The Obsession Formula Review: What makes women obsess over you?

The Obsession Formula

 Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have girls chasing and actively trying to seduce you? If you have never experienced this, you are missing out on the world.


The Obsession Formula Review


The obsession formula is a pdf eBook written by Adam Lyons and this is the comprehensive review we have prepared for you.

In the world of sex and psychology, there have been researchers who have explored the mind and the way that people think in reaction to sex. This has brought about an understanding in the way that women think.

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It is known through research conducted that most women think about sex a lot of the time. They have a remarkable mind that is known for fantasizing and making up possible scenarios of sexual encounters with men. Specifically, one man in particular.

The Obsession is the title that is given to this one man that a woman looks at and starts to fantasize. This is the man that they would run to the ends of the earth with. It may not be because of physical appearance but other reasons too.



The Code Has Been Deciphered

 Adam cracked this code with The Obsession Formula when he found out ways to make you her obsession. This way, she can be bold enough to chase you down and seduce you shamelessly because she finds you irresistible.

This book has been rated by critics to be very effective in its working and you will find it useful even more if you have good social skills. For example, you can talk to women without panicking or being overly nervous. But even if you are a nervous guy, it works.

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You have to admit that if this is true, you are looking at a life of fun and games and unbridled passions running wild because you did the right thing. So, without wasting any ink, we move on to the next step. And from the reviews consumers have left behind, we can say this is not a scam.



What the Book Is

 Think of it as a manual. If it were to have another simpler title, it would be labeled ‘dating for dummies’. Do not mistake that label for a simple book to be read by fools or anything. It is just that of the book was to be written in psychology jargon, you wouldn’t get it.


The Obsession Formula Review 2


You see, Adam Lyon took the science of psychology and blended it with social skills to make this. He then inserted the scenarios and explanations that make this a gem to be had at all costs. I mean, we have all met the self-help books that are written in scientific language that we just can’t get.

So, we can safely say that this is a science book that is designed for all of us who want to get the promises that Adam has so graciously promised, without going through the hassle of wondering what some words mean. So, let’s get on with the review to see what is in store for us.


A Sneak Peek into the Book

 This book contains the secrets that can be used by both women and men to enhance their relationships and make them better and easier to everyone. The contents of this book are more detailed than what this review can offer but a sneak peek is in order.


  1. Temptation Fantasy

 This is one of the fantasies that he has included in his book. This one will work by getting her to be the temptress. You will observe the changes that turn her into a sex machine that wants just you.

Tempting woman in white lingerie

She will be all for getting you to be with her. It turns her confident and lusting side on.


  1. The Phrasing

Imagine looking at a girl and saying something silly like ‘Corn puffs’ but in a certain way that makes her get all over you and literally seduces you heavily while touching every part of you at the same time.

Young couple in love

Well, Adam in this eBook will show you how to do just that and be dangerous to the ladies.


  1. Chasing/Pursuit Fantasy

You may be tired of chasing girls around and getting rejected by 90% of them. It’s your turn to get them to chase you now and this chasing fantasy method will do the trick. They will literally pursue you and drop hints for you all around.

Man with girlfriend reading the map

This one is drawn from the story of Cleopatra.

  1. Amplify Arousal

Who wouldn’t want their crush to be extra horny around them? Adam has included in this eBook the subtle moves that you can employ to achieve this. They are clearly outlined and they include the different ways that you can use on different women.

man and sexy woman in ecstasy of love


  1. The Devotion Fantasy

 By drawing parallels to the story of Helen of Troy, you will get the picture here. This will make the woman you’re and yours alone. She will cross mountains and swim oceans just to be with you. She will start a third world war if it the price she has to pay to get you.


The Amazing Features of This eBook


  1. Simplicity

Who doesn’t want to get schooled while grasping everything they are taught? The problem with most of the solutions to our simple problems is that they come with hard to understand instructions. In his book, Adam has made sure that the reader will have no problem understanding the concepts. The consumers’ reviews attest to that fact.


