The Friends with Benefits System Review – Can It Work for You?

How does having a platonic relationship with someone sound to you? No love, no romance, and no commitment even. Just hook up with young women for wild merry-making sessions with no strings attached. And this is regardless of your looks, income, age, color, or otherwise.

Yet this is something The Friends With Benefits System promises. Interestingly, the authors promise to help you get your perfect friend with no love involved. Further still, it promises you many options to pick from, just for fun. Does this sound weird or exciting? Let’s find out in the Friends With Benefits System review post.

Overview of The Friends With Benefits System

The system promises to train you how to get any partner and make her your bang buddy. In addition, it claims to offer a new dating guide.

The system may be suitable for a man seeking mutual fun with any woman. However, unsurprisingly, this review is only suited to men who are over 25 years on average since it may contain adult content.


The Friends With Benefits system is based on psychology science. It lets you learn about the thoughts and desires of a woman. You will also learn how to get what you want from the woman.

You can remove different myths and misconceptions by relying on the digital guide. Lots of men do not know the way to impress a woman.

After going through the guide, you will find it easy to send messages to women. You may feel confident while choosing words for the message delivery.

How will you get benefit from the system?

  • Your female will not say No to you
  • She will obey you.
  • She may be obsessed with you.
  • Your friend will give importance to your approval.
  • She will always keep her body hot for you.
  • She will be your asset, and you will never feel lonely.

How Do The Friends With Benefits System Work?

The Friends With Benefits System reviews say it’s a way for people who wish to change their dating life. It promises to fulfill your sexual fantasies. Basically, the system claims it has a training program on how to get your dream girl. And, no strings attached, only benefits. You get all tips to provoke and attract women sexually. More still, you learn the things to tell girls to make them lust for you.

The system is a tutor for experts and beginners who don’t have love in mind. And you get several video views if you become a premium subscriber. Plus, a high-definition video if you join the private members’ club. Further still, you get information scripts that give you three simple killer words to make women want you insanely.

Who Made The Friends With Benefits System Program?

The author of the system is Mike Haines. It comes with a selling mantra promising people “3 simple words to make her chase you – Friends with Benefits(FWB).”

The product is found on the official site and is downloadable as a pdf. And, the subscriber views any video on the private members’ option sites too.

“Make friendship with someone who will be your diamond- Beautiful and Bright

What Does The Friends With Benefits System Contain?

On purchase of the system, you get instant access to several products. In addition, the package promises the following content.

1. The Friends With Benefits System– core system

Chapter 1 is an overview of the core system. It may teach what to tell attractive girls to lust for you. And you will get instant access to the private members’ site, which hosts high-definition videos.

2. “Two girls, one you”

The secrets of setting up threesomes with a bisexual girlfriend plus others each night are from chapter 2. Ultimately, the hot chicks are supposed to make others envy you.

3. Daddy’s girl–how to sleep with women half your age 

Here, you learn tips to attract younger ladies half your age. Subsequently, they will desire and beg you to be their bed buddies, regardless of your age.

4. The need for speed–quick start video

The video claims to show you how to “get a f*ck buddy tonight at any place.” The simple, intuitive method in the video may help you get laid instantly.

5. The ‘done for you’ texting system

The system has screenshots of text lines to use to get her to your house for intimacy. To crown it all, you can copy-paste the text template and use it to text.

6. Doggy style on the first date

Imagine getting a bulletproof sex date formula that allows you to enjoy each other on the very first date. This formula promises to make a girl horny and ready for any intercourse style.

7. Boyfriend assassin

Here, the post promises you a killer persuasion technique to make any lady you talk to forget her boyfriend for you.

8. Get her horny with humor

If laughter is a tonic of life, then this part may give you tips to make any woman laugh all the way to your bed. You only use the given lines and techniques.

Other important materials

The Friends With Benefits System review uncovers many other promised goodies. Additionally, chapter 6, chapter 9, and the bonus section contain multiple love videos plus PDFs for your review.


Which Guy May Benefit From The Friends With Benefits System?

This system is for men, particularly if:

  • Every girl you cherish rejects you
  • Women everywhere never seem to notice you
  • You can’t satisfy a girl sexually
  • Only less attractive girls consent to you
  • Approaching women is difficult
  • If you are a single guy without any commitment

Frequently Asked Questions During The Friends With Benefits System Review

During The Friends With Benefits System review, we met customers asking several questions. We present some information we gathered below.

Does The Friends With Benefits System support customers with easy access?

If your browser can’t play the video, tap the browser to unmute it. And, it should work even with cookies enabled. Additionally, check if your browser allows you to control cookies with browser settings.

The official website browser settings also allow advertising cookies. So, turn off ad blockers for your browser for the best views. But, more importantly, the system browser cookies are enabled to track incoming traffic and views.

And they can contact you later if you leave a comment. Furthermore, the site’s privacy policy protects any private comment. And your comment will only be for contact purposes.

Does The Friends With Benefits System offer a guarantee?

You get a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, if you don’t get a fun, cute ‘sex buddy,’ contact them through their email address provided.

However, the purchase process starts with the stated free registration. Unfortunately, the 3-day trial automatically renews into a monthly credit card-charged subscription without notice or confirmation.

What are users saying about The Friends With Benefits System product?

Our Friends With Benefits System review found many unhappy customers’ who gave it low ratings. Worse still, most review posts said everything is a rip-off with a subscription trap that renewed automatically.

However, we found a few positive reviews during the Friends With Benefits System review on the official website. Notably, the few left a comment that it worked for them. Yet, they didn’t provide more information.

What are the pros of The Friends With Benefits System?

  • You may get a hot girl through the system.
  • Might facilitate steamy love relationships with beautiful women
  • You might enjoy no strings attached intimacy choices
  • No expensive relationship dates since you only call, chat, or text
  • It may give you cheat-proof sentences so that she won’t cheat on you
  • May teach you what hot chicks love in guys
  • Has many videos and photos for you to make an informed choice

Any cons of The Friends With Benefits System products?

  • The product has adult language and videos unsuitable for those under 18 years.
  • It uses a subscription rip-off since the 3-days free registration renews your account automatically.
  • Has fake profiles and photos to create sex appeal
  • Fake chats that keep breaking up
  • Too many negative comments on customer experience
  • Everything is quite expensive
  • Most videos given are too long

What are The Friends With Benefits System pricing?

The price of the product is high. More so, add the cost of data credits during your chat. Unfortunately, too, all the girls keep dodging, so you have to start once again.

Additionally, watching the videos raises the price also. Plus, each text on the chat is quite expensive.

Final Thoughts

The Friends With Benefits System reviews show it claims it can help you lay a girl with no strings attached. And that you may learn what to tell a girl to take them to bed. No love, no long friendships, just beautiful hot chicks ready for you. Sounds amazing?

But that’s where the sweetness ends. In fact, many customers say it’s an expensive affair. They report fake chats, profiles, and bot texts. And, it’s heartbreaking to spend a lot and fail to get a single lay. Plus, the chances of meeting outside the platform with the chat lady are very slim.

Friends with Benefits System