Want Him To Love And Respect You More?

Love, one of the most magical feelings ever known to man, at least that is what most women, ladies and girls will tell you. But come on ladies, let’s face it, there is nothing as difficult as getting a man to love you and continue to retain that feeling for all years.



Men are creatures of seasonal change, especially when it comes to emotions. They will drool over you today and not even raise an eyebrow to look at you tomorrow.

Women will put so much effort into making themselves attractive to keep their guy on a leash so that he doesn’t develop an interest in someone else. It is, therefore, such a huge loss when you lose your hard-earned man. So, how do you get your prince charming to never lose that hot fiery love they have for you?


Want Him To Love And Respect You More

Three Major Ways on How to Make Your Man Love You Even More

  1. Going Natural

For some, this may sound like I’m going bananas but this is one of the best ways you can ever use to make him love you a whole lot more. Men tend to be inclined more to natural beauty than beauty created by make-up.

So, stop dolling up all the time when you are around him. Let him see you without the eyeliners, the mascara, lipstick among others. I can guarantee that he will then start loving you for being confident enough in your own natural state.

  1. Stop Trying Too Hard

It is so easy for women to be inclined to do more with the aim of impressing their man and making him love them more.

However, dressing in a special way every time or sending him reminders such as cards and texts frequently to remind him how much you adore him can make him feel you are nagging or a whinny girl.

Want Him To Love And Respect You More Stop Trying Too Hard

Men like ladies who are comfortable enough to feel secure that they love them more than they know. Be a little shy or use subtle ways to let him know that you still love him. You will be amazed at the results.

  1. Attach A Less Monetary Class to Yourself

Some of you ladies really know how to make your man dig deep, no, mine really deep into their pockets and wallets just to impress you. You may not have to say it but the way you dress and talk may make them feel they must cash out more to keep up with you.

That can make them become less interested in you. So, stop being such a high maintenance and you will see the way he is going to give you more love than you imagined.

Three Tips That Will Make You Command Your Man’s Respect

Getting your husband or boyfriend to respect you is also paramount if you are to have a harmonious relationship together. The million-dollar question is, how do you manage to command that respect from him without even them noticing it?

Why don’t we have a look at that:

  1. Respect Yourself

There is no better way that conveys a message saying, “Respect me,” than when you respect yourself. You can do this even better through non-verbal cues. Be confident and smile whenever you are with him. Laugh at yourself when you trip or make a mess of yourself.



This will send a signal that you are an easy person to be around with and you are confident with yourself.

  1. Let Him Know How He Should Treat You

Let Him Know How He Should Treat You

If he does something to you that you are not pleased with, do not just sit back and let it slide. Let him know that what he did didn’t make you happy at all. This will keep him on alert and make him aware that you are not just some cheap person to be played with.


  1. Be an Active Participant Where Intelligence Is Required

What I mean by this is that you should not let him be the sole source of ideas and finalist in your decisions together. Men love intelligent women and respect them a lot. Contribute your ideas and let him know that you too can also challenge him on issues.


Getting a man to love you and respect you are very important aspects. This creates a solid base for your relationship. If you practice the tips given above, I am sure things will work out for you in no time.

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  • McCauley says:

    Men are creatures of seasonal change, especially when it comes to emotions. Men tend to be inclined more to natural beauty than beauty created by make-up.I put so much effort in making themselves attractive to keep the guy on a leash so that he doesn’t develop an interest in someone else.by reading this review i have so many things which will help me in my personal life and to get much love and respect what i deserve.

  • Cynthia says:

    Found a lot of valuable tips here. I’ll keep it nice and simple, try not to be too persuasive.

  • I think it’s clear from this article that you do not need to try too hard or be pretentious to hack the heart of a man forever. This product also supports this thought, I have learned that the more you be yourself the better you will gain in the long run. Good tips though!

  • John Wells says:

    It is not too much tough to make a man love and respect you. All you have to do just be real. Too much pretending and over hard working is not necessary. This article reveals the actual truth.

  • Cristina C. says:

    Sometimes it does not matter how much you love your guy, he keeps hurting you and does not give you the respect you deserve.
    You can change this, just like I did with this commendable guide that helped me get the attention I deserve and wanted!

  • Randy says:

    To me this is amazing. I am slowly learning some of the things that never rang my mind for sure. I am hoping that things will be well and I will keep improving my behavior as i grow in love with my girlfriend.

  • Virgie M. says:

    Men and women want different things. No surprises here. Those who take the time to find out what their spouse wants or needs, and do something to see those needs are met, have the stuff of a happy marriage. This is a little tricky, because it’s easy to assume that the wants and needs you feel are the same as those of your spouse. It is the assumption that our needs are the same that drives us to treat our spouses the way we want to be loved. However, when someone is trying to love you in a way you don’t really want to be loved, or they try to meet needs that are not felt by you, it will mean little to you, and may even seem annoying. Scratching feels good only if you scratch where it itches.

  • Judy says:

    To just focus on love for a moment, do men need love? Psychology aside, it would be a very poor theological argument which said they didn’t. If ever there was a document which focussed incessantly on love, it would have to be the New Testament (there are 270 references to love/loves/loved/loving in the NT, on the basis of a Bible Gateway search of the NIV). Did God intend the New Testament to speak only to the needs of women? That would be laughable. The command to “love one another” must surely be the most repeated phrase of the New Testament (John 13:34-35, 1 Pet 1:22, 1 Pet 3:8, 1 John 3:11, 1 John 3:23, 1 John 4:7, 1 John 4:11-12, 2 John 1:5 All we need is Love and under love is respect.

  • Anthony Guidry says:

    A simple thank you goes a very long way in earning his respect because it shows him that you appreciate his effort. And, your happiness is all men really want from the woman they love.

  • Charles says:

    Yes. It is a system that i have seen my sister use it. For sure this is very clear. She has benefited so much from how well the system has been working. Clear tips and secrets.

  • Jamie Harvey says:

    Be an awesome girlfriend and partner. Greet him with a hug and a smile. Make him feel special.

  • Gary Miller says:

    One of the worst things you can do when you are trying to gain the respect of a gentleman is to start balling your eyes out. That’s a no-no regardless of how you look at it.

  • Billie says:

    No doubt guys love their independence. Be clear this doesn’t mean they want to fly solo all the time, but they do like to do some things on their own minus the guilt trip. Be sure to let your man hang out with his guy friends when he likes without reservation. Do this and you are gaining so much more than you know.

  • John G. says:

    Respect is mutual. That doesn’t just mean that you and the other person have to respect each other, it means that you need to project it to receive it.

  • Brian M. says:

    A woman who can trip down a set of stairs on a first date and then make a joke about it will earn his instant respect. A sense of humor sends the message to him that you are easy to be with and don’t expect everybody to be perfect.

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