Text The Romance Back Review: Are You Using These Texts Yet?

It should not be a surprise then that texting has a great impact on relationships given those facts, Some relationships start with a simple text. Sadly, however, some end as a result of a text as well. Today’s review is for a product that wants to prevent the latter from becoming your reality.

The name of the product is Text The Romance Back. This product comes at a key time. Here are some mind-blowing statistics on texting in America.

Texting Statistics in America

Forty-five percent of the world’s text comes from America alone.

• On a regular basis, eighty-one of the American population is texting.

• That amount of texting creates over six billion texts every day. One hundred and eighty 180 billion texts every month and over two trillion texts every year.

• America is responsible for approximately forty-five of the world’s text volume.

• The ratio of texts to calls is two to one.

When you look at how age impacts texting, reviews find the following.

Texting Statistics by Age Group

Twenty-five to thirty-four: Send and receive approximately three thousand and eight hundred texts monthly.

Thirty-five to forty-four: Send and receive approximately two thousand and two hundred texts monthly

Forty-five to fifty-four: Send and receive approximately one thousand and five hundred texts monthly.

Fifty-five and over: Send and receive approximately nine hundred texts monthly.

Chances that part of your relationship is carried out via texting is high given the above statistics.

Michael Fiore is the creator of the great program we are about to review. First, let’s find out more about him.

Who is Michael Fiore

Michael is a best-selling author. He is also an internationally known relationships expert. Michael’s goal is to show couples how to build and sustain great relationships in a quickly changing world. A world where personal communication is constantly competing with digital communication.

Following are some of his best selling books and programs:

1. How to Kiss a Man to Make Him Fall in Love
2. The Secret Survey
3. Capture His Heart
4. Text Your Ex Back 2.0
5. Language of Desire
6. Oral Fixation
7. Text your Wife into Bed
8. Stroke of Genius
9. Online Allure Formula
10. Crack the Girl Code

Text The Romance Back Start To Text The Romance Back Today

How to Turn on the Romance

Men and women do not view romance in the same way. This does not mean that men are not romantic. They simply view romance as a game. That view is tied to their natural hunter instinct.

According to Michael, in the area of romance, guys need women to do three things. These three things activate their romantic desires. The three things guys need are:

1. To be teased by the partner they are in a relationship with.
2. Allowed to be a guy and do romance their way.
3. To be in a relationship that creates a safe environment for them.

The program you will read about below shows you how to do all of the above.

Text The Romance Back

Text The Romance Back is a step-by-step relationship texting guide. The aim of the program is to show you how to use texting as a romance-enhancing tool.

Michael, through this program, destroys the myth that says men are not romantic. Shows why your guy is not initiating romance by taking you out or surprising you. Finally, you’ll learn how simple texts are the key to turning up the romance in any relationship.

This particular program is one of Michael’s most popular programs. This program is designed to work over a thirty-day period.

text The Romance Back

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What the Relationship Texting Guide Includes

Here is a sneak peek at some of what you’ll learn when you buy this relationship texting guide that Michael put together.

1. Curiosity Magnet: Curiosity magnet texts are texts designed to always get a man’s attention. Regardless of what they are doing.

2. Appreciation Texts: Use appreciation texts to express your true feelings. They are a powerful tool that makes your guy feel wanted. It also shows you are not taking them for granted.

3. Sensual Compliments texts: The purpose of a sensual complement text is to turn up the romantic heat in any relationship.

4. Text Massage Technique: We all love to get a message from the one we love. This technique teaches you how to receive the digital equivalence of one.

5. The Distance Destroyer Text: Distance may make the heart grow fonder. However, it still feels terrible. This technique shows you how to eliminate the distance when you are apart.

More Texting Tips

1. 3 Magic Words

Stop arguments before they develop with this texting technique. You’ll learn how to avoid repetitive fights. Should a flight erupt, you’ll learn how to defuse it.

2. Relationship Time Machine

Great relationships are built on the connection. This texting technique shows you how to build this connection.

3. 8. Bait Question” Texts

You will no longer have to fight for your man’s affection with this texting technique. You’ll have his attention all the time and especially when you need it.

4. Digital Telepathy” Texts

The need for a man to be teased was touched on above. This texting technique will show you how to tease your man via text.

5. How To Use “Digital Foreplay

Start foreplay with your partner way before you get to the bedroom. This texting technique shows you how.

