Survive Her Affair Review: How To Save Your Marriage After The Affair

Men love dominance. We believe that we are the piece de resistance in the human world. In fact, we consider ourselves kings and masters of all the existence on earth.

Men are the epitome of perfection, power, agility, speed, mind and other factors. These make the male sex powerful and mighty. Yet, even if all things become your possession, there is one thing you cannot fully control. A woman’s love and affection.

Well, we must admit it. We do not have full control over women. Kings, prime ministers, presidents, even Adam, cannot control women. This is because as weak as they are in our eyes, they have total control over their mental abilities.

If you look at us men, you’ll be able to determine that women are our Achilles heel. We go crazy for them, we fight for them, we even fight amongst ourselves to prove we are worthy of their affection.

The worst thing that can happen to a man is a betrayal. Once you slip that ring on, you dedicate yourself to eternity to that woman. Betrayal can happen suddenly and fast. More importantly, betrayal does not choose who to hurt.

If you feel that your woman is cheating, you’ll feel that you are incompetent and weak. What do other men have that you do not? Why, after all the time and trouble you went through, did your woman decides to stab you in the back?

The answer may be simple. As we try to review Survive Her Affair, you’ll know whether you can save your marriage or it’s time to move on. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

It has undergone many reviews but this time, it’ll be a first-hand experience. As such, you can expect us to be very strict with it.

Expectations about the book

Being a person who experienced heartbreak because of cheating (I saw the action with my own eyes mind you), I know how it feels to be broken. It’s been years since we have broken up. Here I am, writing about a book that I should have read years ago. Anyway, here are my expectations.

I don’t expect the book to be that comprehensive. In fact, we experience pain differently. I don’t think it will be able to capture the essence of a heartbreak. The author, Kevin Jackson, may have dealt with it, too.

Still, I don’t think he felt what I did. Men feel differently. I am an emotional man. A man should not be too attached to his wife to establish dominance and that is what I am not.

Well, I could be wrong. I’ve done many reviews and some even exceed my expectations. Let’s give the Survive Her Affair and Kevin Jackson a chance to prove itself.

Survive Her Affair book

What I learned when I read the book

I tried to settle down with the book and read it from page 1 to 129. I actually learned a lot of things from the book. Many of these things are ideas I am aware of but do not know how to accept. I get more detailed below:

  • It’s almost the same as a traumatic experience.

Learning that your woman is cheating on you is heartbreaking. Little did I know what this was really a kind of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. Men, you have to be careful. There are chances that being heartbroken because of betrayal can damage your mental abilities. Suicide is also common. History even says that some men run rampant after discovering his wife’s unfaithfulness.

There are chances that being heartbroken because of betrayal can damage your mental abilities. Suicide is also common. History even says that some men run rampant after discovering his wife’s unfaithfulness.

  • The factors to rely on.

Cheating is cheating. Dishonesty is what it is. I’ve learned that these factors exist to see if your marriage is still worth saving.

This further justified that our break up was definitely going to happen. The factors showed that it was too late to save out marriage. Both of us were already feeling down and out for the count.

The decision to break was unanimous. Nevertheless, it helped me grow. These factors tell you whether there’s a chance. In my case, there was none.

  • You’ll see the reason why she did it. 

Maybe you’re too busy working? Maybe you focus too much on what tomorrow will bring and forget about the gifts of the present? The book states many reasons such as the loss of the spark, no time together, boring and repetitive nights.

Some reasons even stack against each other. These build up until your wife cannot handle things anymore. She’ll definitely cheat and stab you in the back if you still fail to notice.

  • You’ll understand what you feel.

Perhaps one of the hardest things for men to do is be emphatic. We feel bad. But do we understand why we do? Is our ego hurt? Do you hate the idea of your woman having sex with another man? Does it make you less of a man? This book told me that I felt bad because I gave everything I had. I poured all my love. I feel like my love was wasted, thrown to rot in the garbage.

This book told me that I felt bad because I gave everything I had. I poured all my love. I feel like my love was wasted, thrown to rot in the garbage.

  • Talk to her about it.

I failed to talk to my ex-wife about her affair. Maybe, that is what leads to destruction. The book tells you that confrontation is the most powerful action you can take.

There are correct ways to learn the truth from your wife. She’ll eventually try to avoid your questions, steer the conversations away from it, even change topics. The book will tell you the right approach to it. This is the first step towards healing or moving on.

  • You’ll gain your ground back.

You’ll need to stand up back again after the affair concludes or continues. Emotional trauma is painful but not a wall you cannot climb over. The book helps you heal yourself. This review points out one important thing: You cannot help others if you cannot help yourself.

  • You’ll understand whether to stay or go away.

The climax is always the verdict. You’ll either stay or you’ll go away. The Survive Her Affair book helps you determine which action to take. It prepares you for it and you’ll keep your head up as a man, even with heartbreak.

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What I think after reading the book

First, the book can cater to men who are not yet married. You can use this book as your guide if you suspect your partner of such a crime. This is a good read before you slip on the rings of forever. You’ll never regret being too cautious.

Second, the book is strictly for adults. It has language that can trigger your emotions VIVIDLY. It even uses scenarios and implied sentences to capture how a man will feel during the event. Be mindful. Though Kevin Jackson will warn you, it is better to go prepared. It will be a tornado of emotions inside the book, I promise you.

Of course, if you just suspect your wife, it is better to read the book anyway. It gives you hints you can use. These clues help you determine whether your wife is actually trying to sneak behind you and catch another Mr. Right. Or she is just trying to make friends with the guy next door. Either way, you need not fret. The book is fully capable of letting you know the tell-tale signs of an affair.

The book is fully capable of letting you know the tell-tale signs of an affair.

I am glad that this book went up for a review and what a ride it has been. I never knew that infidelity can cause such damage to men’s emotions, mentality, and psyche. We are dominant but our Achilles heel remains our only adversary. The best part for me is actually the confrontations. That is where you can show your dominance especially over yourself.

The Verdict – Can you really save your marriage?

This book is a must read to understand what it means to fight through an affair. However, think of this. If you felt this way after being cheated on, how does a woman feel when you do the same? Respect begets respect. Love actuates love.

Failing to see the needs and wants of your spouse can lead to bad things. Affairs can be stopped and betrayal can be turned into more loving moments. Moving on will never be the same without this book.

It will help you heal, understand, confront, and move on if such an event happens. Men can still hold their heads high after an affair. After all, it was our shortcomings that led to this unsatisfying situation.

I guess the best way to go about this review is to give it two thumbs up! It captures the emotions in play. Survive Her Affair brings you into the battlefield once again and helps you win the war.

Grab the book, read it, and don’t be afraid to let your emotions pour. You are trying to save what is being broken. Who knows, you might even end up being stronger than ever before

And yes, you can save your marriage. Pay attention to everything the book tells you to. You will never regret this great read.

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