The 67 Ways Review: Become a Sexual Dynamo & Drive Your Girl Wild

I have a confession to make. I am good looking, sporty, reasonably attractive and have sported a 6-pack for most of the last few years.

And I still dread getting into bed with a woman.

No, I am not gay. I love sex with girls just as much as the next heterosexual guy, perhaps even more. My nervousness stems from a different fact entirely – 9 times out of 10, I end up coming way before the girl does.

Naturally, that means I end up leaving her unsatisfied and disappointed. And trust me, as a guy, there is no worse feeling than not being able to satisfy a woman you love (or even the hottie in the bar you just picked up).

Things don’t just stop there. Cumming first regularly and leaving your partner unfinished can destroy your sexual confidence. As a result, you might experience

  • Reduced libido
  • Nervousness rendering you unable to enjoy sex
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Even erectile dysfunction

I expect that you begin to see that regularly being the one to orgasm first can be the beginning of a downward spiral in your sex life.

I am sure my problem isn’t unique. Statistics show that over 50% of men suffer from premature orgasm at some point in their lives, and are resultantly unable to satisfy their partners.

Maybe you have ever experienced this first hand and wistfully wished for a way to change this.

Maybe you wanted a way to make sure she orgasms before you did. But you believed that there is no way to do that.

Or is there?

This is exactly the problem that “50 Moves that will make her come first” seeks to address.

Let’s dive right into this review without further ado and explore how this product works.

50 Moves. No B.S

.Young beautiful couple making love

I must begin by noting how unlike most ebooks, this PDF gets straight to the point, without any introductory B.S. This product is, as it should be, about the moves themselves, from start to finish.

Now, while (obviously) I am not at liberty to disclose what those moves are, what I can tell you is what the moves helped me achieve (because, duh, that’s what reviews are for).

It’s hard to know where to start. But I need to begin somewhere, so let me give you three of the numerous feats I was able to achieve using this product. In no particular order:

  • I was able to consistently make girls squirt using only my tongue. Yep, you read that right,
  • After learning a simple modification of a common fingering technique, I made my partner orgasm 3-4 times in a row, regularly.
  • I learned a simple trick that allowed me to make my partner orgasm before sex as well as increase the intensity of her orgasms during sex

Wait up. I’m getting ahead of myself.

Before this begins to sound like a sales pitch for some scam, let me first talk about the hows and whys of this product so that you can understand, behind the scenes, how it works.

The science behind the bookErotic moments of couple in bed

Female pleasure is, at the end of the day, the outcome of her anatomy and biology. This product exploits this fact beautifully, by exploring the female anatomy for newer, more effective and powerful means of sexual pleasure.

This ebook is unique in that it tells you not only what to do, but why doing that is so effective. I would link this to the author having a deep understanding of the mechanics of sexual pleasure.

This is in stark contrast to most other ebooks on this subject, which betray their hit and trial method of generating orgasms. These books tend to lack explanations, and are resultantly haphazard and ineffective.

Refreshingly, the present ebook does not rely simply on hearsay. Instead, it provides detailed explanations for each technique provided.

“I just want to learn how to please girls. Who cares why it works?”, you might say. And my answer to that is this – yes, it doesn’t matter so long as you can repeat the technique precisely.

But being human, we err.

And the key to salvaging bad situations in bed is an understanding of why things might have gone wrong. That is where this book outshines its competitors.

Moreover, if you understand where these techniques came from, you can improvise and creatively pleasure girls.

Equipped with an understanding of the way, I was able to make girls scream with pleasure, and beg me for more.

I even combined different moves in innovative ways to keep them guessing and moaning harder than ever.


My Experiences

young woman begging and using laptop

All the amazing experimentation that went into producing these moves comes forward superbly when I could execute multiple of these techniques in a single session, giving the girl experiences she’s never had before and leaves her begging for more.

I was initially skeptical when I heard of the amazing feats promised by this ebook, and by each one of the fifty moves.

But there seemed to be no harm in trying – the instructions were simple and straightforward, albeit unique because I had never seen techniques put together in this manner before.

And with just a little experimentation, I was able to begin implementing the simpler techniques straight away and boost my sexual performance virtually overnight.

Women in my life wondered what had changed. They asked me stuff like “Have you hired a new sex coach?”, or even “Are you on drugs? Because you sure make me feel like I’m on them.”

This throwaway remark is actually based in science. Sex done the right way can literally light up the pleasure centers of a woman’s brains in a manner identical to snorting a line of cocaine.

Yep, that does mean that good sex can be very, very addictive. And you can get women hooked on you easily with this impressive.

I experienced this first hand. Within two weeks of implementing the techniques in this book, my sexual life changed drastically.

  • My occasional sexual partners started coming back every day, even multiple times a day, to get me to fuck them again.
  • My ex-had a one time encounter with me and was so impressed that she broke up with her new boyfriend to get back with me (Unfortunately for her, I wasn’t interested anymore).
  • Word spread about my newfound sexual prowess. Soon, the number of sexual encounters I had at social events (college parties etc.) more than doubled.
  • I strode around with a new found confidence among girls.

The last point is worth elaborating upon a bit. I was always a very introverted, shy guy, especially around girls. I could rarely if ever approach them, let alone strike up a conversation with them. Even when they approached me, I would be so nervous that my awkwardness would eventually drive her away.

