The Language of Lust Review: What Does She Really Want To Hear?

Men and women now have a dire misconception about how sex, desire, and lust are mixed in today’s world. Feminists condone the males and the idea of sex. Every act towards lovemaking is considered as offensive and unwarranted. Religions take our passion away and ask people to abstain from lovemaking every time. This sounds subtly hypocritical, doesn’t it? Well, it does and it is.The Language of Lust

At least for Lawrence Lanoff, that seems to be the exact truth surrounding males, females, sex, and desire. In the video presented at The Language of Lust’s very own website, they greatly focus on the ability of men in the past. How they conquered and killed each other just to get laid, how they did not settle for just one woman, and so on.

Stick around for the review of The Language of Lust. What was the argument of Lawrence Lanoff? How does he plan to take the world back? Countless reviews have turned up over the internet and many of them failed to grasp the real idea. Other reviews were not as comprehensive as they should be. This review should help you understand the innate mental abilities of men.

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The Language of Lust’s very own website

The Argument – Women and their new found power

Well, let us admit it. First of all, history has its own flanks and unsuccessful attempts at empowering people. Second, men were powerful and women were weak. The males had great dominance over females and women were objects of passion. Of course, this got women from all over the world stringing up themselves, buckling up, and fighting the world of the men 20 centuries later.

This caused women to take up arms and rally one another. All of a sudden, certain groups of women transformed into different types of superheroines like Wonderwoman and Catwoman all at the same. Everyone had a lasso and everyone had a shield or they had super long claws to rip your mouth and genitals apart.

Women acted to repulse men and their deeds. (mostly for being dicks). As a result, those who did not yield to this newfound power proceeded into the shadows, causing them to chicken out of the fight.

Well, no one can really blame the female supremacists. Men battered women and made fun of them. They passed them around like butter around the table for men to play with. Men treated them like rags; after they have used them, they just throw them away.

Women now try to make men pay for their misdeeds. To our surprise, they really did succeed. Still, history is history. These women don’t give a dime what you say. They have a mission and so should you.

The Language of Lust The Argument

The Solution – live in subtle revenge

Lawrence Lanoff presents the solution when you get the book – to live harmoniously with the powerful women by dealing with their mentality. However, the author secretly regards this as his revenge against man’s downfall. Lakoff believes it’s time men got their important dominance back over women back in a very subtle way.

Surprisingly, The internet presents something that does not involve rape, drugs, and getting drunk. Lanoff presents fiddling with women’s mentality. You realize how hard that is, right? Lakoff makes it sound so easy. He also explains why women say “no” while they actually say “yes.” Hence, the book promises great things if you buy it. You can get women to beg you for affection and attention even if you’re not Brad Pitt, Justin Bieber or any other pop star.

The Language of Lust teaches you how to not fumble around with women with a book full of tricks and secrets to the mind of a woman. It involves bringing your mettle to the test and hooking up with every girl out there: No matter what race, age, class, or inclination on feminism. You will succeed.

The promise of Language of Lust

What can you see in the book?

The book contains, more or less, 33 very critical tips for men to get their testosterone levels up without the use of steroids. It gives an extremely relevant focus on men who cannot hold their own around women – men who are nice, nerdy, broke, fat, or downright below average. It can prove that you have the innate power to stir conversations and get any girl you want, anytime.



The Language of Lust What can you see in the book

The Teachings of The Master

The book teaches you the important and relevant techniques and as nerds will put it, skill tree advancements like the following:

  • Emotional Revenge Method. Use women’s emotions against them. You let the woman open up more and you make her feel that you are the bank of her emotions. As such, you have her feeling safe with you and that is very important to get her wanting you.
  • The Kink Exposure. You get women to expose their deepest darkest desires. Giving you the most important edge over them.
  • Sexual Singularity. Nope, you don’t fire off balls of intense gravity with this one. You use powerful words to get women feeling appreciated and wanted.
  • Lust Mirror. This technique allows you to efficiently transfer and amplify your erotic feelings to women. If you like it, she will like it even more so.
  • Pavlov’s Panty Drencher. Turn women into powerful lust zombies for you. Seriously, you can get women turned on to the highest levels. You just use your voice to get them irreversibly sweet and lustful for you.

