The Handsome Factor Review: What Can You Do To Be More Handsome?

handsome inspite of your genetics! learn how!

If you are struggling with your physical appearance, keep on reading, you are up for a treat.

I am writing this review about The Handsome Factor because I feel I need to share my experience. Being basically a nobody while growing up, I thought it would be like that forever.

Have you seen Sofia Vergara’s husband? He’s this massive guy, good looking actor. Of course, he has big money, etc. Once, he was in this talk show, and they showed a picture of him as a teenager. He was the weakest, skinniest, man.

The host said something like: “I guess there’s hope for all of us”.

Hope for all of us

Fuck! Of course, the host was right, and I decided hope was also for me.

Now, it was not easy. I went through a lot of misleading option until I found The Handsome Factor. My life would be changed forever. Now, I:

  • Look great
  • Am always ready for the occasion
  • Smell like a boss
  • Date or get laid, often
  • Have more friends
  • Got a raise

Yes, even my job responded positively to this change.

Growing up ugly

At school, I was always the skinny guy. I also wore glasses, brackets, and had a severe case of acne. I am not kidding you, this was me.

As I grew up, I tried here and there to become better looking, working in things that I could change faster.

  • Teeth
  • Lasik
  • Get in shape
  • Cut my hair
  • Take care of my beard

Still, I was skinny fat and was dressing like shit.

Starting to care about it

Yes, I was a little living in bliss while being ignorant. But, I was not really happy. Now, when I learned I had to change my body to become closer to what I wanted to be, I was crushed. It is hard to learn you are ugly, but it helps as well.

So, I took care of all of the above and improved a little, but still, there was a lot to do. I went online and tried to get more info. As you may imagine, I found tons of it, everywhere, contradicting each other:

  • Girls like beards
  • No, they like beardless guys
  • They like formal
  • Girls like casual
  • Use more cologne
  • Don’t use as much

You know the drill.

Sorting it all out

After a while, I decided that it was too much and started finding that many things did make sense to me in a way.

So, I did some introspection and found out what I actually aspired to and how I could get there. There are many books about these guys who went from zero to hundred in a year or less, but those guys are the exception.

I needed something that would suit a regular joe like me, and then I would improve further later. Sometimes you need to have small victories.

Getting it all together

Well, everything was decided, and I got to it. Started with more exercise and eating foods that, I read, would boost my testosterone.

After a while, I saw some results but was not fully convinced. I mean, it has been months and I saw such a small improvement. It was not about my body, it was about being more attractive to girls.

Now, in terms of fashion advice for men, it did work. People started noticing, so I decided to keep it up.

Setbacks and struggles

  • Wanting quick satisfaction and results
  • Approaching women
  • Being more articulate while speaking
  • Finding my own fashion style

All of these got together to make my life more difficult! Fuck! I was so frustrated! Why can’t one just be as one is and other people find it attractive?

Well, you know, some people do find it attractive, but they are not the people I want to attract in my life.

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Facing the truth

Changing oneself is actually easy, but it takes time. Have you ever had this friend that gets super-hot during summer? But they are still the same ugly guy inside, only their external appearance has changed. So, even if they are good looking, with the girl’s approach, they end up running away.

So, I had to settle with the slow tempo. I had to accept that things take time and that it is a matter of both, inside and outside characteristics to be modified.

Many people wanted me to go to a shrink or something, I was not crazy! I just needed to get my shit together, period. Why didn’t I have my shit together? Because I thought I did! No one told me I was this wrong.

Getting Stuck

Listen, I was lost, all of these things got together, there were so much pressure and contradictory information. I was burned out, I needed a break.

After a while of thinking, I learned about a high-school friend who, as for me, was a nerd. We used to hang out during recess and hide from the bullies. Now, he was this great entrepreneur and looked amazing. It was crazy.

So, I contacted him on Facebook and asked him about his crazy change.

The Handsome Factor

Basically, he told me that The Handsome Factor had changed his life, together with other books for productivity. I was doing quite well in my company and had no interest in becoming an entrepreneur. I wanted to become the director of this company, and I am on my way now.

Anyway, that’s another story. I read some reviews online and decided to buy The Handsome Factor, and I never looked back.

All the information that I needed was in one place. The guide is so well organized and written, I went through it in two days, and I haven’t read much in my life.

The guide is amazing and the advice there is so easy to follow

How does it work?

This dude basically divided everything into big areas

  • Looks
  • Confidence
  • Body language and attitude
  • Getting laid

With these 4 areas, you basically have your dating life set for success!

See, this was so effective, I even had my promotion. So, more girls, and more money to enjoy them and life.

Going back, the guide tells you which steps to follow to improve and get your shit together. With this in place, you will not fail to attract girls or people in general.

First results

Well, as it turns out, all these things are connected. It all starts with your looks and hygiene. Check the following things:

  • Are your fingernails clipped and clean?
  • How about your toenails?
  • Is your hair not greasy and with a good cut?
  • How do you smell? Good? Bad? You don’t use any cologne?
  • What does your breath smell like?

If you didn’t have anything good to answer to even one of these questions, most likely you need this guide ASAP.

Get a clue, from man to man, and get your act together.

Long-term results

Now, do you know happens when you are clean, smell well, and look well? People want to spend more time with you.

When people want to spend more time with you, then you need to be interesting, or at least know how to hold a conversation, so that people won’t run away from you.

Think about it, there is always a handsome, yet stupid, guy in command. You really need to ask yourself why.

Well, I was smart, and being good looking is something achievable for everyone. Now, if you are a stupid asshole, that will take a lot of work to change.

So, I was getting the girl, making friends, and getting promoted. I don’t want to settle yet, but my friend found his wife with this guide, so you might as well.

Is this for you?

Well, if your answers to the questions I asked before was not so pleasant, then yes! Urgently!

Now, let’s suppose you are that kind of good-looking guy who always gets the girl, but then they run. This guide is also for you:

  • Gain your confidence
  • Transmit your manliness out there
  • Make the girls notice you for the good reasons
  • Take control of conversations in a group
  • Get laid and get satisfaction

However, if you already have all of this, you can still find improvement. Ok, it might be marginal, but developing these skills won’t hurt.


Learn from others

It’s all well to stand your ground, you are a man! Just don’t be stupid enough to turn advice away. Imagine what must have to happen in a guy’s life to learn that his nails are scary, or his breath is taking girls away.

So, save yourself the embarrassment of going through it all, and start getting your act together before the embarrassment.

Everything you need, you will find here. Make your life easier, man!

Final thoughts

Get over yourself, dude! Making it in this world does take effort, things need to get into action, and they will not fall from the sky. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a better man, that’s what will ultimately differentiate you.

So, if you want to get with average girls, who act like dudes, are hairier than you, and couldn’t care less about you, then go on as you are. If you want to be better and get the better girls, here is an amazing starting point.

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The Handsome Factor Review: What Can You Do To Be More Handsome?
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