The Magnetic Personality Formula Review: Get Them All Interested

The Magnetic Personality Formula Review

When I was researching on charisma, I found that we have leaders who have an inherent ability to grasp and appeal the masses.  My attention then shifted to a trait that men have been seeking since time immemorial: the ability to attract women.

I stumbled on the eBook, The Magnetic Personality Formula and my perception changed. I had always thought I had to use the following to win over women:

  • Voodoo
  • Love portions
  • Classy dressing
  • Flashy cars
  • Pheromones

Love potion

The truth of the matter is that ensnaring the modern exquisite female is not easy. Unless you have the Magnetic Personality Formula, you will find that the women will be slipping off your fingers as you stare.

Did you know that you can be a women magnet? For you to switch from a beta masculine to an alpha male, you will need the magic formula.

The beta masculine vs. the alpha male

It is better to have a review of what each one the personalities are. The beta male appears inferior in the way they project themselves. They are stressed snobs with fidgety nature and will not a lead in anything.

Enter the alpha male and the scene changes. This is the guy who initiates and takes a lead in the social scene. He knows how to press the right buttons in the presence of women.

The must-have attributes of the alpha male. If you want to win over women in your life, you will need to possess certain attributes which will help you to win over women effortlessly:

  • Have a sense of humour
  • Self -assurance or sense of confidence
  • Be full of vitality
  • Being yourself

man with three adoring girls

Patrick James, the author of The Magnetic Personality Formula has given the male species a lifeline that is far much better than the hundreds of self –help books we make reviews of every day.

Being a male magnet is something they can learn and apply it daily.



It is not a scam

I have read many reviews and can confirm that this is a legit program that is designed to help men become alluring to the women in their lives.

As long as you devote your time and energy, you will be amazed at how you will easily be transformed from a beta to an alpha man with all the desirable attributes that women look for.


The Magnetic Personality Formula Review


How to become the most interesting person in less than 10 seconds

Let me tell you how I became an alpha male in just less than 10 seconds. I was always this boring snob of a guy who always stayed away from the conversation with friends.

There were always hot looking girls huddling in the club but I always sipped my beer silently as I watched them burst in laughter at their incessant jokes. I felt queer, odd even. They did not even look in my direction.

drinking beer


I had no social skill, so no game plan could help me become the centre of attraction. Maybe I was not interesting at all. I was a miserable jerk who drowned my sorrows in the beer at hand. Then I began thinking: how could I become interesting in my demeanour, mannerism and projection?  Was there a way I could become an instant magnet?

The Magnetic Personality Formula review by Patrick couldn’t have come at a better time. I could not put the e-book down the instant I started reading it. Some of the social ideas it exposed me to include:

  • Winning friends easily
  • Attracting as many women as I wanted
  • Become the centre of attraction and dominate conversation in a room
  • Take the shortest time to be an alpha

I went back to the same club and sat in my favourite position, sipping my beer as usual. The usual suspect was in the same room. Being familiar faces, they greeted me and took their spots as usual. I knew my lines well. listened.

I was beginning to enjoy my new found power. I did not make stupid lines or good. Everyone instantly attracted to me. The girls drooled and for the first time in my life became the women magnet.

How to benefit from this review

There is nothing wrong with you if you are not yet socially successful. The women will start looking for you if you use this guide wisely. It is a social hack of some sort. The author of e-Book has catered for all the aspects of being an alpha male.

When you get the power, you will be amazed at how all the spheres of your life will change. You will:

  • Have an upper hand in your relationships
  • Succeed in the work place
  • Be the subject of interest

Explanation of the alpha male

Women can tell an alpha male from a distance. This is the kind of m who knows what he wants.

friends checking out the boys

He analyzes the social situation and works it to his advantage. If he has flaws, he does not direct the attention to them. Instead, he builds on his strong points. He watches his body language a lot.

He will not fidget, throw glances around the room. The alpha male, according to the review of the Magnetic Personality Formula, uses non-verbal communication to send out social cues.


The Magnetic Personality Formula Review 2


No need to taut your manliness

This is where the beta masculine differs from the alpha male. The former tries to seize the social environment by projecting their strong physical attributes. As I have gathered from this program, all that I needed to win women was to groom myself and have cool composure.

