The Magic Of Making Up Review: What’s The Secret To Making Up?

In life, one must allow for both the good and the bad. True success remains elusive if you deny one by chasing preference for the other. Life is not controlled. It is lived. Love and relationships are two of life’s greatest gifts. However, their existence means the possibility of arguments and breakups is also very much present.

When that occurs, is there a secret to making up? A special formula? Yes, there is. At least according to the creator of the product up for review today. T Dub Jackson is his name. The Magic Of Making Up is the program he has created to address this need.

T Dub Jackson

T Dub is a relationship coaching expert and a best-selling author. He has appeared on a number of radio and television shows. He has also written a number of articles for various relationship websites and blogs. Girl Gets Ring is his other popular relationship on how to guide. He co-authored it with Jonathan Green.

The Magic Of Making Up

The Magic Of Making Up

The Magic Of Making Up is a breakup relationship help guide. Both women and men are their target audience. The goals of the program are:

– Help you understand why the breakup happened.
– Determine whether the relationship is worth fighting for.
– Show you how not to lose yourself in a breakup.
– What steps to take to get your partner back.
– How to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.
– Knowing when it is time to move on.

This is a completely digital program. The book is short and comprehensive. It has eight chapters. Those chapters are:

1. Understanding Why Your Relationship Ended
2. Don’t Panic
3. Removing the Splinter
4. Re-Igniting the Spark
5. Dates and Lovers
6. Easing Back Into Your Relationship
7. Maintaining Fun and Love
8. When Your Relationship Can’t Be Saved

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Chapter Summary

The Magic Of Making Up Summary

1. Understanding Why Your Relationship Ended

The first thing to figure out when a relationship ends is why. This chapter shows you how to get the heart of the real issue. You cannot salvage a relationship or effectively move on without knowing this.

2. Don’t Panic

it is tough to break up with someone you care about. Many tend to panic. Panicking is counterproductive. This chapter shows you how to catch your breath. To take a moment to process what is happening.

3. Removing the Splinter

The why behind the breakup may be real and valid. This chapter takes you through exercises similar to a pros and cons list. You will learn whether you should let the relationship go or get it back.

4. Re-Igniting the Spark

Breakups mess up more than just the relationship. Sitting around feeling sorry for yourself does not help the situation get better or you. This chapter shows you how not to give up on yourself.

5. Dates and Lovers

Getting back onto the dating scene is tough. You are not going to want to do it. This chapter says that you must. It will also show you how. It also addresses the muddy waters of rebound relationships.

6. Easing Back Into Your Relationship

This chapter covers what you and do and do not do when reuniting with the ex. This is definitely a tricky area for many.

7. Maintaining Fun and Love

The worst thing couples can do after getting back together is to bring up the past. A past they both have supposedly forgiven. This chapter fully addresses why you should leave past wrongs and hurts in the past. You will have no future if you do not.

8. When Your Relationship Can’t Be Saved

The final chapter helps you move on. T Dub provides guidance on a variety of relationship issues. However, not all relationships can be or should be saved. That being said, letting go is hard. This chapter shows you how to move on without sacrificing your dignity.

Program Tips and Techniques

The Magic Of Making Up tips and techinques

Following are the tips and techniques included in the above chapters.

The Fast Forward Technique

Couples break up for all sorts of varied reasons. In addition, what is an issue for one couple may not be to another and vice versa? The time it takes to heal a breakup depends on the severity of what caused it. That being said, the fast forward technique offers immediate relief. It does not resolve the breakup. Instead, it releases the mind-numbing emotional pain such events create.

Does he or she still care?

Breakups are not all cut and dry. Love and caring are still very much present in many of them. This program shows you how you can tell. Apparently, an ex who still cares for you leaves clues. This tip shows you exactly what to look for.

Dealing with other women

Need help fending off other women? This program shows you what tricks other women use to steal your great guy. Knowing these tricks allows you to counter their effects. You’ll also learn the main thing men want. They want this more than sex, food, man caves, and PlayStation.

Understanding why men leave

In line with the above, you’ll also learn why men leave. According to the program, it has nothing to with you growing older or putting on weight.

Understanding what women want

This program also reveals what women truly want. Men who ignore this one important thing leave the door wide open for a breakup. Shady men use this one thing to steal women away from better men.

Rebound Relationships

You will also learn an interesting fact about rebound relationships. A rebound relationship is the first relationship a man or woman enters after a break from a serious relationship. Their success rate is ten percent. This is good news for men or women who want their partners back.

The Clean Slate Technique

Use this technique if you are the one who made the mistake. The mistake that broke up your relationship or marriage.

The Breaking the Pattern Technique

The Breaking the Pattern Technique works with the clean slate technique. It shows you how to start over.The wrong that has been done still gets acknowledged. The combination of the two techniques simply provides a point from which healing can commence. You will also learn how to recapture lost romance.

The Magic Of Making Up the breaking the pattern technique


Apologies need to be timed right. This is so that the recipient can be heard and actually accept it. You will learn from this program when to say you are sorry for maximum effectiveness.

