Spellbound: Enchant Mr. Right Review: Here’s What You Do To Catch Him

In a girl’s world, everything is so much harder. We have to present ourselves in the best way that we can. Unbelievably, we have to do this every single night! You see, men do not feel the horror. The fright of spending countless hours in front of the mirror.

Don’t get me wrong, some women look amazing without makeup on. However, women like me and some of the vast majority need to put a lot of effort just to be noticed. Yet, even if we already have reached the maximum attractiveness, we cannot get what we want.

Women in the animal kingdom get to choose who their mates are. Many birds, mammals, gosh, even girl dinosaurs get to choose their mate. Big male dinosaurs participated in wrestling matches, peacocks show off their colors, etc. After the standoff, the female gets to choose.

Humans? Not so much. This is true for the vast majority of human women. It’s like we’ve gone into oblivion. If dinosaurs were alive, they’ll laugh at women instead of eating them! We do not get choose, we get chosen.

As if things weren’t bad enough, life throws another rock we cannot dodge. When we get chosen, we even get replaced for another. Men are fickle and their minds are more indecisive.

Darn it, we are not toys that stand in line to be picked from the store lane. This has to stop, officially. It is time that women rose to power. We must be able to choose and keep those whom we want. We should be the ones to pick the right man and leave the rest.

First Impressions about the book

Spellbound Formula tells us all the tricks we need. I received the book three days after I ordered it. Not bad for an international sale. In this review, we get to know the contents and the effectiveness of the tricks written. Let’s see if we learn the way to seduce men. Not just any man, though. The man of your dreams! Let’s try to go at it!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I really noticed that this book really is thick. Well, in a sense. It goes down to the very inch of the details. For me, it has become too wordy. However, that is to its advantage, too. Being a seasoned E-book reader, I tend to judge books that does great build-ups to whatever is the content.

Spellbound Formula teaches you the basic of the basics. It’s like it tells you to open the door before you start the car. For those who are not used to reading, this will be a great help.

Oh, and yes. It is for women. Don’t let it get to the hands of men. They’ll know your techniques! These techniques aren’t street food, though. Proven and tested, these tricks really make you a woman of men’s dreams! It becomes steamy in the early parts of the book so be ready to fan yourself out!

Spellbound: Enchant Mr. Right

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Great things about the book

  • You’ll never get lost.

Apart from being very “detailed”, it is also very organized. In a book, a sense of organized thoughts is very crucial. Why? Some books can often be misleading. As such, we do not really understand what is written. It’s like sharing a story and pausing after every sentence to talk about another thing. Fortunately, Spellbound Formula does not make your mind dizzy.

  • The book tells you how to PICK the right man.

Many books out there tell you how to SHOW OFF and be NOTICED by the right man. Amazingly, this taught me to be more powerful, more aggressive (in a good way.) You know, if you show off to men, some may misunderstand. Why not make the first move? This book tells you how to such a thing. When I tried the first move, I was astounded. Never did I think I can hook up with the hottest guy on the floor that night.

  • The book is a one-stop course.

You become the life of the date after reading through the book. After you try all the techniques, you’ll realize that even you can turn a boring date into a steaming hot one. I felt like a goddess the first time. The author has seriously made an Aphrodite out of me.

  • The author doesn’t actually teach you to manipulate men.

That’s the last thing I want. I don’t want to be seen as a woman who brainwashes men to get their attention. What I want is to make men fall for my charms and words. Nothing more. No voodoo, no magic words, no chants. I want it to come from simple conversations. This book tells me how to do just that.

  • I got up and conquered.

I am not a feminist but I believe that we have rights, too. This book tells me that being a woman does not really limit my moves. In fact, I have power over men. I feel like Wonderwoman or even the woman from “Kill Bill” because of what I’ve learned. Women should pick this up not just for the tricks, but for the empowerment, too.

  • These methods were done in real life.

In the course of the book, you’ll see snippets of conversations. This means the techniques used were actually perfected and were tested in real life. Unlike other books, the author of this book is also a legend when it comes to dating.

  • You can start doing it as soon as you start reading it.

Most books start you up with ridiculously long theories about how their techniques work. Spellbound Formula, however, is so different from them. You can start trying out the techniques listed as soon as you’re ready. Get a mirror and tell yourself you can because that is what is really holding you back.

The downside of the book

  • The book is wordy. 

As I said earlier, this book goes down to the last detail. This means you’ll easily tire your eyes when you read it. However, I think this is because it helps beginners and those who haven’t much confidence in themselves.

I suggest setting a goal for every day. Read 10-20 pages per day and start listing down what you can do. This way, the book’s lengthy explanations do not go to waste. I guess that is how power comes – with great effort.

  • It needs application. 

Actually, I did not where to put this so I’ll stick it here. The book is not magic. No magic words and magic wands this time. You really have to try out the techniques before you can actually learn to do it perfectly. Practice makes perfect. If one guy gets turned off, move on. There are tons of fish in the water. Astoundingly, there are many bodies of water. (Wink*)

  • It is technical.

You’ll have to understand a few terms. The book really puts you through a COURSE. It’s like earning units for a subject in a BS degree. Nevertheless, the lessons you’ll go through are very meaningful and insightful. You’ll even wonder why you haven’t thought of those things before.

  • It covers dating. 

After you date, it is really up to you. It doesn’t go deeper than that. As such, this is a book for single women who are not yet tied down. It is also for the women who have free time to mingle and associate themselves with men. Of course, married women can use it but only for the man they currently have.

Don’t make the mistake of trying it out on other men when you already have one! You may succeed and put yourself in jeopardy! (wink twice*)

So, can you really choose the man?

I had great fun doing this review! Who ever knew that women can be that aggressive and stay wonderful. We may have judged it for being too wordy and long but it is to our benefit. After weighing all the benefits and downsides of the book we can now assess.

the answer to the question is…

Absolutely! Women need to rise up and show men what they can do. It is not a matter of what you currently have or what you aim for. There is a hidden girl power in every woman out there. They just have to tap into that source. I may be exaggerating this but it is true. This book is the key to finding that source.

As I reviewed this book, I learned one thing. Women aren’t oppressed, we oppress ourselves. Because of the cultures and tradition, we have been encased in birdcages.

It is time we fly through the air with our chosen mates. This time, we will be the one to choose who we will fly with. No more “notice me” modes and “he looked at me!” moments. You can be the woman at the wheel and drive men crazy for you. It’s time you tried it.

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Spellbound: Enchant Mr. Right Review: Here’s What You Do To Catch Him
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