The Bonding Code Review: What Makes Men Bond Closer To You?

I admire it a lot when couples do not have to actually say a word to make each other understand something. This is all because of a strong unbreakable bond between them.

Communication and understanding make a relationship strong and amazing in a way that is very difficult to describe. Many of us hesitate to build a strong bond with other people probably because of intimacy issues, afraid of being vulnerable in a relationship, or being commitment-phobic.

In today’s faced-paced world, more problems are coming up, leading to the unsustainability of relationships. Once these feelings start cultivating, it leads to the premature breakdown of an alliance. These days it’s a lot more about just eating and enjoying the cookie. Once you are done enjoying it, you flee away. Old fashioned love stories are history now.

The Bonding Code

In matters of attraction and love, women are generally at the more fragile end. If her heart breaks, mostly it’s something to do with the man she chose to be with. It may take her to a very dark place where self-esteem would have taken a big blow—her confidence and inner support system break.

If anyone in the relationship feels that the bond is not strong enough to take the weight of developing the future, it breaks. Either by him or her.

To help women out from this situation, The Bonding Code program created by Bob Grant helps to make relationships way deeper and stronger at a good fast pace. It will tell women how to know men’s deep desires and fulfill them, leading to stronger intimacy.

The Bonding Code Learn Now

The Book Overview

The Bonding Code is a program with 5 designed steps to help women to make a successful and long-term relationship with their partners. Bob Grant noticed that these days, there are hardly any healthy romantic relationships.

The reasons are a lack of communication, easy to cheat and good lord, hook-ups via Facebook are just appalling. That’s why the number of married people is too less as compared to single men and women. Looking at this very common condition between love partners, Bob decided to help out women who have been a victim of such conditions and still dealing with them.

He carried out a lot of research and with his 20 years of experience, he designed the program. With his five code phases, your man’s love for you will be assured forever. If all instructions are followed religiously and patiently, you will get committed to a deeply caring relationship.

Get The Bonding Code Today, And Learn What It Takes To Make A Man Want To Make A Deeper And Deeper Bond With You!

Get The Bonding Code Today, And Learn What It Takes To Make A Man Want To Make A Deeper And Deeper Bond With You!

Bonding with the Alpha Male

Of course, women want equal, 50-50 relationships. But it’s OK if your guy believes he’s in charge. We know who actually owns 51% of the shares.

Bob Grant reveals several insights in the Bonding Code on how to simply thaw out his commitment anxiety.

Some ideas revolve on, well, shaking his world. You’re not simply someone he settles for. You’re the first and only option. And it’s far more than your beautiful face or figure. (However, it makes no difference if you believe you are physically unappealing.)

Indeed, it’s the full package – your sense of humor, charisma, intellect, elegance, sophistication, and all of your other outstanding qualities. You’ll also show him how much pleasure he’ll be losing out on without you.

Furthermore, you will not be the needy, clutching person you have been in previous relationships. Allow him to pursue you. Allow him to earn your affection. You, without a doubt, have alternative possibilities. It’s fine for the alpha guy to know you’re not a wallflower as long as he knows you’re ultimately on his side.

You’ll also give him his space, as so many guys do. You, on the other hand, are not waiting by the phone and putting your life on hold. You’ll also make the most of your time and space.

Bob Grant delivers a cornucopia of information on how to become a puppet master — tugging your guy’s ropes in all the right places while avoiding tangles. You’ll learn how to make him more vulnerable, conversational, and loved by using the appropriate words and eliciting the proper emotions in his heart.

Importantly, you’ll know just how to handle disagreements and arguments. After going through this portion of the Bonding Code, you should be able to convince him to apologize to you, even if he has angered you.

What Will You Learn?

The Bonding Code is divided into five phases which will discuss here.


