The Total Lover Review: Give Her The Best Orgasms Of Her Life

Take your woman to the next level with this amazing squirting guide

If you are ready to take your woman to the maximum pleasure she can get, then you have come to the right review.

Seeing a woman squirting is the ultimate sign of victory. She gets all wet and shaky, completely lost in pleasure, and you can give that to any woman starting today.

I’m writing this review to share with you my experience with The Total Lover. This guide contains a complete roadmap to women’s pleasure. Good news, most women don’t even know they can feel so much.

The ultimate sign of victory

Imagine that, after spending some time together, before you fuck, you make her come. She comes 2-3 times, or even more. She squirts warm salty liquid from her pussy and can’t even hold her head because of all the pleasure she is feeling.

You need to remember, women are multi-orgasmic, unlike men. So, after she received the orgasm of her life, just think of what she will do to you.

Most of us are handling women wrong. If you please her first, she will do whatever you want for you. Remember, women are always complaining about how we are all assholes and underestimate them. When you show a woman otherwise, she falls flat on your feet.

  • Selfish in bed
  • Comes too fast
  • Doesn’t do X or Y
  • Never pays attention.

Common complaints of women from men. Do you think a woman is complaining while busy having 3 orgasms? Exactly!

Trying too hard

Growing up, I was very skinny and nerdy. I wasn’t getting any attention from the right type of ladies.

Because of this, I decided to learn how to please a woman physically. You would see me intimate with my poster of Sofia Vergara. I could read different articles every night to learn how to make a woman enjoy having sex with me.

I had success here and there, especially during college. When I got 23, I was with this girl and I couldn’t stop thinking about how to do stuff. It was a lot of pressure I had put and that fucked me up.


First time I saw this, it was in a movie with this girl that splashed the whole living room in the scene. It was so cool how the chick started shaking and then squirting all over the place. Meanwhile, she’s having the orgasm of her life.

Apparently, all women are capable of doing this. Maybe not as much as that porn actress, but they all can. They are supposed to feel as if they were about pee but, instead of pee, it’s her female cum.

This is the ultimate orgasm for any woman, and not many men know it. With The Total Lover, I learned how to make her come even before fucking.

How does it work?

  • Find a small swollen area inside of her
  • Stimulate with rhythm and strength
  • You can stimulate with different parts or things
  • Brace yourself!

Basically, The Total Lover teaches you to reach this point and give her the most powerful orgasm.

There are different techniques and tips for different intensities. You need to try them all.

Good secondary effects

Now that I know I can make her squirt whenever I want, I feel no more pressure. Also, after I have made her squirt sometimes, she is ready to do whatever I want.

My sex life is better than ever. Girls talk among themselves and all of them are curious. Just think about it, no one really has this conversation, so it’s quite unknown.

The satisfaction of seeing a woman squirt, shake and scream in pleasure because of what you just did to her.

Regardless of the situation, with this guide, you will be able to please your woman every time.

Finding The Total Lover

A friend suggested me the guide after I talked to him about this recently discovered phenomenon. He mentioned that the videos not only covered the methodology but also:

  • Blueprint of women’s pleasure
  • How to build her up
  • Maximize your erections
  • Build your testosterone
  • Pleasing her in other areas you didn’t imagine

I decided I would try it since all of this was part of my intentions since the beginning.

After reading some reviews, and posts about the videos and guide, I decided to buy and follow the instructions.

Make it your own

After some time reading and practicing, you will dominate this easily and you will be good to go. I can assure that, from go one, you will make it work.

That´s the magic of this, you don’t need to memorize complicated stuff. You get exactly what you came for and get to it.

You will master this fast and, after that, you can move on to give sexy surprises every time.

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Don’t stress

As mentioned before, because I know that I can please her no matter what, I have stopped worrying. The girl is lucky she´s with me now, she is the one that will be in for a great surprise.

Now I can:

  • Last longer
  • Make them come back for more
  • Drive them crazy
  • Make them do whatever I want in bed
  • Melt them down

Because of this, my level of confidence has increased and, when I get the girl, she is difficult to keep away.

Looking back

Listen, foreplay plays a big role, and feelings, etc. All of that does make a difference. The sole fact that you can make a girl come doesn’t mean you are good. If you do it to her once, she would then learn how to do it herself.

The point is that she comes back for you.

I am very grateful for all the things I learned on pleasing a woman:

  • Getting her wet
  • Sensitive areas of the body
  • Make her want you in
  • Get her to feel safe

Without all of this, I might have missed out on learning the ultimate technique to please a woman.

Looking back, this guide and videos have everything I had learned before, plus the most important lesson.

It was great to get all of it together and learn a new skill for bed. If I had known earlier, I would have saved so much money, time, and effort.

Why does this matter?

  1. Take control back! Dominate her desire, her pleasure. Make sure you are the on providing her with the best experience she’d ever had.
  2. Boost your confidence by providing un-fakable orgasms. If she squirts, she is having one for sure.
  3. Be a man and learn to please a lady! She can come many times in a row, not you. Make her come, then she will do a great job for you.
  4. Build a bond. Especially if you are a married couple or something. I am sure your woman has never squirt, if you open that door, she will never look away again.

Make each time count. Become the one in charge.

It’s not only about sex

This is also about trust and confidence. As I said above, if you can do this for your girlfriend, she is never looking for another guy.

Most other guys still believe in fake orgasms. Now, you can be sure that as the man in her bed, you have all the advantages.

This helps to:

  • Bring you closer
  • Create complicity
  • Make her more open to try new things
  • Enjoy how now she is the one that needs it constantly

To bring this element into a long-term relationship can only contribute for its long-term duration.

Man-up and research

Listen, would you be angry if you find out that she is been trying to find out how to make you come loads? If you answered yes, get out.

She is trying to please you and make you feel great! Read and practice how to give her more pleasure. She will be happy, never angry at you.

No one really teaches us this at school. It’s fine if you research and find out how to give her more pleasure. That’s actually what you are supposed to be doing.

I’m telling you, man. If you make her squirt, she will do anything you want in bed.

Final Thoughts

If you are not making her squirt, you are not getting it right, period. Part of being in a relationship is to know each other and please each other.

How can you be sure you are pleasing her in bed?

If you have an erectile dysfunction problem, or suddenly, once, it happens. You just go, don´t worry, she is going to come back for more.

Do some research! If you know how to please her you are actually doing something right. There is nothing worse than having a girl fake it and then talk bad about you in your back.

In the end of the day, ladies know how to be grateful and will pay it back.

I have to say learning this has changed my life and that of my lovers as well. Everything I thought I knew about sex changed. Now, I have all the confidence.

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The Total Lover Review: Give Her The Best Orgasms Of Her Life
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