Mending Fences

Time can heal many things. However, too much time away from your love is not always a good idea. This program also shows you the quickest way back to your partner’s heart. Also into the mind and soul.

The Instant Reconnect Technique

This technique is controversial. It involves trickery. More specifically mind manipulation. Your ex’s mind is manipulated to think that you are still together.

Steps to Get Your Ex Back

The exact steps to get an ex-partner back are outlined in this program. You will learn what to say and exactly when to say it. Reviews show this is a popular section of the program. The steps have saved many relationships.

The Bonding Secret

You must work on your relationship every day to make them strong. However, it is easy to run out of ideas on how to build stronger bonds. A powerful method of bonding is revealed in this secret. have you heard of the Stockholm Syndrome? Where captives develop strong strange bonds with their captors. This is similar. So yes, it is also slightly controversial.


Sex is powerful. It can be used to build love. Sadly, it can also be used to break it down. Many think having sex will hasten reconciliation. Women, especially, rush having sex says, T Dub. This program shows you the right time to have sex when a breakup happens.


Breakups are emotional. Nutrition is linked to emotions. There are foods that balance emotions. There are foods that destroy the emotional balance. Of course, you will want to avoid the latter. This program shows you which foods those are.

The Fast Forward Technique

The fast forward technique works at a personal level. Breakups are not just about the other person. people in breakups should also work on themselves. This section covers among other things self-esteem, dieting and exercise. Things that negative feelings from breakups interfere with.

This program also includes tips and information on decision making and how to defuse future arguments before they begin or develop into breakups.

Money Back Guarantee

The Magic Of Making Up Moneyback- guarantee

T Dub is of the opinion that there is no situation too impossible to fix. He has loaded this program will comprehensive tips, techniques, secrets, and principles for every imaginable situation. Hundreds have found success.

However, he acknowledges that this might not be your experience. With that in mind, a solution is offered. Try the program risk-free. The program comes with a sixty-day, one hundred percent money back guarantee.

Request a refund within this time frame if you do not find success No questions will be asked.


The Magic Of Making Up

Numerous reviews and testimonials sing the praises of this book. Those who buy it are surprised that such a short book contains so much valuable information.

The program’s creator is a regular guy who wants to help you live a great life. Life is full of great relationships. He confesses that the information in this book is counter-intuitive. Some may even be a tad bit controversial. I say give it a chance. Breakups are tough enough. You do not have to go through them alone.

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4.8/5 - (16 votes)
  • Anna Fields says:

    My boyfriend and I had a terrible breakup, but I felt that it wasn’t over and that I needed to get him back. Believe it or not but my boss recommended this book to me. So, I got it and made what I thought it was impossible, we are back together and are very happy. Miracles do happen but always with the right tools, and The Magic Of Making Up is that tool.

  • Marc N. says:

    Here i found the best tips that anyone could ever think of. This is a guide that contains many relationship secrets that many people do not know about. I am very sure that there is so much that i am yet to learn from this program. It is so easy to implement the tips provided by the guide and the best part is that they really work. Not just working but effective within a short time.

  • Travis Smith says:

    Good to average advice overall. Some dangerous overly simplified advice puts the value of the rest of advice into question.Check the ranking of get your ex back advice for better options. To give you the best chance of getting your ex back we also suggest you learn the basics of being attractive with a beginner’s manual (e.g. Double your dating ebook).

  • Mildred Bennett says:

    There is no doubt that this is true magic. Everything about this system works like magic as the title indicates. That is why i believe in the system and i will continue using it. I also bought it at a very affordable price.

  • Anna Bratton says:

    The main idea of the e-book is to make you into a new person to get your ex back, over time and through effort. Your ex obviously isn’t going to just want back into a relationship that he wanted out of, so you’re going to have to better yourself and turn yourself into a new person so when you ask him on a date, it seems as if he’s getting a date from a new person.

  • Francis McDonald says:

    If you really want to make up with any of your partner i highly recommend this system. I have used it and i am pleased by how well it works. All the tips provided are simple to follow and works for sure.

  • Christopher Valencia says:

    Not saying I’m desperate for it to get my ex back, but in the in-depth review the guy showed some things like how to cope best after a break up, how to, when you KNOW you’re doing something to push him/her away but don’t know what to do, how to help that situation, and how to move on. Seems fairly useful. And a “fast-forward” technique to help with most anything.

  • Margaret Baker says:

    Speaking from experience, the Magic of Making Up hits this point on the head. It really is the key to getting your ex back in a way that will ensure your future relationship with them starts out on the right foot and is strong.

  • Guy Haynes says:

    Helps you to understand and to deal with your emotions. I feel it every time a woman gazes at me. And women feel it whenever a man gazes at them.

  • Earl Hodge says:

    It has saved tens of thousands of relationships all over the world in over 30 countries and has been heralded as the benchmark when it comes to relationship info products.

  • Shane says:

    They’re unbelievably attractive and you share an amazing chemistry. No matter what you’re doing together, you have fun. But something goes wrong.

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