The Ultimate Guide To Turn Her On, Get Her Wet, and Have Great Sex

 Sex forms a big part of a couple’s life and when there is not enough of it, you can expect to have problems. When you want to have sex, make sure you know what you’re getting into and that you have all the knowledge that has been handed down from generations past to you.

It is not everyone who knows what to do with a woman when it comes to sex.

You need to have this knowledge if you want to have a happy life. My main focus today will be on the ways you can get your woman aroused and ready to go in the shortest time possible and when you are in between the sheets, make it last longer.

Since you probably don’t know anything else except the vaguely displayed moves on TV, I’ll give you all the little details and nuances that come with this ancient art of erotica.

First off, I will outline in short but useful details of all the things that go into the process before digging down into the core of this juicy piece of information.

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  1. Foreplay

If you hear the word foreplay and groan because you think it’s not important, I don’t know what to tell you except the fact that it is to sex what sunlight is to a plant.

Without foreplay, you’ll just be satisfying yourself and not her. And there won’t be a next time for you.


The Ultimate Guide To Turn Her On, Get Her Wet, and Have Great Sex Foreplay


Trust me, you want your woman to feel like she’s getting something from your time together and if you just rush in and out before she even gets wet, you are making a very big mistake. Foreplay is the mantra you should chant before you get into the up and down act.

From the breasts, the thighs, the sensitive spots all over her body and finally the clitoris, you get a wet woman who yearns for you. That should be the order of things.



  1. Sex Positions

 We all love the good old missionary sex. Man on top pumping away the good old fashioned way but then again, diversity is the key to making sex more interesting. Even sex gets boring if you stick to that one style for years.

I am not asking you to make hard core pornographic sex. No, I am asking you to please consider some soft porn.

The Ultimate Guide To Turn Her On, Get Her Wet, and Have Great Sex Sex PositionsNothing too freaky and nothing too boring either, keep the balance.


  1. Confidence

When you get into bed with her and look like you’re in the principal’s office awaiting tough punishment, it kills the mood. The way to get her feeling like you two are going to have a good time will be to get in the mildly aggressive mood and surprise her with lots of confidence.

This will make her feel like you know your stuff even though you might be an amateur.

The Ultimate Guide To Turn Her On, Get Her Wet, and Have Great Sex Confidence

  1. Don’t Be a One Spot Stop

 Yeah, I know that most of you just forget everything else when you penetrate. That’s not good. When you get into her, don’t forget the breast and the kissing and the constant touching. When you do that, it will be making her flooded with stimuli and she will be able to feel you more.

The Ultimate Guide To Turn Her On, Get Her Wet, and Have Great Sex Don’t Be a One Spot Stop

What Stirs up a Woman’s Desire for You in the Bed

 Sexual desire is almost as unpredictable as the weather. It all depends on the season and the way things have been going on with you two of late. It will get very easy for you to blame the flat nature of your relationship on the fact that you have been together for fairly long or maybe even her.

Well, you may not know it but the possibility might be that you have been lazy and she doesn’t like the way you do it. Maybe you are the problem.

She is not getting properly fired up before you start having sex. You have to learn to make her want you and the best ways to do that may not be known to most people. Everyone has their own trigger and it’s a matter of pinpointing what gets her fired up.

That’s why you have to know that what you do matters and that if you want to enjoy this, you have to work for it. So, here are ways in which you can get your girl horny and hot for you.


  1. Mental Stimulation

 A human brain is an amazing place that has all the little unknown variables that make it hard to understand people. Well, there is the part of the brain that is basically in charge of imagination. You have to make her aroused by getting in her head.

What you say, how you move and all the little innuendos can get her remembering that one good time you had and wish for more. When you say the little things about sex (innuendos), they get her thinking about sex for long and this is the first step in mental readiness.

They love it when you are confident enough plant the seed of sex in their brains.

The Ultimate Guide To Turn Her On, Get Her Wet, and Have Great Sex Mental Stimulation

Let her see that she has a visible reaction on you. This will make her feel like she is the queen and that she gets your motor running. A giant boner would be perfect for this occasion. You could say something to the effect that she is responsible for firing you up. This will get her fired up in turn.


  1. Foreplay is King

Sex without foreplay is not a good idea, it’s the worst idea. Never ever, and I don’t know if I have stressed this enough, ever start penetration without the foreplay. Getting down on a woman is the best part of intimacy.

When you touch her, she gets all buzz electric and wet. Sex is more enjoyable when the woman is hot and properly in need of you. You just can’t start going in, up and down without foreplay. It will lead to a lot of things, among them being a loss of libido.

The Ultimate Guide To Turn Her On, Get Her Wet, and Have Great Sex Foreplay is King

Loss of libido is the worst, without desire, you have no sex. Even if she lets you, you will just be having a happy fun time while her face wears the expression “I have better things to do”. You don’t want that happening to you. Steps to do this include taking it slow.

