The Man: Alpha Up Review: The One Thing To Attract All Women?

Become the alpha male that all the girls want!

Writing this review about The Man: Alpha Up by Baden Maxwell was not easy. Admitting that I was not an alpha is difficult for me. No man wants to recognize he is not man enough, or at least as much as he would like.

Before getting to this amazing guide, I was a pretty regular guy. Athletic body, nice guy, and it’s not like I had a problem getting the girls. The problem was making them stay. They would always leave for another guy, even guys are uglier than me. Couldn’t understand why.

After going through the guide and following Baden’s advice for some months, something changed. Now, I just have to make them stay, they come by themselves.

Success guaranteed

I can hear one of you complaining that we can’t say it will work with every woman. But that´s highly debatable. Since we are born, we are taught certain roles and expectations that make people more, or less, attractive.

If you can tackle this, and work it in your favor, you will have success with any woman you want. The first things you will notice are:

  • Less self-consciousness, more domain
  • What makes you attractive to them
  • Your masculinity coming taking over
  • Alpha body language and behavior
  • Girls feeling more comfortable and safe with you

These are just the first results you will see in the beginning. Everything gets exponentially better as you progress in the course and practice more and more.

The secret for women

As I mentioned before in the review, I was not ugly, nor did I struggle to get dates. My problem was that they all left me for other guys.

This started to become a constant in dating, and I wondered what was wrong with me. I started doing some research on different approaches:

  • Science
  • Mystical
  • Psychological
  • Sociological

Whatever would help me understand whatever was going on.

Too specialized

When I found interesting information, it was very specialized or repetitive:

  • You need to have good manners
  • Treat her parents well
  • Be a gentleman

Or they have the advice to attract a certain kind of woman so that it limits your field of action.

Regardless, I did follow their advice and I could see it had the desired effect. It all went well until there was no second date, not even first date sex.

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Books on flirting

I stumbled across a book that gave all the advice on flirting and how to use NLP like skills to charm women.

It was alright and all but it was a little psycho, so I had to drop even though it is very popular.

Other books I found insisted more and more about courteous, etc. I know this is important, but it’s called manners!

All the advice was not updated to our times I would say. However, when I came across the concept of Alpha Male, I understood one thing: This is ageless

Alpha Male

An Alpha Male judged by two main things

  • His appearance
  • The attitude towards the world

The latter being the most important since it affects every part of your life and how you relate to the world.

An Alpha Male is confident and strong and can transmit these values to people around him. The Alpha Male:

  • Provides a sense of security
  • Domains space with his presence
  • Has to control his emotions
  • Is ultimately the man every woman wants to marry.

Connect the dots

Think about it. The women who want to be with losers, do you want to be with them? No! Do you know who ends up with them? Losers! You are not one of them.

Because of biological and sociological reasons, women looking for a man that will take care of them and their children. The sense of security turns them on and makes them more fertile. Just imagine what you can do if you know how to play this in your favor.

Now, the fact that this happens on a biological level, doesn’t mean that all women will want to marry you. Some girls are not ready or don’t want, especially now. However, you touch the attraction core and can make them feel at ease and safe with you.

Through The Man: Alpha Up, I learned how to become this figure in an attractive way rather than a family way. After doing this, I started to get a lot of attention from girls.

The old and the new

You see, it is about mixing the old stuff that our parents did. However, they did it to get married, that was the goal. You mix this with the new things, to give that sense of security and allow them to be however they want to be.

Also, this brings out the virile side of you, generating more testosterone and pheromones that make girls go crazy for you.

After you read the guide, my Alpha side started to awaken and changes to happen.

Stabilizing stage

Please be aware that, especially if you are far from being Alpha, there will be a stage where you will have to adjust to your new life.

It all happens so fast, sometimes it is difficult to deal with the changes:

  • Dealing with girls hitting on you
  • Adjusting to people treating you in a better way
  • Even dealing with harassment

Not only men harass women, but it also happens the other way around. When a woman wants you, she will go after you without a doubt.

All of these are things that you will learn to handle with time. As you practice The Man: Alpha Up, follow its advice and allow the Alpha in you to take charge, you will be better at handling them.

We all have it

Being an Alpha, as I learned in the guide, is not about being the biggest guy. Alpha is a way of living:

  • Self-reliance
  • Self-confidence
  • Dominating a room
  • Guiding a conversation
  • Generating emotions and feelings

Only a true Alpha can do this, but with The Man: Alpha Up, I learned that every man has this. It can take time for some, others will have it in the blink of an eye. Regardless, we all can achieve this and this guide walks you through it.

Not for the weak minded

At the end of the day, you need to get out there and take action. If you stay reading all day, afraid, then you won’t see any changes or improvement.

Make the decision now to leave your life of fear, and making yourself less, behind. You are an Alpha male and it’s time to act like one.

Once I was done with the guide, in some months I didn’t even have to look back. It all becomes second nature, and you can pass it on. My brother had it for his birthday.

It’s for every male

Baden created a road map to reconnect with your masculinity and bring it to the world. Not everyone can be a Canadian Lumberjack, being masculine comes in different ways.

For some, it’s the entrepreneur, for others it’s being a jock, others seek adventure, etc. Regardless of which style suits you, you can only find out after you reconnect with that side. It’s time to make the decision and become the man you are supposed to be.

We all have the hunter gene in us, we all want to conquer and feel that triumph. So, regardless of how intelligent or not you are, you are still a man!

It’s more common than you think

For many different reasons, men can disconnect from their masculinity:

  • Dominant mother
  • Neglecting physical strength
  • Complicated or bad work career
  • Sense of inferiority

This happens a lot, especially these days, but you can reconnect and become the alpha that you want. Many men are actually doing it, there are many support groups that also promote The Man: Alpha Up. Find their reviews online.

Get the girl

I have been going out with a girl for a while now, but my brother is getting married soon. Because he also became an Alpha, the girl he wanted accepted to marry him and she’s crazy for the guy.

Regardless of your final goal: Hooking up, like me, or getting married, like my brother. There are women for every occasion and you will learn how to crack that code and get them for yourself.

At the same time, while you become better at getting girls, you will also resemble more the man you are supposed to be. I have a friend whose life was a mess:

  • Hated his job
  • Girls didn’t want him
  • Lived in a mess
  • Didn’t take care of himself

After reconnecting with his virile side, he got the girls and got his life together.

Final thoughts

A man is a man regardless of age, you are still on time even if you are 90. No sexy woman wants to go out with a bum or a good for nothing.

If you want the hot fun girl, you need to be the man she would want to have. Once that happens, you will be good to go.

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The Man: Alpha Up Review: The One Thing To Attract All Women?
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