Program Bonus Item

Your purchase of the above-mentioned program comes with five bonus items. Those bonus items are:

1. The Text The Romance Back 2.0 Audio Edition
2. The “I Like Myself Game” Worksheet
3. The TRB 2.0 “Crib Sheet”
4. The TRB 2.0 FAQS
5. Facebook Romance Secrets

The Text The Romance Back 2.0 Audio Edition

This first bonus item allows you to take this program with you wherever you go. The audio format is great for those constantly on the go.

The “I Like Myself Game” Worksheet

Self-esteem and self-confidence are an integral part of a successful and happy relationship. If yours is low, it will affect your relationship. This second bonus shows you how to boost your self-esteem and self-confidence.

In a healthy relationship, both you and your partner feel connected to each other and are satisfied with how the relationship is going.

That may sound obvious, but an estimated 40% to 50% of marriages, in particular, in the US end in divorce. So establishing a healthy relationship is often easier said than done.

There are many factors that make up a healthy relationship, like commitment and trust, which can help you navigate problems and stay together.

Clear and direct communication is a sign of a healthy relationship for two main reasons, says Chris Leeth, PhD, LPC-S, a professor of counseling at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

  1. It suggests that both partners are able to express their wants and needs in a way that the other person can understand.
  2. Both partners can hear what the other person is saying and understand what is being conveyed.

This kind of communication can help you connect to your partner, express yourself honestly, and resolve any conflicts that may come up.

A 2018 review of 15 studies found that couples were more satisfied in their relationships when they used communication skills like making constructive statements and clarifying the other person’s meaning.

It can be helpful to have regularly scheduled check-ins, to make sure you are both communicating and on the same page.

Text The Romance Back Start To Text The Romance Back Today

The TRB 2.0 “Crib Sheet”

Thinking of the correct combination of words to use in each text is difficult. It is also not practical. We all have busy lives to lead. This third bonus item is made up of done-for-you texts.

The TRB 2.0 FAQS

The fourth bonus item is a question and answers session. It includes a collection of commonly asked questions. Questions that Micheal encounters in his relationship practice or interacting with people who have bought his program. You’ll also learn what to do if you send a text message and the response is counter to your expectations.

Facebook Romance Secrets

You tell the world about yourself every time you say something. Social media has become part of the storytelling medium. This fifth and final bonus item shows you how to use Facebook and other forms of social media to tell your story. What you learn makes the man in your life fall madly in love with you each he reads a post.

Money-Back Guarantee

Michael has worked with thousands of men and women. He is responsible for countless successful relationships. Reviews show that countless relationship has benefited from his teachings, tips, and techniques.

However, if for you, the relationship guide provides no useful information that builds your relationships, don’t worry. There is a remedy. The program comes with a sixty-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.


Texting is popular. However, it is the easiest way to be misunderstood using a few words. Getting help with texting effectively is an opportunity not to be passed up. Multiple reviews and testimonials confirm that this program definitely improves the love between couples. It also increases the passion and intimacy displaced.

The best way to make a new habit stick is to tie it into your daily life. You are already texting a lot according to the above texting stats. This program shows you how to use your texting to build a successful, strong. loving and happy relationship.

Words can inspire. They can also crush one’s spirit. Words can build. They can also tear down. Buy this timely and invaluable program today if your relationship means the world to you. Learn from this program the most effective words to use in your text. Let your texts inspire and build your relationships instead of doing the exact opposite.

“Love is never lost. If not reciprocated, it will flow back and soften and purify the heart.” – Washington Irving

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  • Nancy C. says:

    I love texting, but most of the times I fail to make my messages clear. Of course, I needed some help with that and found this program. I am so happy I got it as it helped me build a stronger relationship with my man. Amazing what a few simple words can do for you.

  • Kristine Brown says:

    Texting can bring your loved one back and this all is not hoax. It is all the truth because I also thought of it as a big big lie before I became one of those who benefited from this. My boyfriend had lost all that romantic essence that we had had in the earlier times of the relation but now, it is all back to normal again. All thanks to this very thing. Love it.

  • Power says:

    Thank you so much for this guide. I have learned so much from this book more than i can say. The system provides so hidden secrets about texting that i never knew about. And the most amazing part is that they work very well. When i started using the guide i was abit worried that it would not work. But i have been able to spark the romance back by following this system.

  • Richard Kress says:

    This guide essentially centers around the approach that sending a carefully worded and timely text message can reignite the embers of romance and set your loved one’s heart on fire.

  • Lupe D. says:

    You’ll learn to use bait questions that will spark your partner’s desire and much more. The texts will make your partner feel warm and romantic towards you.

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