Women take time before they are properly fired up and ready. Take off her clothes slowly without any rush and caress her all over before going for the clitoris with your tongue.


  1. Really Warm Hugs

 Yes, they sound like a drag but they actually do work. When you hug a woman tightly, she can feel all the greatness beneath your clothes. They get fired up if you let them touch you. Hugs can be a great way to get her in the mood.

The Ultimate Guide To Turn Her On, Get Her Wet, and Have Great Sex Really Warm HugsEspecially if you hug for long and get an erection in the process. She will feel your need and her body will respond due to the proximity between the two of you. Long hugs are really good when it comes to getting her in the mood.

When you hug, the intimacy increases and she can feel your vibe and feelings due to the connections created during this hug.


  1. Try Looking Sexy

 She doesn’t have to be the one dressing provocatively for you every time you two have sex. It is not the best way to do things. Sometimes she has bad hair days and she wants to see you care. It really bugs the girls when you don’t even try.

The Ultimate Guide To Turn Her On, Get Her Wet, and Have Great Sex Try Looking Sexy

Say something sexy; keep up your appearances and your physique. Maybe, if you’re feeling a little adventurous, soft porn and role-playing games are not an entirely bad idea. It gets her going for you.

After all, you came up with the idea. They always love someone who initiates the tempo. Get her in the mood sometimes and not the other way round every time.


  1. Let Her Know That You’re Thinking About Her

I am not saying you send her pictures of your junk (unless she likes that), but you should text her frequently. By frequently I don’t mean all the time. During your breaks, just before you two meet up and when you promise to call or text, do keep the promise.

When she knows you are thinking about her, it gets her juices flowing.

Let Her Know That You’re Thinking About Her

She feels cared for and that she matters. Be playful, creative with your texts and sometimes if you’re feeling adventurous, text dirty stuff. Not the repulsive dirty kind, no, just the mildly dirty sexual innuendo stuff.

Just take care not to cross over to the creepy side.

Most people get too bold over texts and calls that they quickly get over to the dark side of weird and totally creepy acts that pass for innuendo or sex.


  1. Be Creative With Your Words

You love it when people praise you, it gets you all blushing and staring at your feet while saying ‘it was nothing’ just to be modest. Women love stories, creative stories mind you. Don’t come to her with a half baked story that has no spice in it whatsoever. This will not bode well for her.

The Ultimate Guide To Turn Her On, Get Her Wet, and Have Great Sex Creative With Your Words

When you tell the story, make sure it is sexy, full of praise directed at her and while you’re doing this, massage her gently and have plenty of punch lines. She will be like clay in the hands of a master potter.

Just make sure you know your stuff before you go to her. Sullen silence or nervous silence or just silence is not good unless you know foreplay really well, but dude, tell a story.


3 Quick Tips For Foreplay That She Will Love

 I’ll say it again, Foreplay is king. You need to know how to put your whole self into good use. She needs to feel the magic in your hands, your tongue and your movements. Because I don’t want to waste time telling you about stuff you probably already know, I’ll get down to the good stuff. You need to be attentive and attuned to her and what she is feeling as you start your foreplay.

Focusing on the job at hand or mouth for that matter is crucial as it ensures that no mistake is made. You can keep track of how well you are doing and rectify your errors as you go. Listen to the moans and feel the movements as you kiss, caress and suck at her clitoris.

They will tell you if you are getting to her.

*Fun Fact- Giving her oral orgasms is very desirable as it maximizes on the pleasure and gets her feeling it all


  1. Kissing and Undressing

 The first part of foreplay involves kissing and touching while still in your clothes. It is very sexy to dry hump and kiss while you remove each other’s clothes slowly while taking time to kiss for longer.

The Ultimate Guide To Turn Her On, Get Her Wet, and Have Great Sex Kissing and Undressing

Undressing can be very sexy. You do it slowly while feeling all her curves and never taking your hands away. Be very gentle and take care not to rip them off. Control your urges and lusty desires so as to make everything reach a crescendo just by undressing and kissing.

French kissing especially is very desirable as it creates a communication very fast and very effectively. Not too much tongue though; no one wants to be kissed by a slobbering dog dripping saliva. Keep it wet enough to be sexy, not disgusting.


  1. Caresses

After the clothes are taken off, it is now time to feel her body and make her feel the thrill run through her. Kiss her in the neck and lightly nibble the ears. Be careful not to slobber all over her. The hot breath and lightly moist lips are enough to get her going.

And for the love of sex, please do not stick your tongue in her ear, it gives her the creeps and kills all the work you have done like the off switch. That and other things that she will tell you if you ask nicely will help you avoid doing stupid things in the sack.

