The Ejaculation Trainer Review: Can You Stop Premature Ejaculation?

Ejaculation Trainer review



Although there are a number of supposed solutions to premature ejaculation, none of them seem to provide the results that they claim to. Even if they do work, it is only for a temporary period of time. There a number of products that mainly work by reducing sensation. These seem to be pretty effective as compared to other products but only work as long as you are taking the medications. They also tend to reduce the pleasure of having sex. Not something very palatable right? The result is that you might end up spending a lot of money over Viagra without any promise of long-term benefit.

You would definitely not want to spend money every time you have sex, and that is exactly the reason why Ejaculation Trainer is the perfect recommendation for you. All it uses are 100% natural techniques with no future side effects. The program is designed to help you have control over the sensations and hence get benefitted for a long term.

This comes in the form of a book and saves you a great deal of time by coming straight to the point. No fluff and fillers, no beating around the bush. The book starts off with an up to the point introduction and moves on to exercises right from day one. If you are a busy person with no time for dilly-dallying, then this book will be your perfect pick.

This book is recommended for anyone who wants to elongate their duration of intercourse. Whether you are facing a premature ejaculation in a short as 1 minute or within 5 minutes, you will find tried and tested techniques and solutions that will help you improve your time irrespective of your present condition.

The author Matt Gordon has faced premature ejaculation and therefore knows all the riff-raff associated with it. In this book, he writes down about techniques that have a scientific basis. A lot of these techniques are his own developments. He has written the book in a very simple and easy to understand fashion so as to help as many as possible. All of his techniques to self-control are very plain and accessible.

The main credit for the success of this book goes to the explanatory skill of the author. There are also other books in the market which are based on more or less the very same techniques, but readers have found them very hard to follow and still harder to implement. What Matt Gordon has done is to explain those very things in a much understandable language and with much detail and clarity. He has also given extra special importance to some of the sections which form the core content of the book.

What is it?


The ejaculation arousal has been written to give accurate information about the physical dynamics that come into play while having sex. Before recommending any exercise, the author has given a detailed explanation as to why the methods are going to work. This way you will have a better understanding of your own body and therefore be able to control it better. The book also teaches you to recognize the different levels of arousal so that you can take the most pleasure out of your intercourse. All of the methods included out here are known to have delivered very effective and satisfactory results.

As you go through the book, you will see that many of the techniques are very common and well known, something you have well heard of and definitely tried before. If only you have wondered why it didn’t work out before, then here is the real explanation for all of that. You will learn how to reprogram your brain, senses, arousal so as to keep the ejaculation for as long as possible.

Once you master techniques, you will be able to do it without even having to think about it. It becomes a sort of involuntary response. Matt has also introduced many quick techniques on how to instantly elongate your duration of intercourse. The best part, however, is that all of the solutions given in the book are targeted for a permanent solution so that you can have a lifelong benefit with just a small amount of investment.

One more thing to note is that premature ejaculation could be a major issue if it continues for a long time. It could directly hamper your overall well-being to some extent, especially if you leave it unattended. So when you are looking for a solution, you have to make sure that is an effective one and worth the time and money. You have to make sure that it gets to the heart of the problem and wipes it away from the root.

Now if you are someone facing a somewhat similar issue as mentioned above, then it would be very helpful to join the online community for Ejaculation Trainer. Here you will find more than 38,000 men who have reviewed greatly in favor of the book. They claim to have received immediate benefits and have been very open about sharing their personal stories. You will also find audio testimonials with impressive stories.

The book offers complete courses and in no way will it leave you stranded in between. If you strictly adhere to the practices as mentioned in the book, you will definitely get 100% success. Unlike other temporary tricks that are mainly based on numbing your sensation of pleasure, Ejaculation Trainer is entirely centered around controlling arousal and sensitivity issues. So, comparatively, it is more risk-free and also gives permanent solutions.

Given below are some of the things that have been addressed in the book

  • What to do when you get to bed
  • Clarified concepts about premature ejaculation
  • Hormonal control
  • Physical control
  • Mental control
  • Controlling the arousal and ejaculatory responses

From the look itself, it is quite clear that the Ejaculation Trainer takes things on a much serious note. The solutions featured out here are much more advanced than you can find anywhere else.

Who is it for?


Studies have indicated that around 20 to 40 % of men face a regular problem of premature ejaculation and out of 10, 4 are suffering from it regularly. This can almost make you feel you are physically inept or suffering from some medical condition, but the fact is that there could be nothing wrong with you.

Premature ejaculation could arise out of a number of things, and it is not even a permanent problem. If you put in just a little effort, you could come out of it entirely clean. With the right techniques, premature ejaculation is not very hard to fix. You will not even require the help of any pharmaceutical drugs.

Ejaculation Trainer will make your life much easier and simpler. You will not have to face any of those embarrassing moments where you get finished even before you have started. This time, you will be able to give a little mixture of surprise and amusement for longer than she has actually expected. In every way, this book will help you have a more fulfilling relationship with your partner.

More than anyone else, this book is highly recommended for those for whom premature ejaculation has become something more than just a bedroom problem. The high success rate of the book is convincing enough. You will no longer have to face any of those embarrassing moments in the bedroom.



  • 5 step plan on how to permanently overcome premature ejaculation
  • Getting to know the mistakes that you could be doing right now, which is causing you to ejaculate earlier
  • Exercise to up your pleasure while also raising the level of helpful hormones
  • Breathing techniques to increase stamina and delay ejaculation
  • Emergency techniques on how to slow down and go back when you are on the verge of ejaculation
  • Understanding how to reprogram the brain so as to have control over sensations and hence ejaculatory reflex
  • How to categorize your arousal levels and feel each sensation to its fullest
  • How to have multiple orgasms
  • Learning how to master ejaculation triggers and keep the game from getting over too soon



When you subscribe to the program, you not only get access to the main ebook, but you have access to a few free bonuses as well that will offer more assistance when it comes to controlling premature ejaculation.

  • Emergency Tactics – A mini ebook that tells you how to find a quick cure to your PE problems.
  • Secret Weapon – An audio guide whose details are revealed only to the members of the program.
  • Lifetime membership – The money that you pay is a one-time cost and all future updates come totally free.



• Affordable. The ejaculation trainer is a product that has saved very many men a lot of money they could have used in clinics.

• Works very fast. Within just one week of using this guide, you will start realizing the benefits of this product.

• Well-structured with a simple language and easy steps to follow. It is a guide so different from others. It is organized into several steps where each step talks about specific points.

• Natural and there are no negative side effects.

• You will be assured of 60 days guarantee of money back in case it does not work like expected.

• The guide address all the root causes of premature ejaculation.


• Requires time to train on the techniques provided.

• It might take some time of up to 2 months before you get you to finish all the methods.


  • Lifetime updates for free
  • Lifetime membership with just one payment
  • 50% ongoing discount



The book is targeted at providing instant results without the help of any pharmaceutical drugs. It could be a lifesaver for anyone who has been dealing with premature ejaculation. The book also focuses on giving permanent solutions rather than cheap tricks.


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