The Tao Of Badass Review: What can you do to get more hot dates?

The Tao of Badass is a stepwise system for picking up ladies that are tested and proven to work for anyone. Regardless of looks, age or how inexperienced you are around girls.

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So if you are struggling to approach a lady, finding it hard to initiate a conversation or taking a lady home, well, this might be your solution.

About The Tao of Badass

The Tao of Badass review is a denial proof system which gives a stepwise technique to approach, seduce and take ladies home with you. The e-book is based on the philosophy that “what attracts women is pre-selection and has nothing to do with looks and money.”

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Pre-selection as a principle dictates that girls are attracted to men who are seen as attractive and wanted by other women. The product, therefore, aims at ensuring that you are “that guy” wanted by various girls. To achieve this, the book arms you with the knowledge of why you need to be that guy. To transform you to the gentleman attracting all the women, Tao of Badass has these key parts.

  • How to become an attractive guy
  • The stepwise system for picking up girls
  • Accurately reading the body language to know when a girl likes you.
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To get clear information about the entire product, you will require a carefully crafted review. Unlike other reviews; this is specifically designed to ensure that only content free of scam reaches to you. Consider trying it out

Becoming an attractive man

The product review uses the word badass to create a picture of what comprises an ideal man. With this, you get the chance to learn what women are attracted. You, therefore, model yourself to being the guy that attracts all women.

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In the first chapter, the author Joshua Pellicer writes about the fascinating science behind the female and male gender roles. At this point, you learn how important it is to embrace and appreciate your manhood. Understanding and fulfilling the male gender roles is very crucial. If you do not fulfill these, you risk being in the category of “nice guy” category or worst, being friend-zoned. If you were ever placed in any of these classes in the past, this e-book is made to ensure that you do not fall into that trap again. The next chapter is meant to improve your confidence levels. Most ladies are attracted to a confident and ambitious man. So Joshua teaches you how to be more confident around girls. This he does by revealing some self-belief techniques that raise your self-esteem ultimately making you more attractive. Many a time, when guys approach ladies, they get rejected even before they introduce themselves. This is mainly because of their body language and some other factors. In the chapter, he explains the things you should do to boost your confidence and some issues that you should not even attempt to do.

Stepwise system for picking up girls

Approaching a girl is the first step and the scariest of all. It is for this, that the author dedicated a whole chapter to ensure you nail the approach skills. He focuses on the approach anxiety which is the crippling fear that prevents most men from meeting the lady of his dreams.


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The approach module teaches you some of the basic things to do and the ones not to do when you are in front of a hot chic. They teach you how to rid the fear associated with rejection. The module gives the basic methodologies of approaching women without making it seem like it’s a big deal or worse getting nervous. The book exposes some of the great techniques to rewire the deep-rooted psychological behavior and extinct the approach anxiety all at once. It’s fascinating stuff. Once you master the approach techniques, you are ready to learn more about the “interaction map”. The map of interaction shows the stepwise method of picking up girls and comprise of 4 phases.

  • Attraction
  • Creating rapport
  • Seduction and,
  • Relationship balance.

To get ultimate success, you need to know the specific phase that you are in on the map of interaction. Once you understand your current period, then you can comfortably navigate to the next.

The Tao Of Badass Review


To build attraction, you need to utilize banter, make the conversation playful, fun and content-free According to Joshua, you should be ready to demonstrate value to a lady. However, he cautions confusing value demonstration with bragging. He instead advocates for the use of these tricks when approaching ladies.

  • Be original, Originality is a key feature when approaching and speaking to girls. Simply demonstrate who you are.
  • Have some sense of humor. Chances are if you cannot make a girl laugh, the chances are that you will not progress far with her.
  • Be mysterious. It is good to disclose who you are to her. But remember it pays to have some kept only to yourself.
  • Learn how to talk to girls. Women are social than men, as such they love staying close to people who appreciate and know how to talk.
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Creating a Rapport 

In this section, you will learn that you can turn a boring conversation to an emotional roller coaster. The trick is to use as many open-ended questions as possible. A good conversation will help you establish a mutual interest with a girl within the first few seconds of interaction.  Once you implement these skills, you will realize that she will not go cold the next time you text her. With this in mind, Joshua gives you some crucial tips to avoid raising her red zones. You can, therefore, the seduction sexually with zero rejection chances.

Relationship balance

Unlike other pickup systems, this e-book is different in the way it gives relationship advice. If you are looking for a girlfriend or you are that person that struggles to go beyond the dating zone, you will find this module useful. You will learn the four crucial factors necessary to form and sustain a successful relationship.


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If you never had a girlfriend, a victim of being cheated on or often falling in the friend zone, this chapter will get you all the solutions you need.

A testing time for you 

The measurement guide is the shortest module, with only six pages. Anytime you try to impress a lady, and she will put you to test regularly; this is predictable. She might not know that she is testing you as the trial is a mental one. If you fail in these tests, there is a greater chance you will not succeed in impressing her. The chapter deals with the various tests posed to you and how to address each one of them.

Reading body language

This section will introduce you to both the negative and positive body language. You will be required to apply the right approach to everybody language given. You will also learn about some attraction cues so that you can easily spot when she is into you.


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Body language is such greater stuff, the earlier you see that a girl likes you, the quicker you should escalate the seduction and get sexier. To fully understand, you need to get the meaning of the word “badass” as used by the author.