Every woman has something that gets her all switched off. And you have to find out what your woman’s off-switch is.

Back to the caressing, move down to her breasts and caress them lightly. The underside has some great nerve bundles that will get her more and more fired up. Circle the nipples slowly with your tongue and suck the nipples themselves lightly with no greed whatsoever.

If you are over-eager she will be disappointed. Move down to the stomach and slowly to the thighs themselves. Part them and tease the insides with your tongue. Do not forget to put your hands to good use at this point.

As I may have already said, most tend to focus on just one thing.


  1. The Clitoris

This one is the good part. Here, you can make her come as many times as is possible. This is the checkmate move to the whole foreplay sequence. The final chapter in this short trilogy of foreplay tips. It is the holy grail of the woman’s genitals as it is responsible for her orgasms. Stimulating it makes her come and you need to know how to work it.

Direct stimulation is not the best way to do it as it can be painful. Use your tongue and skills wisely. When you are teasing the clitoris, you maximize pleasure instead of when you go for it directly which is not good.

The pressure you apply on the clitoris should be varied according to her reaction s it is very sensitive to stimulation. You should alternate between the soft part under your tongue and the rough tip while rubbing the labia with your finger to maximize pleasure.

*Fun Fact- The best angle for hitting the g-spot is the rear entry, doggy style.

The Ultimate Guide To Turn Her On, Get Her Wet, and Have Great Sex

How to Get Her to Love Pleasing You

 I have been going on and on about what you should do to make her happy. Well, it’s your turn now. Women who know how to work your junk are desirable and there are ways you can get her to do that for you without going to a brothel.

You can get her to please you too.


  1. Be Squeaky Clean

 Forgive me for saying this but no one will want to suck away at your unclean balls or penis. Wash it before you come to bed. The only dirt she would want to suck at would be what you got from penetrating her.

Get your act together and avoid embarrassing yourself by being dirty. Clean sex is the best and if you ask nicely and she finds that you are clean, I don’t see why she would say no. But if she did, you can kick it up a notch higher.


  1. Quid Pro Quo

 Do not expect your girl/woman to get down on you or give you a hand job if you have never given her a good old rub down in the clitoris, literally. It works as a two-way street. If you have ever or are getting down and giving her the pleasure she so desires because I already told you how to do that, she will definitely be comfortable sucking you off.

And there you have it, quid pro quo. So, if you want her to pleasure you in all the good ways, make sure that you do the same for her. She will love you for it and will definitely do the same for you.


  1. Make Her Comfortable With You

 There are those instances where you are so nervous and jumpy and so full of mistakes that she feels uncomfortable doing anything good for you apart from letting you in. You may find that she wants to suck you off or jerk you off but you have been weird about the whole sex thing that she fears she might take you over the edge.

Be confident and sure about what you are doing and she will be comfortable around you. She might even ask for it if you are not acting all weird about it.


  1. Ask Nicely

 Apart from making her comfortable around you, you could just ask nicely. Just make sure that you have done a thorough job which merits getting head. Once you have gotten past your insecurities and she has gotten used to you, it will become a regular thing and you won’t even have to ask anymore.

Be nice, make her happy and you shall reap the rewards of your good work.


  1. Don’t Force Her

Never ever force her to give you a blowjob. It will only make her hate you. She wants respect and if you can’t give her that, she will leave and never come back. The best way is to be gentle and knows that she too is a human like you with limits to what she can do.

Trust me, if you want a blowjob so bad, be nice and make her feel special without diminishing her stature and you will be fine


Sex Tips That Will Make Any Woman Want To Stay With You Forever 

  1. Diversify the Experience

Anyone can penetrate a woman and go in and out and up and down. That’s why you should be the unique one. Don’t stick to one style or use the same methods for having sex as you always do. It makes everything boring and uninteresting.

This will, in turn, lower the libido and consequently lead to her wanting you less and less


  1. Last Longer

Don’t be careless enough to get an orgasm before she does. It is not cool to leave her hanging and unsatisfied. That’s why you should learn the various techniques that come with the work of making the experience last longer and feel better for her. By lasting longer, she will view you with respect and adoration for that feat because not many can do it the way you do.

To last longer requires that you give her a head start. Foreplay does this very well. You only penetrate when you see that she is closer to her edge and you are only just getting started.


  1. Foreplay

You have noticed that I have stressed on foreplay as the ultimate experience that she will thank you for the rest of her life. She will always get to cloud 10 (yes I know there are only nine if you’re some dumb loser) and you can keep her for all eternity.

Make it an experience to remember. Give it like no one else ever can.


Bottom Line

I am sending you into battle armed and ready for the ultimate experience of sex in the very best way that you can possibly want. The material is mostly heterosexual but anyone else can take a look and see that there is a lot to be learned from this.

Remember: foreplay, last longer and diversify.

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