This is the simplest one among all phases. In this, you need to make sure your man loves what he sees. Keep him interested as much as possible. Interesting attire, good makeup, and confident body language will not allow him to take eyes off you. You will get to know when this phase is moving towards success. He will only look at you while having a talk. He will start standing close to you as you have caught his attention.

Emotional Arousal

The first phase, Interest, leads to the emotional arousal phase. You would have disturbed his stagnant feelings towards you. He is feeling intrigued and too much interested in you. Your man will start looking at you with a feeling of hunger and wanting you badly. You would have swept him off his feelings, and all he wants is you.

Be careful this time, this doesn’t last long. This is just the second step. The whole process needs to be completed for a sustainable result.

Period of Disillusionment

This is a very important phase of all. You don’t need to panic if it sounds a little tricky. What you are going to do here is not bad. You will be creating a disillusion for developing a stronger bond. When you are getting close to him and he is scared about the same fact, some predators out there would be very active. One ping on his Facebook account will be enough to tempt him with other offers. You need to keep an eye if he is getting caught in the phase:

  • Won’t disclose enough about his life
  • Less interest to go out with you as before.

He will start texting less than before

When you ask him what’s wrong, he will surely say nothing or he doesn’t want to talk about it. Even he knew that something is wrong, he won’t be able to explain it to you. He won’t able to deal with his phobic nature of his.

The temptations around him will disturb him and he would be too concerned not to get his feelings for you affected by these. Do not panic looking at like this. Handle with care. Remember all this is happening because he has started developing true feelings for you, which he has tried a lot to avoid. Thanks to your tricks, he couldn’t!

The Bonding Code Learn Now

The Testing Phase

This can be felt like a big storm, but later it will bring calmness. You will notice him getting a little obsessed with you. He might get upset about you not turning up on time. He may doubt you as well and the newly built relationship as he doesn’t want anything wrong to happen.

You could see him too attached to you in order not to lose you. Do not overreact. Try to understand his psychology. Be smart and make him comfortable. He will realize that you are the most understanding person he has ever got.

The Bonding Phase

This is the final phase and epitome of all. In this phase, he has passed with flying colors and you are the only one in his life and mind. He is always happy to be with you. Grabbing hands in public with no hesitation, smiling face and calmness will be the real signs for achieving the success to build a strong bond.

By this time, no other woman interests him now. Nothing distracts him even if you are not around him.

All the signs and outlines mentioned for each phase will tell your progress in the program. You can judge in which phase you stand right now. Be ready for the next phase once you are done with the last one.

Bonus Material

With this program, you will get three bonus guides to help you remove all relationship killers.

The Commitment Switch: To make a commitment-phobic man be the one who wants a commitment with you.

The Intimacy Trigger: Kill the fear of commitment with this helpful book. Say something which brings him close and does not say any words which make him doubt you. This help book will make you understand all this in detail.

The Women Men Adore club: You will get 30 days of free access to all video tutorials which is actually meant to be for ‘Members Only Group’. You may ask any question to Bob Grant in case of any doubt.


The author provides a full 60-day refund guarantee when you buy The Bonding Code system. It means that you will have a few weeks to test it and check if the tips actually work. In case you don’t see any results, claim for the full refund with a questions-asked policy.

More Reasons to Buy

You learn something out of everything, and you come to realize more than ever that we’re all here for a certain space of time, and, and then it’s going to be over, and you better make this count.” — Nancy Reagan

Great Credibility Of The Author

Bob Grant is a licensed relationship counselor and he has put 20 years of experience into this book. He has helped many women transition into happier relationships. He has been featured in many magazines. When your relationship is in a shaky space, advice from an expert is very important.

Excellent BBB Ratings

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) guarantees the excellence of a product. They register the complaints of any product user. Based on almost no complaints about this book, they have given an A rating to it. This speaks about how he treats the clients’ concerns.

Learn On The Go

The program is in digital format. So, you can go ahead and read it on your tablet or mobile. Don’t wait to reach home, open a laptop and then start with learning.

