relationship they were trying so hard to sabotage.

Peer pressure

There is a theory that men in relationships have no business hanging out with their single friends. As much as I don’t agree to this, it certainly makes a lot of sense. Let’s get to it for a minute. Your man has a lot of single friends, and they hang out all the time.

You know how much men like talking about their ‘conquests, ’ and this is bound to intrigue those in relationships because they don’t get to have such stories anymore.

Worst case scenario, his friends keep teasing him on how boring he has become now that he cannot participate in their silly games. This ultimately makes him want to prove them wrong. Your guess is as good as mine. He bows to the pressure and finally cheats.

Being unhappy

Sometimes all we want is to be in a happy relationship, which is not always the case. Feeling miserable yet you have someone beside you is the most unsettling feeling ever. Technically, you still love your partner despite your unhappiness and so, you cannot just get up and leave and risk hurting them in the process.

A man in such a situation will opt to find someone else on the side that can make them ‘happy.’ This is ideal for most men because he thinks he has it both ways. He has someone to make them happy and doesn’t hurt his wife and girlfriend in the process.

This doesn’t last long, though, most men get caught, and they end up losing it all.


You wake up one day to the realization that your partner cheated on you. Leaving is not an easy undertaking, so you sit back and plan on how to get your revenge. Why not serve them the same dish? A man with a philandering partner will go out there and start cheating rather than deal with the issue.

To him, his relationship remains intact, and he gets revenge on his partner in the process. Does this make men feel any better? In the long run, guilt might eat you up, and you will just have to come out and deal with it as you should have in the first place.

Revenge doesn’t always work, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

How to get him back to you

The first step you should take when considering to get your ex back is to search your soul. Do you really want him back? Is this what you want moving forward? If your answer is yes, then you are on the right track. At this point, whatever caused the breakup does not matter.

What is important is the fact that you now want him back regardless. Just make sure this is what you want to avoid falling back into something that won’t do you any good.

Let him miss you

The deal is, he already misses you. He may not say it yet, but you should know that he may have realized his mistake and also wants you back. Under no circumstances should you text or call him? Make no contact whatsoever. Let him sit on the breakup for a while.

What Makes Men Tick, Why Do They Cheat, And How To Get Him Back Let him miss you

There are a couple of ways you can make him miss you even more. When you don’t contact him, which by the way, he was expecting, it will drive him crazy.

Create envy

You can take it a step further and make him a little bit jealous. Keep in mind that this may not always work. But knowing men and their envy, he will be calling you in a heartbeat. To top it off, you need to also look your best. More than you have ever looked in your lifetime.

It is not to say he was only after your physical looks, but men are physical creatures, and this will have him missing you even more. However, in a bid to get him back, under no circumstances should you go to lengths you are not comfortable with.

You are not looking for sympathy, so there is no need to act desperate. He needs to respect you at the end of the day and knowing that respect is earned, desperation doesn’t cut it.

How to get him to commit forever

You have him back finally after a bad breakup and one hell of a time. It feels good, doesn’t it! Now what? It’s time to have him commit to you forever.

How to get him to commit forever

This doesn’t happen just at a snap of a finger, ladies. Getting a man to be exclusive sometimes takes time and a lot of work. However, before making this decision, just make sure it’s what you want. Think about yourself and what’s best for you.

If he fits in your life, then committing should be the way to go. But if you are always unhappy, do not commit. There is someone out there for you.

Do not get comfortable

Getting comfortable in a relationship is one of the reasons most relationships don’t work. You slack off; stop trying as you first did. You need to keep trying to be on your best throughout. This will definitely make him want to commit to you since he sees your effort. Dress up for occasions. A little makeup won’t hurt. Men are visual beings, and they all love when you look good for them.

Dress up for occasions. A little makeup won’t hurt. Men are visual beings, and they all love when you look good for them.

Develop a deep friendship

At the end of the day, he will want someone who can be there for him, understand him and make him laugh at the same time. You might focus on the relationship and forget the friendship bit. It’s the bond that remains even after everything else is gone.

I realized just how important this was after ending a five-year relationship. We are great friends, and even if it didn’t last forever, I enjoy every bit of our friendship now.

Do not make demands

You are sure that you want to be exclusive with him, but you are not sure how to go about it. As much as you should say what you want, do not give him ultimatums. Let a man think that the commitment is his idea, and not yours.

