Subliminal Seduction System Review: How To Get Under Her Skin

Why was sex a taboo?

If you look at sex from a biological or evolutionary perspective, it is very important. Most species have strong sexual desires, and humans are no exception. As a matter of fact, we not only have sex for the purpose of reproduction, but we do it because we like it.

And while we are free to discuss sex pretty much anywhere we go, it wasn’t always like that. Various organizations, from religious to societal presented sex as a bad thing you mustn’t do. You needed to get married and go through a lot of paperwork just to have sex with your wife.

Sex was portrayed as an uncivilized activity, something that people shouldn’t talk about, pretending that no one did it. Moreover, if you did have sex it was for the purpose of reproduction. “You mustn’t like it” authority would say. Of course, people liked it, and they hated themselves for liking it.

And then the sexual revolutions came, philosophers killed the idea of Absolute Authority, psychologists talked about libido and sexual desire. As we slowly democratized society, people started talking about the things that their prior generations considered a taboo.

Why is sex no longer a taboo?

Philosophers, psychologists, and psychotherapists played a huge role in this. Science quickly developed accessories that enabled people to have sex just to have sex and enjoy it (like condoms). Now, in 2017, sex is everywhere.

The modern world and its paradigm are based on the ideas of modern psychologists and philosophers. For example, Freud thought that libido is the driving force of every human being. So, imagine that shift. For centuries people were taught to be rational, constrained and above all, moral.

And then this guy Freud comes and says: “Hey people, it turns out we are all just guided by this blind lust (libido), and all we constantly think about is sex”. Of course, this echoed through religious and political circles whose power dependent on obedient and moral citizens.

Today, we are still trying to salvage what’s left of that old world, but it’s not going to happen.

Why is sex good?

Sex is good for numerous reasons. I’ve composed a list of several positive aspects of sex.

1. People who have sex feel and look younger. This especially applies to older people because older couples that have regular sex actually look 5 or more years younger.

2. Sex boosts your immune system. Indeed, it boosts it in various ways (immunoglobin, DHEA…)

3. It is good for your heart. If you think about it, sex is actually a form of exercise.

4. The more sex you have, the more attractive you are. Yes, people sense that!

5. Sex is an excellent stress release. Moreover, the lack of sex actually causes stress.

Of course, this list can go on forever. And I’m sure that all of you who read this review have something to add up to this list…

Out of luck

Sex is one of those things you need to have, but also need to get for yourself. Right? And let’s face the facts, not all of us are good looking and muscular like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp. Hell, I know I’m not!

But throughout the years, you realize that not everything is about the looks. Not everything is about the money or your social status either. Of course, all these things automatically increase your chances of having sex with complete strangers, but it’s not all about that.

What I’ve realized throughout my life is that what you say and how you behave is the most important thing in a man-woman relationship. You can have all the money in this world and be the most beautiful men in the world, and women might still reject you.

Moreover, a lot of things happen on unconscious levels. If you think about it, we don’t really know where do our wishes, dreams and decisions come from. We think we know, but that is just another aspect of the brilliant deception our mind plays. However, there are ways for us to dive into the unconscious mind of ourselves

Furthermore, there are ways for you to even trigger those deep desires, to sort of boost other person’s libido. And while I can’t tell you how to do this, I know someone who can help you.

Learn All About The Subliminal Seduction System Today, How You Can Get Under His Skin And Into His Heart!

Thomas: the author of the Subliminal Seduction System?

system to pick up women

Thomas was a very shy, geeky boy in his childhood. To be completely honest with you, he was actually bullied by both boys and girls. But he finished school, got a job, and everything seemed ok. Then, one day, his boss asked him to do a presentation on the front of his colleagues.

It is needless to say that he couldn’t do it. The boss told him to see a shrink, and that’s what he did. Despite the fact that he didn’t believe in psychiatry, he tried it. There, his psychiatrist explained to him how any behavior can be changed if you know how to do it. He explained that by describing the Pavlov experiment (unfortunately, it would take me too long to explain the experiment, but definitely check it out).

Anyhow, Thomas quickly realized that he wasn’t born with anxiety, nor did he have some genetic predisposition do suffer from panic attacks. It was all about human conditioning on an unconscious level. But this also meant that you can condition other people.

Very quickly, Thomas developed his own conditioning system based on cognitive behavior and neurolinguistics: it is called Subliminal Seduction system.

What is Subliminal Seduction System?

The basic premise of this program is to make women feel good as soon as you talk to her. That initial conversation will decide whether or not will this woman like you. The Subliminal Seduction System works and is very effective according to numerous positive reviews and comments. And it works like this:

With this course, you will learn how to use NLP (neurolinguistic programming) techniques, making sure that you never feel shy or anxious around women

• How to pick up the most beautiful women even if you are just an average looking guy

• A sneaky trick that connects your face with the best sex that girl has ever had (you know where will that get you)

• Proof that you can get people to associate something positive and pleasurable with anything. Think about advertising; they use this technique all the time.

• The “Tom Cruise” trick to overcome the fear of what other people might think of you

• Body language tricks that trigger years of evolutionary desires in females that makes them want to desperately talk to you

• 6 “I want to have sex with you” signals women sent off to guys. Learn what these signals are so you don’t miss them ever again.

Other important features and bonuses

This system has numerous useful features and I’m simply unable to describe them all in this one post. However, I want to describe in details some of the most important features of this system.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques

You can use these scientific techniques to see through all the social lies that want to convince you that you aren’t good enough to sleep with the prettiest and hottest women.

Actresses, models and other celebrities are human beings just like you, and you can easily apply these techniques to them.

Seven step formula

Instead of walking to a bar and trying to think of ways to approach women, let them come to you. Just walk into a bar, sit, order a drink and put this formula to work. You will be able to pick from the variety of women who approach you.

Specific location training

If you think about it, different people go to different places. Women who go to libraries think and behave differently than the women who go to bars or nightclubs.

And even if one woman goes to all these places, she will still act differently, behave differently and be stimulated by different words.

Bonus #1: Embedded influence

This guide has a number of different scenarios played out for you. Learn what to say in each scenario. More importantly, learn how to respond to different answers; you might ask the same question, but you will probably get different responses.

Basically, the embedded thought is a technique used by a hypnotist in order to induce hypnosis or wake you up from one.

Bonus #2: Female Body Language

Body language plays an important role in seduction. According to recent studies, 93% of the conversation is nonverbal. Also, you can understand why is it important to say the right thing (7% of the conversation is verbal)

So, the purpose of this bonus is to teach you how to recognize the nonverbal signals (positive or negative) every woman is sending off.

Who should buy this system?

This system is designed for men of all ages, looks, and statuses. Moreover, it is a great way for a shy or anxious man to lose his fears and boost self-confidence. If you are looking for one night stands or women to settle with, this system will help you with that.

However, it is mainly designed for the man who wants to have casual sex with women. Subliminal Seduction System comes with 60-day money back guarantee policy, and you can ask for your money back if you don’t like it.

I would say that, if you are still not sure whether or not you should buy this system, just take your time. Check other reviews, see the testimonies of the people who used this system. I only hope that you find and get what you want. Good luck!

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Subliminal Seduction System Review: How To Get Under Her Skin
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