The Language Of Desire Review: Make Him Love You More Than Ever

One of the biggest causes of a failed relationship is the lack of physical intimacy and good sex. Sometimes a man isn’t doing a good job and sometimes the involved woman is not fascinating her man good enough to keep him much interested.

I have heard many cases where a man rather watches porn than being with his partner. This is definitely a bigger problem than it appears to be. A similar situation was faced by Felicity Keith, the author of the book, Language of desires. Let’s review the book and check if it solves the problem.

What made her write this?

One day, Felicity came home early from the work. She wanted to surprise her boyfriend. But instead, she got shocked. He had been saying no to sex for a week but when she entered the house that day, he was watching porn enthusiastically. Her self-esteem took a severe blow.

She started wondering what is so interesting and exciting about the porn which she couldn’t deliver or perform. To her surprise, he was so engrossed watching it that he didn’t realize she was in the same room until she spoke up.

The Language Of Desire What made her write this

After a few days, this incident was a bygone for them but she decided to devote her time to understand the psychology of men when it comes to sex. She started figuring out what she should do which always works as an attraction for her boyfriend.

This damage left a long-lasting effect on her. She started working on her bedroom skills. She compiled all her research in her book, Language of Desire. With this, she turned into a love guru who started helping women with their love and sex lives.

The Problem Statement

While researching, Felicity realized that almost every woman between the age of 22 and 52 have faced such an undesirable feeling. This impacts their personality in a big way. While women discuss and try to get advice from their friends and shrinks, the author suggests that the best way to solve the issue once and for all would be checking the core of the problem.

The Language of Desire is a guide which is written with an intention to help women by making them learn and discover secrets of being sexy and attractive. This works wonders to nurture a great relationship.

The author has well-articulated the difference between the psychology of men and women. She has tried her best to tell what a man exactly expects from a woman when it comes to attraction and sexual chemistry.

The Language Of Desire The Problem Statement

The Book Overview

The Language of Desire is an exhaustive relationship guide for women which advise them to reignite the lost spark with their men.

It is very much possible that the first impression you will get from this book would be all about talking dirty to men for making him feel aroused. But, eventually, you will realize that the book is way more than what you were thinking it to be.

By the end of the book, you will learn how to make your man realize that he is the only one in the whole world out there. This book is research which the author did in her personal quest to find out the secrets of perfect attraction.

According to the author, the key principles to excite a man are flirtation, being mysterious and act bit excited about the chemistry. Every man craves for a sexually confident woman who likes to tease him a bit and that turns him on.

This online program is a well-structured guide which includes whole information that you need in order to be like that desirable woman.

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What’s in the Book?

Let’s get this straight, it feels really awful when your man stops actively pursuing you sexually. It does happen to many women, surprisingly to gorgeous ones too.

A woman wonders the reasons for his stagnated libido. When the relationship takes a fresh start, he can’t keep hands off you but now it would seem that he no longer desires you the way he used to before.

The Language Of Desire has access to the information which is divided and organized into ten modules. Each module has about four or five sections. In the details mentioned in the book, you will learn some useful facts regarding the psychology, sex, relationship problems and major reasons why men like to watch porn.

These are important to understanding so that you become desirable for him. The book focuses on helping out stressed women who are trying hard to build up healthy relationships and chemistry with their men.

The Language Of Desire

Felicity has mentioned about 33 techniques in the book and each of these have a proper and unique name. For example, she has mentioned a phrase named Pavlov’s Erection which you can actually whisper to your man and this trick triggers the attraction in a second.

There is another technique called Tease Intensifier which teases your man to a certain point where he will feel ecstatic and won’t be able to control. The book guides that once the Tease Intensifier has started showing its results, you should start going for Oral Intensifier. I don’t think we need to explain here. The name explains it all.

What more

There is another way to blow away his mind through Erotic Telepathy. It is an interesting technique which makes in fantasize strongly. You will get ideas out of him even though he won’t realize he had. With another technique named Desire Seed, you can bring inception to the best. Thanks to this, you will be able to plant your deep desires in his mind. He won’t even realize that it’s your idea.

There are some verbal methods to make him feel aroused and hard very soon. Those methods are called Verbal Viagra. There is another amazing and efficient technique known as Lust Mirror which is little difficult to describe, but if I try to explain- It is like a continuous feedback system which will keep you in action for long.

The Language Of Desire

There is a powerful technique, Porn Destroyer which every woman should know. It is a strong method which will make your man desire for you instead of watching porn.

The relationship guide gives you a few worksheets that you can use to take some important notes and check on the practicing. The bottom line is that ‘men always want sex’ is a huge myth. What they look out for is a challenge which excites them and when they are done winning it over, they might the lose the same amount of interest.

Do you need it?

Felicity Keith very well explains that the program is designed for women who have problems like:

  • They want to form a stronger and deeper relationship with a man for whom they feel strongly.
  • Does your partner complain all the time about lacking spark and intimacy issues in the relationship?
  • Are you with a guy who expects more in a bed and you are not able to perform the way he desires?
  • You want to be the only one for him. If you are still wondering how to get his full attention, you are the right audience.
  • If you are still single, but you really want to be with someone you desire for.

Package Details

With this book, there are other three bonus products which will be available for download. These free bonus will enhance the experience that you are going to have after following the guide.

The Language Of Desire Package Details

  1. The Good Girl’s Guide to TEXTING DIRTY – This book tells you how to talk dirty over texting. I feel this is quite risky because your guy might show off those to his friends and circle especially when things would have got very raunchy.
  2. SILENT SEDUCTION – As the name suggests, it has no words, but the only action. It will teach you how to carry yourself that will leave your man speechless.
  3. Unstoppable Confidence – This for shy girls who feel a little less confident when it comes to physical intimacy.

One of the best things about the usability and readability of this program is that it can be accessed from a mobile phone and it is available in audio format as well. So, learn on the go!

Guarantee And Support

If you buy the program and you don’t feel satisfied with the given information, you can get a full money refund within 60 days of purchase. In case of any doubt or concern, just drop a mail.

User Reviews

You can check user reviews mentioned in the official website

The Language Of Desire User Reviews

My Review

If your love partner is really cold towards sex life and is paying more attention to everything like video games, smartphone or pornography, but you,

The Language of Desire book is a must buy for you. It will spice up your sex life as it will teach you amazing tricks to seduce your guy like never before. The tricks act as an unexpected surprise for him. By understanding men’s psychology, half of the problems will be solved automatically.

The Language of Desire book is a must buy for you

The mentioned techniques seem to be practical for real-life situations. This book is especially for women who are in a love life crisis and are desperate to make themselves desirable to their men.

The Language Of Desire is definitely one of the best online help programs for women. The program has a money-back guarantee. So, there is really nothing to lose when you buy and give this seduction guide a real try!

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