The confidence would be the trump card to have girls coming to me. Men without confidence repel the girls because these men are perceived to have esteem issues. When you mentally and physically prepared, there will be no challenge that will be insurmountable.

Social skills

There are social skills that you must have in order to be a women magnet. Apart from your image, laugh a lot and be relaxed. The ladies will be drawn to you and you will not have to work extra hard to impress.

Have an aura of authority

A man who is in charge of situations in his life will be spot on. Generally speaking, you will need not only to be accountable but also appear to make decisions in your life. The person is assertive and follows his goals and objectives.

man smiling

You can tell from far if a man has an authority from the way he directs his life. You don’t have to be born this way but you can cultivate this trait and be the kind of man women are looking for.


My research on the subject of hypergamy led me to the understanding that women are drawn to men of high social status and have a higher earning power. They want partners who are not only virile but have the desirable genes to sire with them offspring.

Besides, they want men with a high reputation. If you read the review of the book, you will learn all the tricks that you need to project the image while working towards achieving the goals of the higher ideals.

You do not have a high earning power; you only need to covertly project this power and the rest will follow.

Features of the program

The following are the features of this program

  • It is a product that is designed to help men become male magnets by influencing their personalities.
  • Step by step guide on the traits which you need to cultivate to become an alpha male instead of a weak beta.
  • A secret formula which will help you work out and become successful with friends and women.
  • Cash back guarantee within 60 days.
  • Smart design which makes it attractive to the user
  • High usability
  • Greater user experience and customer satisfaction
  • It is confidential
  • Has a high level of  reliability compared to others


There is every reason why you should buy this program.


There is no denying the fact that the product helps you to break the barriers to succeeding with women and earn more friends. Unlike the other self-help books, this one delivers on its promise to deliver you the alpha male in you.

It will take you the shortest time to have women drool over.

bridesmaids holding groom

Ease of use

Whilst other programs are complicated to use, this one is designed in an easy to use way. You will be able to follow all the simple instructions or social cues that you need.

 Money-back guarantee

The author has such confidence in the program that in the event, things don’t work out as anticipated in 60 days; you will get all the cash back.

Makes you the better person

On the overall, you will find that this program will make you a better person. It builds on your personality, eliminating the flaws while at the same time enhancing your strong points.

You no longer have to worry about low self -esteem, lack of commanding presence, better looks or financial position.

Handsome man wear black suit

Secure purchase

For those who want to have this product, the online purchase is secure. You will not have to worry about losing your money through fraud.

The cons

Though there are many positive reviews of the product, there are some disadvantages as well.


Those who have sought the product found it to be rather expensive. It is not available in stores in hard copy. Since it is only accessible in the form of downloads, there is no reason why it should be expensive.

It can be made into many copies online and be easily availed to the buyers at a fraction of the current cost.

The second disadvantage has got to do with the fact that it is not available in various formats such as DVDs, audio files or the print version. Those without an internet connection will not benefit from it.

Thirdly, the success of the program will largely depend on the personality. If you have not resolved to follow it through, it will not work for you.

The program creates the impression that you can find a short-cut to women’s heart. Those who go for it with this mentality will be disappointed. All the same, the product has a high rating among the users.

One of the strongest attributes of the product is that it has product gravity of 0.0. This means that the product has sold several times over. The high gravity value is one strong aspect of the product.

Conclusion and recommendation

If you are looking for ways to become women magnet, sound interesting to others and be more macho, this is the best program for you. It is informative and unleashes the power to help you become more attractive, authoritative and likable. You no longer have to strain to impress, suffer social lows and be ignored. Becoming successful by influencing others to like you is within reach as long as you are armed with the best program in the market. I highly recommend it.

You no longer have to strain to impress, suffer social lows and be ignored. Becoming successful by influencing others to like you is within reach as long as you are armed with the best program in the market. I highly recommend it.

Get The Magnetic Personality Formula here and start being the center of attention in any room you go to, instead of being on the outside!

The Magnetic Personality Formula Review: Get Them All Interested
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