The Domination Principle Review: Why You Need To Dominate Her

What is the basic necessity of a human? Many a man would limit it to the availability of survival instincts. But, just because you have survival, you cannot settle for it. You need more than that. For men, the actual needs are much more than just a living.

And you can never be living until and unless you are a man satisfied with your own self. For the sole purpose of self-satisfaction, you need to fulfill all your desires. Whatever it may be, you have to be more considerate towards yourself. For your needs, you need to take steps.

No doubt that attraction and affection is one part of all that one can demand. In simple terms, you can never write it off. This is because it is an utmost part of your life. And the more you involve it within your living, the more self-confident you become.

The utmost effects of a good and healthy relationship life can be numerous.

  • A good relationship engages you into healthy stuff for a better mind and body.
  • With a healthy relationship, you are always self-confident.
  • Further still, a good healthy relationship life gives you better mental stability all your life.
  • In the end, a healthy relationship makes you emotionally strong since you have ready support.

What if you are in a relationship and you are not dominant? Or what if you do not even get a chance to get into one? The main reason behind many a man failing in relationships is not their fault. The only reason behind all these chaotic conditions in regard to relationships is the changes in what women have shaped up to be.

Specifically, the recent feminism that has got roots to spread all over the world. And it has got women over the roof since they feel like it will end the male dominance. So, things have changed quite drastically, and all that has resulted in the current situation—a situation where breakups and breakdowns of relationships are the norms rather than an exception.

Effectively, women have got their standards up to hell. As a result, it has called upon the shortage of so-called good men. The real definition of good men yet stays a mystery because the men in relations are more of crooks than nice peeps. In the end, things have become quite complex.

The main reasons behind this thing can be numerous:

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Lost because of feminism!

No doubt that women have their rights that guard against exploitation by dominant men. But the thing is that this feminism is more about becoming crooked than gaining rights.

Though equal rights are a must, the first and foremost thing at any time should be aimed at upholding the balance. No matter what happens things need to be in the right order.

With women getting obsessed with egos and men failing to get any sort of relationship going, it goes haywire. Yet, you should not think of this as a small problem because this is what has caused chaos in this world. Above all, men are losing themselves to lust as healthy relationships are becoming a rarity.

As a matter of fact, no one knows what this new trend of feminism is all about. And though not much is required in the form of rights, at least someone should raise a voice on whether it is okay to be a slut. That is no feminism, but it’s more of destruction. Looking over each man for no particular reason means chaos and just chaos.

The reasons behind women getting this awkward are numerous:

1. The negation

For many years, women have been grain-fed. More of brainwash has been a regular process in recent times. For a long time, women have been tuned to hate men. And not only do they have to hate men but whatever men ask of them should be turned down too.

In the end, it has all been about the instilling of thoughts that make women hate men. What a bad attitude this one has turned out to be?

What has been the lesson?

  • To begin with, all men are dogs or more literally pigs. Worse still, women are told that the pigs are running after their bodies and all that for sex.
  • Secondly, nymphomanias are just words; men are real addicts of sexual activities.
  • And if you are not careful, you will be regretting of having a miserable life if you date a man.
  • To crown it all, sex is a forbidden and prohibited act till you die. Indeed, women should avoid it at all costs.

All this negation has brought the world to the verge of destruction. The negation of this and negation of that has led to the portraying of a dismal picture. It has been all about the horrific sequence of events that can be said of as complete disapproval of natural laws.

2. Women’s rights are acting up!

All is well that ends well. But if it starts sharply and ends up dismally, then what it can be? It can be what women’s rights is. The only outcome of the upheaval in the shape of women’s rights is arrogance among women. Not that the rights are wrong.

In essence, rights are all right, but the way that it has all shaped up is quite strange. Women have been allotted rights, but men have been deprived of theirs. A girl can flirt, and that is cute, but a man cannot because he is a pervert. That is all just what we call a mix-up.

Domination Principles are acting strange. The world has turned the tables of dominance, and things have become stranger than ever. If we just review what we have done, it will be horrible to see. We have bought ourselves a lot of hatred and a lot of devastation.

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3. Men going haywire!

The slight problem with men is them going haywire. They have just given in to the rising problems with relations. Not that these things can be the worst part but they have become a real headache. Men have got their nervous systems detached with time.