  • The book gives you instant value for money. Once you buy it, you get access to the member’s portal. Here there are lots of bonus that include live chats and instructional videos. The material is in both PDF for visual learners and audio for auditory learners.
  • The theory advanced in the book provides a platform to kick start your success stories with women successfully.
  • The book covers the whole relationship spectrum and discusses arising issues in detail.
  • The examples of tests and reading the body language are among the most interesting. The material is mentioned while only practical examples are used.


  • The content is bulky. The PDF version of the book has 150 pages. However, if you detest reading, the audiobook can be a great alternative.
  • Sometimes, a higher number of practical examples is needed to back the theories. However, when such standards are required, the author points you back to the Online Members area.
  • Being primarily based on assumptions, the product may not be suitable for the advanced lot

The top reasons why men get rejected

In the current game of love, everyone gets rejected at one point or the other. In many situations, you will not even know the main reason for your rejection. For starters, the way you present yourself is key to attracting and maintaining the ladies attention. This is a factor that most men overlook. You can address some of these challenges by:

  • Understanding body language

It is true that women find a confident man to be sexy. However, it takes more than flirting and boasting to demonstrate this. If you want to demonstrate to your woman that you are in control, do so appropriately by using the correct body language.


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Humans are known to communicate via the use of body languages. As such words will mean nothing once you present yourself in an alluring way.

  • Matching your energy with the atmosphere

Society demands a man who is serious, solemn and grounding; while women want a man that they can reconnect with. Before asking her on a date, gauge the atmosphere and her energy levels. Most women prefer meeting you at their level. As such, make it hard for her to turn you down by meeting her wants and needs and showing that you understand the body language.

  • Knowing your limits

Being socially appropriate is a must in every dating situation. Being assertive and knowing how confident one is, is a challenge for most men. You need to learn that being obnoxious and loud will not gain you the attention that you need. The e-book teaches you to understand your real confidence while addressing her with interest. You need to be careful so as not to be seen as desperate or obsessed.

  • Remain committed to your mission 

Remember that you will never get a yes if you have premeditated that she will never give a yes. You will not also get a yes if you walk into a situation eagerly waiting to get out of it. If you need to go out with the woman, spend quality time with her. Have a mindset of asking her out in case things go out well. Harness your confidence always reminding you that your appearance matters a lot. No matter the response, stay with her to the logical conclusion. Do not run away if her answer is either yes or no.


“The Tao of Badass” is an incredible book to read. It is informative with lots of helpful information. With it, you will be getting something that is a just blatant use of your common sense. Once you start applying the techniques, you will be amazed at how you have changed. You will certainly never see people in the same way after reading and internalizing the content.

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  • Johnson says:

    Amazing tips and advice. My sex appeal has grown so much, but I have a girlfriend now. Can’t recommend it enough

  • Tyrrell says:

    This article is so awesome which gives a step wise technique to approach, seduce and take ladies home with you. I modeled myself to being the guy that attracts all women.picking up girls attracting them and tips to turn them are given here which i applied wisely.and now i have become expert on it.

  • Paul W. Davis says:

    Body language and knowing your limits are the two most important tenets of this guide, at least In my opinion. I also love the level of honesty that comes with this guide. I definitely recommend it because all the techniques are based on common sense, and not on some cheap tricks. Be aware that you have to completely apply yourself to this program in order for it to work.

  • Joseph says:

    This is a great article and the product has amazing reviews. I can personally vouch for this since it was recommended to me by some of my friends.
    I am yet to try this, but am excited to!

  • Daniel says:

    I was awkward in my youth. I was also a late bloomer. Not a good combination. it messed with my confidence. I struggled in the relationship field until I came across this product. If you follow the instructions it works like a charm. I ‘ve started meeting more girls than ever before.

  • Rose says:

    Think of attraction. Think of a strong connection like nothing you have ever seen. This is what is contained in the inner parts of this guide. It is more than a trainer helping you understand how to do some great things. I have used the guide and found myself do things that I never thought that I could do. Very clear and well explained making it very easy to follow.

  • Steve says:

    To tell you the truth, I never wanted a serious relationship and just wanted to get as many dates as possible. And this is exactly what I got with the help of the program 😉

  • Designer says:

    The Tao of Badass is a famous step-by-step system for picking up girls that is proven to work for anyone. Regardless of age, looks or how inexperienced you are around women.
    So if you’re suffering from approach anxiety, find it difficult to initiate conversation, and struggle to get women to come back home with you, then this might be the solution.

  • Jason Lentz says:

    And now i am the badass. I am that guy that people will be talking about. I have the ability to get any woman. This is what i have always wanted.

  • John Wells says:

    You’ll learn exactly what women are attracted to so that you can model yourself on becoming ‘that guy’ who gets all the women. Relationship advice is discussed in great detail.

  • Tracy Mundt says:

    Overall, there is plenty of value in the members section, and you can post questions and chat to other people who have bought the product and discuss the different ideas and techniques.

  • Gary Kimball says:

    This helps to highlight the importance of fulfilling your male gender role because if you don’t, you risk falling into the ‘nice guy’ category, or worse, being friend-zoned.

  • Archie says:

    It’s a great name. Let’s face it: The Tao of Badass is one heck of a terrific name for a site, especially one aimed at guys wanting to adopt new ways of becoming more ‘manly’ and getting their girls! It’s a beautiful blend of zen-like mysticism (Tao) and a tough attitude (Badass).

  • Lewis says:

    The Tao Of Badass, basically a sort of evangel of those men who want to become successful with women. You will have to put a lot of effort into changing your habits and into improving your personality. If you are not willing to change yourself, it is worthless spending money on the program because it will simply not work.

  • Marlon says:

    I think the blueprint for developing unshakable confidence is one of the best parts of the book and I’d buy it for this information alone.

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