Do You Want To Keep Your Hair?

Hair loss can sometimes be very embarrassing especially when you are young and then your hair decides that would be a good time to abandon you. That is usually very annoying. There is however ways in which you can get your hair to behave and come back.

The Drug

First, I will give you news about this drug called ruxolitinib. It has been researched and made for the reversal of hair loss. It will stimulate your hair to grow back in just 4 months. Patients with alpoceia said that their hair came back after a few months of using the drug.

This will offer a lot of hope for millions of people around the world who have a hard time getting hair to behave. With this drug, the patients experienced re-growth of upto 92%. I’ll take that over 0% any day. So with the advancement in medicine, you can rest assured that the drug will be improved to make your hair come back to life.

The Ways to Naturally Stop Hair Loss

  1. Use Oils and Scalp Massage

This will help the dormant follicles to awaken and stimulate the growth of hair. When you massage your scalp daily, you will also be making the hair follicles activated and the hair on your head will not become dormant.

Do You Want To Keep Your Hair The Ways to Naturally Stop Hair Loss

  1. Moisturize Hair Through Oil Treatments

When you use natural oils to moisturize the hair on your head, you will find that the follicles that are responsible for your hair growth get the stimulation that they need to make your hair grow again. That way, you can prevent any dormancy that may be caused by a dry scalp.

  1. Don’t Use Hair Dryers Too Much

In fact, if you can, just use the towel to get the water out of your hair. The dryers have an effect of weakening the hair proteins that are responsible for growing your hair. When you heat the hair, you will find that the proteins are brittle and they become inhibited and you lose hair.

  1. Don’t Do Perms, Dyes or Chemicals

This chemical straightening of the hair is not good because it gets into the follicles and messes them up in a weird way that will leave you with no hair after some time. Especially if you use it too much, you will end up with hair falling out.

Dyes and chemicals of any kind will also damage the growth of your hair and will lead to you having pre-mature grey hair or the other adverse effect of it falling out.

  1. Don’t Pull The Hair Too Tight

 Do You Want To Keep Your Hair Don’t Pull The Hair Too Tight

Pulling the hair physically damages the base where the hair is coming from. This one will cause the damages follicles to stop doing what they are supposed to do because you were careless enough to damage them.


The reason why hair fails to grow could be either genetic or people just unknowingly damage the follicles and make them dormant to the point where the process of growth cannot be stimulated again.

So, do take care of your hair by moisturizing it, oiling it and treating it gently.

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  • Jane says:

    I had problems with falling hair, not just a few but a lot! It’s bothersome especially when you’re fixing your hair. Thanks to your article, I might know the culprit! I blow dry my hair so much, since I was a teen! I have also used harmful chemicals on my hair, which is temporary. it makes my hair frizz too.Better go au naturale now.

  • Emma says:

    I have been battling hair loss for some time and now with this amazing article, I may know what is causing my beautiful hair to fall down. I am going to use the tips mentioned here and I am hoping that once and for all, I will be able to stop the consistent hairloss I have suffered.

  • J. Meadows says:

    Being a guy that loves trying different things to his hair, I am not surprised that I am prone to hair loss. I even try using shampoos and conditioner that is made for woman but it doesn’t stop the loss, now I am having a walk of shame whenever I see my girl and she makes fun of my head. And now that I see this I know that I am into something better than what those shampoos promised.

  • David D. Parker says:

    I wasn’t sure whether hair dryer actually damages my hair, but I find more and more people who believe it to be the truth. I also think stress cases faster degradation of hair, and it should be avoided as much as possible. Anyhow, great post.

  • Elizabeth says:

    This hair thing is a sensitive subject for me. I have been searching for a natural cure in the last 4 years. I like how this guide sounds. I will give it a try.

  • Christopher says:

    Everyone thinks that guys don’t love their hair. This is absolutely wrong. I love my hair more than a girl would love her hair. But somehow my hairs were falling. I have become almost blad. This article was quite helpful. MY hair fall is much less now.

  • William Adkins says:

    My old man and his lost hair quite young. I was afraid when mine started to fall. However, after reading this, and following it, it’s been 3 years that the falling has decreased to almost zero, and my hair grows normally.

  • Scott says:

    I think there is none who doesn’t want to keep his/her hair. I was so tensed with my hair problem, but couldn’t find any solution. Day by day my hair became weaker and I lost a huge amount of my hair. This article helped me keep my hair strong and beautiful. Without proper care, it cannot be done. Now I am taking very good care of my hair.

  • Margaret J. says:

    Having a lower overall weight and less fat around your body to keep you warm may spur your body to grow more hair and increase blood flow to the skin—thereby resulting in more hair and better skin, says a recent study published in Cell Reports.

  • Jeanne Grubb says:

    To keep your hair healthy, limit how often you wash it since washing hair every day can make it dry and brittle. Also, always use a conditioner after you shampoo your hair, which will keep your hair soft and healthy looking.

  • Lynne Byrd says:

    Natural and effective way to keep your hair without a lot of struggle. i really liked this product because it is affordable and works very well.

  • John Alicea says:

    Wanting to keep the hair is a great thing. Since i decided to start using this product i cannot regret. I am impressed by how easy it is to use this system. I have benefited a lot from the tips.

  • Judy says:

    Choose products based on your hair type. If desired, you can ask your hairdresser for their recommendations for products formulated for your hair type. Having strong, shiny, vibrant hair can boost your confidence and make you feel good.

  • Frank C. says:

    Comb conditioner through for even distribution. Leave it in your hair for two to three minutes before rinsing out.

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