  1. Its Scientific

 We all hate when people come up with ideas based on rumor and myth. It is confusing and annoying. Adam has derived his concepts from real life events, psychology, and science that included studying the reaction of women.


  1. It’s Well Structured

The steps are outlined in an easy to follow the way that will ensure you progress with the best level of expertise. The problem with having a manual that is not well structured is that it does not help much but serves to drag your game down. That is why you will need to have a book that you can depend on to get you there properly.


The Author

Adam Lyons is a relationships coach who discovered the secret to making yourself desirable to women and how to capitalize on that without making a fool of yourself.

He has experience in the field has been in the shoes of those who never got anything in the relationships department. He spent most of his life going through life without any girlfriends and then he read “The Game” by Neil Strauss.

It changes the way he perceived women and when he looked into the neuro-linguist nature and thoughts of women, he discovered the niche. He is ranked as one of the top seduction experts in the world. So, when he says that he knows what he is talking about, you’d do well to believe him and buy the book.


The Principles of the Book

The principle of Attraction– These include the things that you do, say or believe in and they can make someone obsessed with you before you even say a word. Some people may be attractive when talking to a group but when face to face, you’ll find they change.

Formula– Adam teaches the formula of the following values in their order:

  • Comfort
  • Rapport
  • Qualification
  • Sexual escalation
  • Attraction

These are the steps and when used in that order, they work like magic.

The What– He calls it My Frame and it is the inner understanding of what attracts us to other people and vice versa. When you understand yourself, you can know what is suitable for you and what is not.

Entourage– This one is the most obvious. Let’s say that you keep a company of beautiful women. This makes you appear more attractive and will attract other women to you. It works by the method of association. You are the company that you keep.

These and other methods are what makes the pdf eBook so popular and regarded as an authority in the world of dating and it has worked for many people. Adam has worked with many celebrities and other people as a personal coach to turn them into hot desirable magnets.

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This has made him popular. In this review that we have compiled from consumer reviews, we advocate that you buy eBook. It is not a scam like most of the other books that litter the internet. This review shows that.


The Pros

The eBook has the following merits that distinguish it from the other books which explore the same topics.

  • The book has techniques that are rooted in reality. The author has used the techniques on multiple people and watched the reactions. Therefore, they are all viable and proven to work. This makes the book a path to be trusted.
  • The book is easily found online. This makes it simple when you are trying to access it. You only need to go to the internet, search for it and order after paying. You can get it as a soft copy instantly and start reading.
  • Another good thing about this book is that the contents are scientifically accurate. The author did research on the causes that lead a woman to be obsessed by someone and the conclusions that he came to are all provable by science.
  • Structure and arrangement of this book make it easy to follow and apply in real life. You will be able to get everything easily because it is arranged in a manner that is meant to make you grow progressively without being complex.
  • The author is an expert. Adam has been ranked several times by magazines that are recognized worldwide. He has the best ratings among some of the higher up circles in the world of relationship coaching.
  • The book teaches people neuro- linguistic styles and principles that are easy to apply and can change even the timidest and geeky of people into seductive and very admirable beings. These are the results of psychology and social skills all combined to form this one deadly skill.
  • The Consumer reviews have only good things to say about his book. Adam has enjoyed success due to the fact that his methods work and the numerous fans that adore his work can attest to that as seen in consumer reviews on the internet.
  • The book has a money back guarantee where you can get every penny that you paid for the book back if it fails to work.


The Con

  • The only thing that you will find a bit challenging is if you cannot access the internet to get the book.
  • Also, you may want to have some experience of talking to people without being overly nervous first. Nothing too daring, just a simple greeting and friendly banter will do.


In Conclusion 

This book as seen in this review is very comprehensive and easy to understand. It has helped thousands of people get to where they are in the world of dating. This makes it a must have for your shelf. Do not hesitate to buy this pdf book because it has proven that it is not a scam.


Learn The Obsession Formula – once you apply these techniques, her mind won’t be able to stop thinking about you!




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