Stroke By Stroke Review: Are You Pleasing Him As Well As You Could Be?

A Complete Guide to Giving the Best Handjob Ever

A Complete Guide to Giving the Best Handjob Ever

What is a handjob?

A handjob is manually stimulating the penis or the scrotum of a man by another person for inducing sexual pleasure. It can sometimes result in orgasm. Likewise, manually stimulating a female’s vagina, vulva or clitoris is fingering and the manual stimulation of genitals between 2 people is called as mutual masturbation. In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks of giving the best handjob to your man.

We will be revealing all the secrets to giving him the intoxicating pleasure that he deserves. He’s sure to fall in love with you over and over again even more so passionately every time. According to surveys conducted, 80% of men confessed that they would anytime prefer a good hand job over a blowjob.

Most of the people believe that giving handjobs is the most boring form of sexual activity. Even though handjob has an undeserved reputation, it can be a safe and fun form of foreplay or sex for the experts and novices alike.

However, just like any other activity which involves removing clothes, handjobs can also leave the potential for some really gross things to happen. The smell of the semen which has been marinating in the sweaty boxers throughout the day is an apparent one indeed.

Remember the time in school when you rubbed glue all over your hands and then rub your hands together until it dries up? Giving handjob with pre-cum is exactly the adult version of it.

Whether you depend on the bodily fluids or use synthetic lubes, it is only a matter of time before something gets adhered to either you or your mate and forces a break in the action.

Why Men Cheat?

Stroke By Stroke Review Why Men Cheat

About 90% of the men who have affairs and cheat say that they did so because of their un-satisfaction in bed. Yes, it is not a very good reason for any an affair, but this is the reality.

Stroke By Stroke Review 2

Do you think your man wants your hands on him badly? You may have given him quite a lot of hand jobs. However, you need to know that you still need to learn a lot!

Unless he has begged you to give him regular handjobs, there are chances that you aren’t doing the job vary greatly. Undoubtedly, you can keep asking him about what he likes, how and where to touch him, but ultimately you can end up turning him off forever and he’ll prefer masturbating himself than getting a hand job from you.

In short, most of the women do not know how they can pleasure their man truly with their hands. The reason is that no-one has ever taught how this stuff works, how it should be done.

Hence, you cannot find much information about it anywhere but here, at a stroke by stroke. Most people who ever talk about handjobs or how it should be given do not talk about this topic very openly or if they do, they don’t do it the way it should be.

They mostly make it sound very distasteful. You cannot even get a clear idea about how you should do it with your man because even he cannot explain it to you. All that he knows is that he absolutely loves a good handjob.

Even if he does explain it to you in detail with proper instructions, it doesn’t remain very sexy and romantic, does it? Hence, in this article, we will be discussing how you can please your man in the most sensual way.

Once you have figured out how and what your man loves in bed, you will open yourself to much greater romance and love in your relationship.

Perfect ‘Happy Ending’

Stroke By Stroke Review Perfect ‘Happy Ending’

In the massage parlors, the handjob given by the masseuse to the man whether as a part of the massage or just directly after the message is known as the ‘Happy ending’.

It may seem simple, but giving a great handjob is not very easy. It is really an art. It is a big deal to give any guy intense pleasure form the handjob that he gets addicted to you and your hands.

Sure, you may be aware of the parts where you need to touch, where you need to massage for longer and by stroke by stroke, but you need to know that all men are a little different. Every man likes it in a little different way.

Just like one cannot tickle themselves, getting a handjob from someone else is a whole different sensation. It is wonderful and satisfying. Let us have a look at some different ways of giving a good handjob.

We always hear that we could have better sex, a better orgasm or just a better relationship. However, how often do you come across the basic facts of how we can actually understand our deepest lust and the most embarrassing questions in a better way?

 Stroke By Stroke Review

Let’s have a look at the 5 ways you can give the best handjob by:

  1. Using Lube because you want your hands to slide over the penis and not tug at it. Handjobs should be smooth and comfortable. Lube also gives a broader range of motion.
  2. Getting right to the business is how it should be. Most of you may like getting a little tease in the bedroom before sex. But most men have said that tickling and teasing in the crotch area for too long makes them uncomfortable. You can spend as much time as you want on kissing. But when you are ready to give to the hand job, just get right to it without wasting much time.
  3. Using more pressure is very important. Most of the women don’t get the idea about the sturdiness of the penis. They tend to handle it very softly. Well, that eventually ends up in becoming a very boring hand job. Rather, you should take a firm grip of the penis in your hand and keep the hold tight as you start to move your fist up and down stroke by stroke.
  4. Trying different positions is another important aspect of a great handjob. You can try out by sitting cross-legged between his legs and have him laid back on his back. Then drape his legs over the bedside while you can kneel on the floor between his legs.
  5. Using both hands makes the handjob quite versatile. It can surely need you to a little dexterous for this to go smoothly.

 Stroke By Stroke Review

Stroke By Stroke Handjob

Given below are some particular strokes for the handjob which you can try out:

  • Make an “O” using your index finger and your thumb of one hand. Now start twisting the “O” back and fro over the penis head. Now make a fist with other hand and start moving up and down on the remaining shaft.
  • Interlace your fingers and start moving your hands stroke by stroke together.
  • Keep your one fist on others and move up and down synchronously.

You should also use both your hands in a circular motion. Just think of it as increasing his pleasure to the twice. If you wish to give him an astonishingly erotic -handed handjob, just make a ring with your forefinger and your thumb at his shaft’s base and gently and slowly tug in the downward direction, along with fondling his TLC- craving testicles with the other hand.

Tips and Ideas for the Perfect Handjob 

Stroke By Stroke Review Tips and Ideas for the Perfect Handjob

To pleasure your man manually-whether you introduce the penetration or by just an amorous act, it is a sex skill which is mostly overlooked and ignored by most people. When you’re fooling around with your man, get him to lie down on his back and then astride his thighs.

After that, use some water-based lube and apply it on his penis in a gentle manner. If you wish to perform a basic hand job, very gently and firmly twine your fingers around his penis and start moving your wrist up and down stroke by stroke on his penis in slow and steady motion.

The key ingredient to a completely moan-deserving handjob is ‘variety’. Hence, you can play with the pressure you put on the cock and your speed as you see his arousal growing.

Also, remember that you need to give extra attention to the corona. It is highly-sensitive as it is the ridge between the head and the shaft. Keep in mind that you also give attention to the thin ridge called frenulum which runs lengthwise underneath the penis.

Massaging them periodically with your fingers will make him overwhelmed in ecstasy.

If you are going to be making his toes curl, you are going to need to handle his tool in both your hands and work with precision. Start scaling down your first hand over his shaft and then follow it with the other hand.

Start with making a delicate twirling motion as you go yoyo on his penis. When you can sense him nearing the orgasm, continue the stroking motion with your one hand and keep massaging his perineum with the middle fingers and the pointer with the other.

Stroke By Stroke Review

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