They are now turning into some usable things that women can modify to use. Just to get into some sort of relationship, men can do whatever they need to. Women have brought this very condition to use and men have become more than submissive.

Being submissive for men never makes a good thing to come across. Even the ladies like men who impose themselves on others and not those who can be rewritten easily.

What do Partners want in a relationship today?

For a long time, people looked at the beauty as the first single most factor when starting a relationship. Though beauty or physical appearance are still part of the game, it seems like things are changing fast.

In fact, one study involving singles found that most of them value emotional stability or maturity as the single most important factor. In fact, the study found that physical attractiveness quality dropped from 90% preference in 2020 to 78% in 2021.

On the same note, emotional maturity had 83% importance, while communication ability held 84% as a priority. Other important factors included being open-minded, financial stability, security, successful career, acceptance of diversity in opinion, and commitment ability.

While commenting on the new dating relationships’ trend one Lisa Clampitt had this to say. “It’s a lot of personal growth, self-reflection, thinking about what you want in life,” she said. “People have had so much time to reflect, and they want to be with someone who’s also reflecting on similar things.”

Surprisingly, more men (70%) than women (60%) wanted to start a commitment-based long-term relationship. This was contrary to popular stereotype and beliefs that women were more interested in long-term relationships than men.

However, almost every woman was ready to settle down in a relationship if they found the right man. That is, “every single woman is ready for the right guy if he comes along,”

Still, according to more studies, more women were willing to walk away from unfulfilling relationships than men were. As a matter of fact, one woman quipped, “if he’s going to gaslight me, if he’s going to be avoidant, if he’s not going to be emotionally mature, I’m going to just move away.”

The Domination Principle Learn How Now

The common problems!

Today the problems of the man are not easy to be encompassed within some article or some review. In short, it is not about mere words, but it is about feelings. Moreover, it is not just about some rejections and some acceptations. Essentially, it is something about a whole perspective of existence.

Women are really treating men like submissive beings, and it is being widely accepted. But, for every single thing that has gone absolutely wrong, there is the role of wrong thinking instilled in women.

1. Rejections:

Men have now become the ones who get rejected—money, looks, and suiting matter a lot. You do not matter to anyone if you do not have a lot of cash loaded in your pockets. Those pockets do matter if you are to get someone to give attention to you.

2. Rudeness:

Even if you get a chance to get a girl, you will always be the one compromising. If she is in the swing of things, she will love you. Elsewhere, you would live in the best of droughts of love. The need for sexual attachment would depend on what she wants and what she does not!

3. Asks and demands:

Women have now got a heap of demands and a heap of tasks. These lists of desires do not only end up with materialistic wants. Instead, the demands also include tasks related to emotions. In short, women want you to do what they like and avoid what they dislike.

4. Domination in bed:

Once you are submissive in emotions, you will be one in bed too. If the relationship starts with you being the submissive, it will go on like that. She will order this and that in bed and you would be bound to follow all the instructions.

That all The Domination Principle acting in bed may make you just half a man by the time the relationship ends. Because men are not modeled to do such things, the rule, be it in bed or the worldly domains.

Domination Principle!

If you want to get rid of women’s domination, then just review what wrong you have done. Absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you must get things right even though the ladies have not been nice to you. In essence, they have forced you to find a proxy way, just like doing makeup to trap the opposite gender.

This course of well-tried techniques is something that you will need to get out of the unfuckables and get back to good in life.

Who is this for?

This program is not for all. Simply because it is very practical, and no one can just get this and let it rot in the inbox. Only some specific genres of men are entitled to use this as it is something that can be said of like some magic. Effectively though, you can use it if:

  • You are not easily offended by harsh unpalatable language.
  • Your actions are not as quick as your thoughts.
  • You are not going to just get this to let it rot in the inbox.
  • Your intentions do not include domination in bed and sex enslavement of your lady love.

The Bottom Line?

If you are to get out of the unfuckables, then you need to review what you are to go ahead with. The only thing that can help you is the Domination Principle. Afterward, you will be

  • Into relationships with all the women, you will love too.
  • Able to use negative suggestions to make way to her panties.
  • Making ladies crave for you and your sexual performances.

Once you are good with this, you will be as good as anything that a girl would demand.

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