The Ex Factor Review: What Makes Exes Come Back To Your Arms?

We all stumble in this road once or twice that we want to get our ex back. There could be many reasons for that, maybe you never really got over her. But the feeling may not be mutual. What do you do then? How do you get them back?

Not every relationship breaks up on good terms maybe it was your fault or hers or whatever the reason was it wasn’t a good one. Well, but there’s good news that you can still get your ex back. Yes, if you are thinking about it then you should probably look into The Ex Factor.

Ex Factor is a relationship guide solely for you to get your ex back. No matter what the reasons were, even if they hate you like hell you’ll be able to get them back, thanks to this book. The author is a certified counselor who has devoted his life to fixing a broken relationship. So, this makes the book quite legit.

Mainly the manual has many chapters where the author provides solutions for any kind of situation. How you should approach them, or how to make them fall for you again. Everything is in that book. And the most important thing is it’s based on real-life situations. So it’s quite legit.

And for that, I’ll be giving this review about this product just to give you the benefit of knowing what to expect when you’ll buy this.

What Is The Ex Factor?

Now you may think there are plenty of guides out there so why should I buy this one. Well, the answer is simple my friend. This guide really works, and the hundreds of happy couple reviews testify that. The book is a step by step process that tells you about the different approach and technique that will make your ex go crazy for you.

The Ex Factor boosts your confidence drastically making you more prone to attention. Confidence is a key factor when it comes to impressing your ex. Men or women both dig confidence in their partner. So, by showing that wonderful spirit, you’ll be their desired one in no time.

Choose the one that suits you the most in The Ex Factor

But first The Ex Factor will tell you to face your demons. Clearly, you had problems in the relationship before and what was the cause. No relationship breaks where only one person is to blame rather than some exceptional.

So, you should embrace those faults and make yourself into a newer version without those. And once you have done that you will see a dramatical change in your behavior. And this will serve as a magnet for your ex.

Some of these behaviors may include jealousy, overprotectiveness, being coward and much more. So, be true to yourself along with your partner.

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Who is the author of Ex Factor Guide?

The creator of this fine book is Brad Browning. You could think of it as the summary of what he experienced over the decades as a consultant. He just knows how it starts and how it gets back together. And he has shared this information with us in order to help us get our life together.

The guide he created is a fully informative guide where the author tells you just how you can acknowledge the past and move towards the future. The book can truly give you and your ex the brighter and better future you once dreamed falls.

And as for therapies, they cost a lot if you ask me, quite a lot. And all the information’s you’ll know in therapy are given here for a very decent price.  So, if you want to get together with your ex and make things good again you better the get The Ex Factor now.

How does the guide work?

As I said, earlier the book consists of several chapters, where each of them talks about every aspect of a relationship. All the information shared in this book will get you every step ahead in your game to get your ex back. So, read up to know what lies within.

Chapter 1

In the first chapter, you will know some reasons why a relationship falls apart. As there could be loads of reasons and each could be related to each other making a huge deal altogether. The chapter illustrates some reasons and breaks down the cause of it.

Practically you will know what category of problems you faced in the relationship and if how bad is it. So, it will give you a heads up in the long run.

Chapter 2

This one talks about the many qualities in a person. It breaks down in both ways male and female. This will help you find the qualities that the opposite sex find attractive and what triggers the attraction. So that, you will have a clear knowledge of all your plus points and how to nurture them.

There could be some quality that you can use your leverage even if you didn’t know what that was.

Chapter 3

Well, this chapter is totally the opposite of the previous one. Here, the author discusses the unattractive qualities of a person. And how these can be the cause of their broken relationship. You will also learn just what qualities you should avoid and how can you do that effectively.

Chapter 4

This chapter will teach you about the ways of acceptance. You will know how to take the first step in order to get things escalating between you too. And why you should stop pressuring your ex back into the relationship. Moral of the story is that just accept your faults and get rid of them.

Chapter 5

This one will let you know that you should wait a certain amount of time before contacting with your ex. And by this strategy, you are giving them the benefit of doubt. They would start to wonder why you stopped all on a sudden and will make them more curious about you.

This method is also to imply that you’re not desperate for them which will lead them ignoring you more. So, improving your worth to them by not looking desperate will make your chances go up. And this chapter will tell you just how to do them.

Chapter 6

This chapter will reveal a unique strategy called dating. It’s part of the cover-up being seemed like moving on perspective. This one makes your ex’s go crazy. Just when they find out that you have moved on from them and dating other people, they will likely to get jealous.

So, instead of you chasing them, they will be chasing you. And that will make things more interesting between you two. And the best thing is, there are several methods to let your ex know that you are dating.

Chapter 7

This one will teach you how to handle the situation once your ex-starts to contact you all on a sudden. The methods will help you not screw things again.

 Chapter 8

Here, you will learn just what to do or expect when your ex won’t call you or contact you. Just the opposite of the previous one.

Chapter 9

After you have gained the attention of your ex, you need to make some moves that will make him/her come running right to you. And this chapter will discuss the plans and situations you can create for that. And it will make sure that you have the best date with your loved one.

Chapter 10

Lastly, in this one, you will learn how you can take things to another level fast. Yes, take things from dating to bed. This ensures a better result for the relationship. As it measures the intimacy level making your goal a full proof plan.

What do I get with the book?

How to text back your ex: Here you will know just how and what to text your ex in order to get their attention.

How to enhance your sex appeal: This will make you the ultimate sexual magnet that your ex won’t be able to resist.

3-part pro video series: A 3 part video series giving you the full outline of the guide so that you understand everything fully.

5-hour pro audio course: The audio files help boost your confidence level to ensure the betterment of the relationship.



  • A great book to get your ex back when you’re still in love with them. It’s for both men and women. And also how to stop screwing your chances.
  • All the concepts are pretty simple and mind-blowing. You won’t have any difficulties at all to understand the techniques.
  • Each chapter is connected with the previous one, giving you a full idea of all the information’s you need for getting your ex back.
  • It’s available in both versions male version and female version.
  • The structure is well formatted.
  • Really responsive customer service. Replies within a short time.


  • Both the versions have slightly minor changes with no particular fact change.
  • Many techniques are somewhat mind-controlling type meaning a bit manipulative. And you could be uncomfortable with that.
  • All the advises are good, but some of their structure is pretty thin. Doesn’t really happen in real life.
  • Won’t make much of a difference if you just read it and do nothing. You have to work for. Just buying the book won’t make you irresistible.

The Bottom Line

The Ex Factor is highly suitable for men/women who have recently broken up and willing to do anything to get them back. Some of the techniques described in this are quite tricky and will need some practices to do before performing.

So, if you can’t do them well, you might well be pushing them further away. So, be careful when applying the techniques. The book always says to maintain cautions before acting so remember them at all cost. Some of the things will rather make your ex jealous and run for you again.

Get her/him back before it's too late

But you can better tell how you’re ex functions as all don’t react the same way. All the techniques are great but try not to get too carried away with those. But in the end, if you are really willing to change for your loved one then get the program.

So, you can also leave a great opinion about this as the other positive reviews.

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