The Trinity Code Review: The Hidden Switches Inside His Heart

Love is a bizarre phenomenon.

Aside from it being extremely complicated, it has a lot of factors that can make or break a person. Two people working on their relationship is not as easy as it sounds because it takes a lot of effort. A whole lot of it. From both ends.

Therefore, if one part of the relationship stopped actively participating, then it doesn’t sound like a relationship anymore. It is more like a one-sided relationship, and it doesn’t help anyone. Doesn’t improve one’s lifestyle. It definitely doesn’t make anyone happy.

One end is insanely in love, and the other, dull and bored. If you’re on the holding on end, this is probably why you’re reading this review. Don’t worry. There is a way! There is a secret to make a man fall head over heels for you again. Or to make any man chase you like a puppy chases a bone. This can be found in a book called The Trinity Code.

A little bit of caution: What you’re about to discover on this review is something really powerful. So keep on reading, and indulge!

The Trinity Code

About the Author: Tina Steele

The Trinity Code is written and created by your lovely average woman, Tina Steele. She is a mid-40 woman from Ohio, formerly married to a man named Rich, and has a daughter.

The relationship she had with her husband Rich was perfectly fine in the beginning. He was crazy in love with her and begged her to marry him just 7 months into dating. They were married for four years until Rich left her.

It was nothing that she did. In fact, she was the ideal wife: loving, caring, and understanding. It was Rich, who cheated on her with her best friend Amber.

Tina’s life went spiraling down after realizing that the man she loved for years and built a family with had left her. It broke her to pieces and shattered her whole being. She only ever had to look at her daughter to help her pick up her pieces. Eventually, the dating world didn’t appeal to her. But upon meeting her sister’s boyfriend Chris, and seeing how sweet the both of them were, she got an idea.

What if we can somehow lock men into this honeymoon mode, like Chris? She wondered. After months, even years of careful research, she came up with the book that had been helping women from across the globe to get any man they want.

The Trinity Code

What is the honeymoon mode?

The honeymoon mode is the initial spark you feel when you first fall in love with someone. It’s the overflowing and bursting of emotions that build up inside you. It’s the feeling of being obsessed with someone you can’t stop thinking about.

Research showed that during the honeymoon mode, the brain activity of a person is similar to that of someone with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Basically, the brain doesn’t stop working, just thinking about that special someone. Day in and day out, non-stop.

Over time, this honeymoon mode passes, and most men stop doing 90% of what they did to win women’s hearts. Women are left wondering what had gone wrong. Men continue to be oblivious, and so familiar with their women that they somehow neglect them emotionally.

This is what Tina had researched about, and she had curated a couple of methods that will lock men in this phase. When done successfully, the men you used these methods on will be stuck on the idea of loving you, protecting you, and to the extent of killing for you. It is kind of controversy since it can be linked to mind control, but Tina trusts that women will use this knowledge with the best intentions.

The Trinity Code

Is this all for real?

Before you assume that this is all hocus pocus, let me tell you that Tina’s research is backed up by science.

According to a study, there are three special hormones that fire up inside men’s brains when they’re in love. These are Oxytocin, Dopamine, and Serotonin. They fire up simultaneously when they’re in their honeymoon mode, and it is basically, simply put, the thing we call love.

Dr. Helen Fisher, the leading anthropologist from Rutgers University, backs up this claim. She didn’t get the nickname love doctor for nothing; she has published books related to understanding love through science. It is clear that love isn’t just a feeling, it’s a result of a combination of chemicals and it is truly wonderful.

The Trinity Code

How Powerful is The Trinity Code?

On the website where you can purchase this program, there is an introduction video created by Tina Steele herself. The first couple of seconds of the video is just her asking you to promise the following:

  • Don’t use this to manipulate good men, inducing them to do things that will harm them.
  • Never use this secret to steal another woman’s man.
  • Don’t use it to get revenge on your ex and gloat on them while they chase you back.

As you can see, the Trinity Code is so powerful, Tina had to make sure no one abuses it! It’s clearly not meant for women who have evil intentions and are planning on taking revenge. Tina made it clear that this is for women who are sick of living in a love-less purgatory whose boyfriends cheat. She wanted to share the code with as many women in the world as possible.

Towards the end of the video, Tina also suggests that once you have gained access to the program and it worked for you, you should pass it on to your daughter, or another woman you know. Like a pay it forward kind of thing.

The Trinity Code

What will I learn from the Trinity Code?

You will learn 27 methods to switching your man’s biological buttons that Tina had curated.

Backed up by science, the author collected and collated a couple of methods to fire up men’s three special hormones again. These methods are with absolutely no gimmicks at all, whatsoever! You can do these methods and he won’t even realize what you’re doing. All he will ever realize is how special you are to him, and how you deserve all the attention that you crave.

Tina shared one of the methods to one of her mates one day. Just a couple of weeks later, this friend of hers is a totally different woman. Tina claimed that she glowed like a seven-month pregnant lady, and she was the happiest she had ever been. All because of Tina’s method. Take note: Tina only shared one method with her friend, and the results were dramatic.

You can perform most of the methods strictly only once because they are that powerful. Some of them even should only be your last resort. Like, when he’s about the step out the door kind of last resort. However, a couple of the methods in the book are okay to do on a frequent basis, especially if your man is stubborn af.

This is how Tina met Dave, the man she met at a coffee shop. She realized this man was for her, so she used one of her methods on him and voila! They have been married for two years now, happy as ever.

When you buy the course, you will find a couple of witty names for the methods such as The Oxy-Bomb Method, The Heart Tensioner Method, The Postpone Maneuver, and loads more. These methods have different specific situations where you can use them on. You can find the detailed information on each of the methods within the holy grail of a book, so whenever your man starts to act up, just whip out the book and he’s back to pursuing you!

The Trinity Code

Why You Need to Get it Now

With Tina being the sister we never had, she aims to share the Trinity Code with every woman in the world for the most affordable price. She teamed up with a guy named Tommy to help her set everything up, and coordinated with him with regard to the pricing.

She is currently giving a huge discount for everyone who visits and watches the video on the site. Tina claims that the current price of the Trinity Code doesn’t even justify the amount of power it holds.

Take note ladies: This is only for a limited time! The current price won’t stay like that forever, so make sure you get the program as soon as possible and strive to change your love life for the best.

The Trinity Code


Obviously, not many people will believe the claims of Tina. I didn’t as well, at first. However, give her a chance. Drop by the site, watch the video, and then decide.

According to her, there are three paths you can go from here. You can either not do anything at all, or do it all yourself and research the stuff she researched on your own, or let the Trinity Code take over.

You don’t really want to not do anything, or do it by yourself. She literally researched for years and did the work for you so all you have to do now is purchase, and start a new life. Be the badass woman you always dreamed to be.

Find out exactly what The Trinity Code says, and how you can use it to seduce any man and wrap him around your finger – click here to start!

The Trinity Code Review: The Hidden Switches Inside His Heart
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