User Reviews

You can have a look at other users’ feedback so that you are sure about your decision to go for it.

My Review

The Bonding Code is a perfect guide if you are looking for some self-help programs. This is made to end all anti-commitment vibes in your man and has a fresh start with a deeper connection and better intimacy.

It provides all techniques and tools to remove roadblocks in the relationship. You can make him think about you without hinting any clue about your tricks.

“The most effective way to do it is to do it.” — Amelia Earhart

With all phases covered, it seems to be a holistic approach to making and maintaining a solid bond. I will recommend this program in my review, especially for the ones who feel their relationship need some spark and better communication. It will change your commitment-phobic person to be all in love with you.

Given Bob Grant is always available for advice and 60 days money-back guarantee to give you more reasons to give it a try!

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4.8/5 - (13 votes)
  • Helen says:

    Ever since I found this guide, my life has completely changed. I thought that we won’t get to fully commit to each other and yet here we are. He proposed!

  • Mitchel says:

    You need to get things better with your love? That is not very difficult because emotional linking means the most and this guide can be your lifeline for getting things better at love. This guide is highly recommended!

  • Christine Ballard says:

    I always felt like, even though I’m in a relationship, there’s a distance between him and me. I used this and it feels better, but there are still a few differences we suffer from.

  • Frances W. Fryman says:

    This is my best. It has helped me understand men better and as a result better my relationship with men. I now know how they believe and when and I can be able to use that to my advantage.

  • Jennifer Tyndall says:

    Bonding is an amazing thing when it comes to relationships for sure. It is the bonds and friendships built that keeps you going. I am happy to have learned very tips that will help me all through together with my boyfriend.

  • Trisha W. says:

    The Bonding code has helped me understand so much about men and i am satisfied by the product so far. I bought the guide because there is so much that i felt i wanted to know about men. There is clear information that you will get in this guide that will help you deal with men better. It opens your eyes.

  • Charles says:

    Yes, it really is very helpful as I badly need some time to reignite the spark of my relationship. The tips presented are seemed very practical as well.

  • Ledoux says:

    I am more than happy to have used this guide and it worked for me. I can freely say that this program has been very important to me. It has made my relationship work. Now i understand men better than they know themselves. The author explains every point clearly. Now i know very many things about men.

  • Lupe D. says:

    Communication and understanding makes a relationship work in ways that cannot be described. Most humans do not believe in bonding with another individual, most people are afraid of intimacy, vulnerability and commitment when it comes to relationships and that is not a good thing to start cultivating, as it will eventually lead to a breakdown in the relationship.
    The joy of giving it all to someone is a very great experience for both the fiver and the receiver, however thanks to over modernization we do not believe in the ol good fashioned love anymore, all we care about these days is eating the cookie and fleeing the moment we get the chance.

  • Keith Trotter says:

    Bonding code is excellent. It is a system that is well made with the best secrets that many people do not even know about. I have come to understand many things. This is really amazing. It is easy to go through and works for real. Says my sister after using it.

  • Eva says:

    This program is still helping relationships build a solid bond around the world and it approaches fit perfectly in our modem society.

  • Michael Buchanan says:

    I knew something was different and when she confessed she got this program, I fell madly in love with her. This wasn’t something convenient to have, she cared and made me understand I cared as well.

  • Bryan says:

    It’s like kryptonite to Superman and he’ll feel like he’s drowning every time you come near unless you use this secret antidote.

  • Hughes Hansen says:

    The further I read, the more the higher that your material is.
    I’ve covered a lot of the other sources, like, just hereI have discovered information that was valid
    with such necessary facts to keep in mind. I suggest you’ll publish
    articles with several issues to upgrade mine in particular, our comprehension. The
    speech is another thing-just brilliant! I believe I have
    found my source of the info !

  • Shannon Gerard says:

    Do not panic too though it is very easy to do so. Know how to handle this phase. Do not let him continue doubting whether he really loves you.

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