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 If you get this guide, you can get certain bonuses, too. Here are some of the best perks:

  1. The Threesome Code. This bonus can help you turn women into thinking about pleasures brought about by both the male and female. Make her eager for a triple threat wrestling match on the bed with you and another woman.
  2. The Nice Guy’s Guide to Texting Dirty.  Be sure to make any woman lustful and wanting with this very important bonus. It contains 200 text messages that drive women to seduction. It remains a very important factor to keep women wanting even without your presence.
  3. Personal Pornstar Activation. The guide helps you to easily convince a woman to watch porn with you. You’d be surprised at how she will take note of what she sees and turn you into a star of your own porn production. That is one important bonus to catch.

These are just some of the undeniably effective things The Language of Lust will show you. It might sound like Jedi Powers and the different variations of the Force but they really do hit the spot accurately. These are mostly based on women’s psyche and how they react to certain stimuli presented before them.

To be precise, the secrets presented in the book were intensively researched for 5 years. You’ve got to give the author a thumbs up for doing this favor for you. You don’t have to stumble around in the dark. More importantly, You’ll be your own pleasure seeking device.

Pros and Cons

Pros include the following:

  • It is focused on average and nice guys. You don’t have to worry if you are not as body conscious as those with six-pack abs. Even if you play more video games than men your age should, you can still get laid.
  • It is composed of great techniques that are sure to work. Scams are literally everywhere. Many reviews are other than this one claim that it works. It does. With techniques based on psychology’s intimate levels, you’re sure to please every woman’s subconscious. This even works with married guys, too! Use it to spice up your married life.
  • They offer a money back guarantee. You can return the book in case of dissatisfaction. You’ll get your money back.
  • The author is an expert. First, many people call him the Gandalf of life coaches. Second, he can really take your mentality to immense heights. Lastly, he is a noteworthy self-acceptance teacher as well as a person who teaches tantric lifestyles. Bow down to Master Lawrence Lanoff, young padawan.

The Language of Lust Pros and Cons

The only cons it has boiled down to two different things:

  • It takes practice. Let’s try and think critically here for a second. You cannot expect everything to work exactly as you planned it immediately because you have to fail a couple of times. The system works great. You just have to train to master it. After a couple of tries, you’ll see that you can bend anyone’s will. Even Naruto had to train hard to master synchronizing with his tailed fox. Because of his resilience, he saved the whole world. You need patience and the humility to learn from mistakes.
  • Women/conservatives will have a hard time using it. Significant differences set women and men apart. This makes this guide inappropriate for women to use. In addition, if you are over religious or you are devoted yourself to protecting women, you’ll see this as wildly offensive material.

The Language of Lust It takes practice

The conclusion

The abilities, techniques, and skills you need to get women begging you for sex lie dormant in your mind. You have to tap the correct sources and open the correct channels. In short, go and discover the innate abilities men have to make women bend over. Literally and figuratively.

Who is Lawrence Lanoff?

The guide will surely help you in learning the hidden secrets. It seems like will take practice but it won’t take long before you master them. You must obtain The Language of Lust to level up in your sex life. as a result of reading and following the guide, you will absolutely dominate women.

Suddenly, sleeping with 3 women in a week, whether separately or all at the same time, does not seem so dreamy.


The Language of Lust Review


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  • Daniel says:

    Can’t believe that this actually works! Of course, it took me some time to get used to this mindset, but I managed to do it. Just start with small things (for example, just approach some woman in a bar and start applying some of the techniques). Later, you will get more confident and start applying serious techniques.

  • Kirsten says:

    The “Lust Mirror Technique” which will allow you to amplify and project your feelings of lust toward a woman, so that she will lust for you in return.

  • Tracy Mundt says:

    Help that man who always shys girls away from himself realize things that he can do and rather attract them. The system also targets into helping that man whose girl is shying from him. He is stressed and worried that he might lose her.

  • Lorenzo Orlowski says:

    The Language of Lust provides you with the tricks and technique you need to make any woman become your raving fan just by the use of your words. The Language of Lust program provides secrets that will make you irresistibly attractive.

  • Paula Hollingsworth says:

    It is a sex manual that breaks down a lot of the misconceptions between men and women and helps you to understand women better. When you understand her better, you will have much more success with her in the bedroom.

  • Miriam says:

    The Language Of Lust is an extremely successful e book established relationship guide targeted at guys having troubles with sex life and their love.

  • William says:

    This program will help you use text to get at her imagination and have her playing out her very own porn movie, where she is completely willing to do anything you want.

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