The Monogamy Method Review: What Makes Him Want To Be Only Yours?

How do you really know if the guy you’ve been dating so far is “playing the field” with you? How can you make sure whether he is a contender or a pretender?

Often women pass through this so-called commitment phobia. Most women overlook the infidelity trait of men. They get shocked when they find the guy she is dating has kept his options open.

This not so faithful behavior and commitment-shy nature of men towards women makes the relationships more bitter.

As a result, this becomes tougher for women to interpret the relationship signals.

When love and passion enter any relationship, there is a certain sense of heightened emotions. But men will be men and do not easily get ready to commit to any relationship.

So if you are in a relationship, you need to ask yourself a few questions like:

Am I dating a contender or a pretender?”

Is he ready to commit or has kept options open?”

If the guy you are dating is committed to you, he will surely express his love. He will be more towards you and won’t have eyes for other women.

But on the flip side, if he is just pretending, he will play safe. As a result, he will refrain himself from any type of commitment.

It has become very difficult to find a man who is honest and committed. In most of the divorce cases, men have been regarded as the disloyal partner when it comes to relationships.

So a question might be arising in your mind (as it lingered over mine also) which is:

“How to deal with this anti-commitment and infidelity issues of man?”

“How do you know the actual truth behind man’s so-called committed relationship?”

If you really want to know the truth (just like me), then The Monogamy Method” e-book by Jason Rogers and Samantha Sanderson, can do wonders for you

The Monogamy Method

The widely acclaimed e-book is a boon for thousands of unsatisfied women who are looking to get a commitment response from their loved one.  The women in a relationship want nothing but only wish for a committed partner.

But due to the pretending commitment nature of men, women often wonder,

Why men tend to be unfaithful when they are in a relationship?”

The answer to all those infidelity relations questions is “The Monogamy Method”. It’s a complete “how-to” guide on getting your beau committed to only you, physically and emotionally.

Access The Monogamy Method Today, And Make Him Want To Be With You And Only You Once And For All!

What exactly is “The Monogamy Method”?

“The Monogamy Method” is a relationship program intended for women to find happiness in their relationships.

It’s basically a complete step-by-step guide to help women keep “the one” interested and loyal in a relationship for as long as it takes. In the book, both Jason Rogers and Samantha Sanderson teaches women how to get any men committed to you.

monogamy-method-review-new3It reveals some hidden and scientifically proven, simple secrets that have the power to make any man change his ways and shower affection, love, and loyalty that you want in your relationship. The book intelligently guides women on,

“How to get your men committed to you emotionally and physically for the rest of your life?”

As a result of this book, you’ll see the difference and your guy will be totally devoted to you with a strong desire to get into a long-term committed relationship.

Even I was very skeptical about my boyfriend not ready to commit our relationship which was 5 years old. Many times, I felt that he is just pretending to be in a relationship and always have an eye for other women.

Then one of my close friends recommended me “The Monogamy Method” book and I was like,

“How the book can change a man’s commitment towards the relationship”?

She insisted me a lot to give a try and I decided to go for it. Trust me, the level of magic this book can do in your relationship, in terms of your partner’s commitment, is unbeatable.

The book lived up to my expectations on getting man committed to you with some of the hidden and proven scientific secrets that you’ve to deploy.

I tell you this, it’s not simply a book rather it’s an extensive relationship program designed by experts that involve scientifically proven techniques to conquer a man.

How does “The Monogamy Method” work?

Jason Rogers’s book is based on the study conducted by the German scientists on men who are in a relationship. The researchers found that the hormone oxytocin, which is a bonding hormone, plays an important role in a relationship.

It tends to affect emotions especially in men & this is where “The Monogamy Method” will help you. This program will smartly teach you unique techniques that will help you manipulate the oxytocin in your man’s brain and take control of his emotions.

Once you take control of his emotions, he is all yours & will not be able to think of any other woman because of the fact that he is already connected to you emotionally, physically and mentally.

The program is a comprehensive guide on how to take charge of your man’s oxytocin to make him commit to you, forever and ever. And he will never ever keep his options open for other women in his life.

This is the reason as many times, oxytocin, is also popularly known as the “Monogamy” hormone.  Once you take complete control of it, your man will be monogamous forever.

What do you get?

“The Monogamy Method” is a complete digital platform which means that you’ll be getting a downloadable e-book in the PDF format. Once you complete the purchase, you’ll receive full and immediate access the book along with other bonus perks.

You get the Monogamy method e-book as well as the audio version which you can download it your desktop, laptop, tablet or any type of smart phone. Aside from the main Monogamy method, you’ll also get instant access to several bonus programs like:

  • Love Of His Life Community
  • The Instant Infatuation Formula
  • How To Read A Man’s Mind
  • The Chemistry Of Love
  • 101 Ways To Be His Romantic Obsession

And many other bonuses, all dedicated to a happier relationship.


  • An easy to follow set of steps to help you turn your partner loyal and nurture your relationship with him in a healthy way.
  • The book gives you an assurance that you will always be right in the relationship.
  • It teaches you how to make the man worship you.
  • Backed by some of the proven scientific facts and profound research that add a lot of credibility to this course.
  • In-depth information of pro tips and tricks by Jason Rogers to make your man committed to only you, along with some other bonus courses.
  • The advice and secrets shared in the book have already worked for many and will surely work for you.
  • The book reveals the most important information on how to take control of man’s monogamy or oxytocin hormone and make him completely committed to you forever.
  • The guide is for women of all ages and relives the biggest fear of women dating a commitment-shy guy.
  • Jason Rogers offers a 60-day full refund guarantee if you find that book is not for you and didn’t show positive results for you within that time-frame.


  • You have to stick to the program to see the benefits. You will not see the results overnight and you must read all the material and then apply it.
  • The program is only available online which means you cannot get it in a book store.
  • This is not intended for women looking for casual dating. It’s for those who are looking for long-term relationship commitment from their partners.
  • If you are a lazy & impatient woman, this program is not for you as it requires a lot of concentration and focused mind.

The Monogamy Method – Final Review:

Overall from my personal genuine review about the book, I feel that Jason Rogers’ Monogamy Method is a must-have for you if you are looking for a long lasting real relationship with your man.

It’s no hidden secret that all women wish for nothing more than to have a relationship with men who are loyal and committed to them.

This book beautifully guides you towards the journey of making your man completely committed to you physically, emotionally and mentally. The relationship program makes use of some proven scientific techniques and research which makes it even more credible.

Jason Rogers amazingly teaches you how to identify the faithfulness and loyalty of your partner. The program will completely transform your life by giving you a committed, loving and caring partner.

I can assure that if you follow this program thoroughly, you are surely going to be happy forever with the man you love.

Well, this is it for this true and practical review of “The Monogamy Method” by Jason Rogers. Hope this review is helpful to you in deciding whether you should take this program or not.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t read any more reviews and let your man pledge his heart, body, mind, and soul to you forever.

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The Monogamy Method Review: What Makes Him Want To Be Only Yours?
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