I could never figure out the reasons behind this.

Turns out it was simply this: I wasn’t sure how to please a girl, and thus I was scared, deep inside, of making a wrong move.

I bottled up all this nervousness, and it manifested in my stupid and awkward responses around girls. This meant I hardly ever got sexual experience, and that amplified my insecurities even more.

This brings me back to the downward spiral I mentioned earlier in this review. Due to my introverted nature, I very rarely got laid. When I did, however, I was naturally very excited. This, combined with my bottled up nervousness, meant that I would inevitably come before the girl.

This often left them feeling disappointed and let down. Some faked a very plastic smile, some didn’t even bother with that and flat out told me stuff like “a kid would’ve lasted longer.” And even “my ex-was tiny but even me made me come more than you.” Ouch.

I was in search of a solution to these experiences. But until I found one, I withdrew into myself even more and starting turning down sexual offers from amazing people.

My fear was becoming a big roadblock in my sexual progress.

It was in these circumstances that I decided to buy this guide.

Why this guide

Sexy striptease dancer seducing man

After reading countless reviews and testimonials, I was convinced enough to at least try the product. At the price of a dollar for every amazing move in the book, it seemed like a reasonable bargain. But it was the 100% money back guarantee that for me made it a no-brainer.

After buying this book, I took some time to understand the moves, as well as the situations in which it would be optimal to implement them.

This is a crucial step that people miss out – while just reading a few moves and rushing out to try them will get you results, they wouldn’t even be close to the results you could achieve by a detailed study of this wonderful ebook, including all the explanatory sections.

So, anyway, after convincing myself with reasonable confidence that I knew most of the moves inside thoroughly, I went into the next social gathering(read: party) both nervous and excited. While I wasn’t still completely sure if the techniques within this book, I was convinced, inside, that they did.

And I think that is what made all the difference.

I approached girls and began seducing them with an ease that even surprised me. The moves in this product aren’t just as powerful as described. They’re often more powerful.

Girls that, to quote a friend, were “Way way out of [my] league”, suddenly became interested in me.

The results were every bit as drastic as promised, and then some.

And I hadn’t even got into bed yet.

My first sexual encounterA man dressing after implied lovemaking

Now a fair warning: to accurately describe my first encounter, just like this ebook, I’ve had to use certain graphic words. Readers easily offended should not read on.

Ok, so a bit of context. The girl I finally picked up at that party was a long-time crush of mine, who had often friend zoned me before.

Interestingly, my success with the other girls at the party seemed to have piqued her interest in me, and before I knew it, here we were, back at her apartment.

She had a cute place, but I had little time to appreciate it fully because as soon as we entered she pretty much forced me onto her couch and made me take off her pants.

I took over from there, And within four minutes I had her moaning in her first orgasm – and I hadn’t even penetrated her yet. I made her orgasm two more times in a span of 15 minutes before even beginning sex.

And the sex itself was mind-blowing.

Not just for her, but also for me. You see, while many guys may not accept this, our enjoyment of sex is also often fundamentally tied to a feeling of adequacy, of mastery, of being able to please the girl with ease. When this feeling is absent, sex can never be truly enjoyable for either partner.

And it was this feeling that was truly present this time. Confident that the moves I had learned were going to give her pleasure in ways she had never known even existed, I moved with poise and determination. This was unlike m, as I’m usually, very clumsy and awkward during sex.

This confidence seemed to please my mate, who was wet before I knew it. Using the doggy style techniques detailed in this book, I was able to have her moaning and screaming in orgasm multiple times, in a sex session longer than any I had experienced before.

When it was all over, she had a stupid grin on her face, and the only question she asked me was, “When are you coming back?”

That is the power of this product.



Within this book, you will definitely find ways to boost your sexual powers multiple times and please your sexual partners in amazing new ways. My experience bears this out, and so does the experience of numerous others, as you can see by the praise showered upon this product in other reviews and testimonials.

Buying this product is something I have never heard anyone regret. After my recommendation, a number of my friends also decided to dive in and purchase this product.

Within weeks, all of them reported an experience similar to mine. Even my fattest friend, who was previously a virgin, had been able to find himself a partner.

One of my friends had an even more incredible experience than mine, managing to get himself a threesome with two of the hottest college seniors around, the first time he tried the techniques in this ebook.

Now it is important to note that none of my friends are particularly good looking or naturally charming. They’re “average Joe’s” in the truest sense of the word, at least when it comes to picking up girls.

One of them is short and bulky, another tall and lanky, none of them are particularly socially skilled though they’re interesting people in their own right.

All this is to say that this product has proven its effectiveness across a diverse class of people. It will work for you regardless of whether you are attractive or unattractive, rich or poor, educated or uneducated.

To me, this is one of the more remarkable things about this ebook. Each of the 50 techniques detailed in this book is proven to work and are backed by the testimony of innumerable people who have tried it.

Therefore, to conclude I would recommend this product to anyone who feels their sex life is hampered by their inability to regularly make their partner come first. I would recommend this book even to those who have that ability because I am willing to bet that the advanced techniques in this product are going to be novel and enlightening even for the most seasoned sexual veterans.

The 67 Ways Review

Click to learn The 67 Ways to drive her wild, make her experience orgasms beyond her dreams, and love you more than ever before!

The 67 Ways Review: Become a Sexual Dynamo & Drive Your Girl Wild
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