Demanding exclusivity may freak him out especially if he is not ready and he may end up breaking up with you.

How to win his heart back



Getting your ex back doesn’t mean that you have finally won his heart back. Regardless of what caused the break up in the first place, you need to win his heart back, if getting back together is what you want.

How to get him to commit forever

Winning him back is pretty easy. In a nutshell, you just need to do those things that had him falling in love with you in the first place. Think about what attracted him to you and voila! You have his heart back.

Keep reminding him why he chose you

There must be something about you that he loved when you first met. Might have been your looks, your intelligence, kindness or any other trait that set you apart from other girls he’s met before.

This is precisely what you need to let him see once you have him back. Keep showing him that other side of you that he loves and it’s a guarantee you’ll have him falling in love with you over and over again.

Recreate special moments

During your initial relationship, there must have been things you shared that were special to both of you. Birthdays and anniversaries can be some of those moments-the days you met is one very special moment. Try recreating one of the events you had a special connection with him, and you will have his heart even without asking.

It can even be as simple as making his favorite dish or going to his favorite spots together-a small price to pay to win back his love. However, I would advise that in all this, be careful not to lose yourself by going to lengths you might regret later.

As much as it’s about getting him back altogether, it’s also about you and your happiness. Never forget that.

Best outfits to get your ex back to you

When it comes to outfits and men, so much comes to mind. But this is not just any other man. This is the man you love, and now after having broken up, you want him back. There is a very thin line between dressing to impress and being trashy.

Be very careful not to cross that line. At the end of the day, you don’t want to look desperate. Not at all. It’s crucial that your ex-respects you regardless of what happened.

What Makes Men Tick, Why Do They Cheat, And How To Get Him Back

There is not a particular outfit designed for getting your ex back. What you wear is entirely up to you. The goal is to look sexy and comfortable at the same time. There is no need to wear something you are not used to and keep fidgeting the whole time. Go for those outfits that accentuate your best features. You know, those parts of your body he was crazy about.

For this occasion, you could spare a couple of bucks to get yourself a new outfit and shoes. I say shoes because you do not want to risk looking all glam in your new outfit and having your shoes mess it all up. The whole ensemble should turn heads. You should remember that a beautiful outfit that makes you feel good also boosts your confidence.

And you can never underestimate the power of confidence when it comes to matters of the ex. When you look good, you will feel even much better. I always say dress like you are going for an audition. Look your very best, and you will have him wondering why he left at the first place. Just by looking great, you will have won his heart over, and have him crawling back to you.

Sexy breakup makeup you need to try

Dressing well just won’t cut it when it comes to winning back your ex. You need the whole look, and makeup will make it happen.

Sexy breakup makeup you need to try

I would, however, mention at this point that it’s not a must you use makeup if you are not up for it. But it doesn’t hurt to try either. You are trying to get your ex back, and so you will have to bring out all the guns. Even the ones he had no idea you had. If you are not a makeup person, it will be a pleasant surprise when he sees you in some.

It’s a guarantee he will see you in a different light and most probably, he will definitely want to give the relationship another shot after seeing how amazing you look. I mean, he would not want to risk having your beautiful self with someone else if not him. Men are naturally very jealous beings. Just the thought of you with another man will drive him crazy.

Have an expert apply the makeup if you are not well versed in the whole process. There is nothing good about makeup that looks botched. It makes your entire face look really weird. And we don’t want that, do we?

Try to bring out your best features with the makeup. If your ex- was crazy about your lips, use a lipstick shade that makes them look lush. If it’s your eyes that got to him, use your liners and shadow in a way that will get him to go even crazier. The goal is to look simple but very sexy. The makeup is bound to have you feeling good which ultimately boosts your confidence.

How long should you try to get him back?

Here’s the thing. You may want your ex back after a breakup but let’s be real. Some men simply do not want to renew the relationship. Therefore, you can’t keep trying to get him back. It gets worse when he strings you along but has no intention of getting back together. You are not desperate. If you try a couple of times and he is still hesitant, just let him go.

You are not desperate. If you try a couple of times and he is still hesitant, just let him go.

He was not worth the effort in the first place. Trying for longer than you should is only going to hurt you. This is the time you would have used to get over him. At the end of the day, it’s all about you and what makes you happy. Move on and focus on other things. The right man will come along when the time comes.

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