Secrets To Lasting Longer Review: How Can You Start Lasting Longer?

Oh boy! I’m not even finished reading this book and I was already laughing, remembering the fumbling and speedy moments of my first few sexual experiences with men. This premature ejaculation would be okay if you are into quickies and public sex.

In my experience though, it’s all about getting off (with my partner) as quick as possible because my parents might catch us.

I know some of you guys have also experienced this sticky situation. But as a grown woman with a steady partner, I too have this frustration when my man have premature ejaculations.

At this point, you can say that sex is overrated because you are not enjoying yourself or in short you haven’t reached the big O. Not having an orgasm during sexual intercourse is very frustrating for a woman. And things need to be changed now as more and more women have spoken about the premature ejaculations of men.

Big Mike's Secrets to Lasting Longer

This is exciting news for all women out there. There is a solution to our sexual woes regarding premature ejaculations of our men. We can now experience a long and satisfying sex with the help of this book Secrets To Lasting Longer by Big Mike.

This book is not only just for married men must I say. It should be read and practice by men to the point they perfect this control over premature ejaculation.

Tips For Men’s Longer-Lasting Orgasm:

1. Kegels Exercise

This is not only for women, but it is also for men too. This exercise helps you to control your urinary bladder. Five minutes per day of practicing this will improve your ability to control urination, have more intense orgasms and mightily improve erections.

2. Creative Sex Positions

Avoid starting in missionary position because according to the author Big Mike, this put extraordinary pressure on penile muscles that leads to premature ejaculation. Why not start with the cowgirl, spooning, side by side, sitting and facing each other, and the cross position. There is also the woman on top, which I would say that every women’s favorite position.

3. Breathing Exercises

Practice proper breathing exercise regularly for endurance boost both physically and sexually.

4. Working Out

I know that every guy wanted to last longer in sex so you guys better workout to improve your strength, power, and endurance. Do some yoga exercises, because I have read this article about Sting and his wife practicing yoga and meditations that help their orgasms last for hours.

You guys, these people are like in their 50’s or 60’s and they can still do it like a raging teenager in the sack. So do these moves and you will shock in your own improvement.

5. Foods To Avoid

Having a healthy lifestyle is a plus but here are the three foods to be beware of if you are looking forward to long romp. These are sugar and artificial sweeteners, foods that contain preservatives and wheat. Unfortunately, you have to balance this out of your diet.

6. Confidence

There is nothing like having a confident man to make love with. Confidence is a state of mind and this plays a big role in your performance in bed. Men should change their mental attitudes and beliefs that they can achieve longer lasting orgasms. Thus confidence in a man also attracts and a turn on for women.

I hope these lists will be taken seriously by men. After conquering these tips for premature ejaculation, our author has this another follow-up book called Big Mike’s Guide To Rocking Her World In Bed.

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All you ladies out there this is also a must read for you. What woman doesn’t want to be rocking her world right? Those toe curling and eye-crossing sensations of euphoria called multiple orgasms. So you and your man better get this book too and enjoy.

Bonus: Guide to Rocking Her World In Bed

7 Moves For Her Big Bang:

1. Kissing

French kissing is okay as long as it’s not that sloppy, wet and all over the place. Sweet kissing and hard kissing would be great alternately.

2. Foreplay

Oh yes! This one is big and a must for you guys out there. Women love foreplay and sexy talk. It’s not a big secret so guys get into it.

3. Compliment Her Body

Never ever pinpoint the flaws of a woman’s body. It’s a big no-no and a deal breaker for us so you better shut your mouth.

4. Dirty Talk Her

Okay for some women this works but for some not so much. But personally, I am a big fan of dirty talks simply because it makes me hornier. Spike of libido leads to more lubrication and being wet so it pretty much says pain-free vagina and ready for action. Also check out The Art of Dirty Talk by Big Mike, for the guys that are rather shy and quiet in the bedroom.

5. Go Down On Her

Do this slowly you guys, take your time before going downtown her body. Direct stimulation to a woman’s clitoris is not that great, too sensitive down there that can be painful. Loosen her up first to lessen the sensitivity. If you need some tips for oral then check out Big Mike’s Oral Sex Mastery Book.

6. Do The Doggy

Definitely yes to this one! This by far is my favorite position so as my friends and it has reasons why this is very stimulating for women. This position allows women to feel great sensations because of how the penis enters the vagina.

7. Check When She Is Coming

The truth is sometimes women were quiet when they are near to an orgasm so the best thing a guy can do is provide a constant resistance for her. Make her move her pelvis and clitoris.

If guys can do this moves, well then congratulations you might have a chance to make your wife or girlfriend a very happy woman. And of course, as the saying goes a “happy wife…a happy life”.

Bonus: How to Cheat-Proof Your Relationship

The last book offered is How To Cheat-Proof Your Relationship also by Big Mike. This one is rather a sensitive topic. Who wants to be cheated anyway? Certainly not me so I’ve read this book with interest that I can be really into a cheat-proof relationship.

Steps To a Happy Marriage or Relationship:

1. Love One Another

This includes a full body hug and a passionate kiss every day. Cuddle if you have time, or rather make the time for it. Body contact to one another is a must. Saying I love you’s to each other. Always remind your wife or partner that you appreciate them in your life. Always keep the passion alive.

2. Honesty

Being honest is harder than you think. But try to tell each other the truth even if you are ashamed.

3. Appearance

The guys are not only the visual one but also the women. Women also appreciate that their husband or partners are also well groomed and healthy. Men should take care of their body too.

4. Have Friends

Nurture friendship outside your marriage or relationship. Sometimes couples need to have time apart to each other just to keep the romance alive. But make sure your marriage is the primary relationship you will have.

5. Watch Your Words

Men are mindful of what you say in front of your wife. Words can be painful if not used correctly and women are more sensitive with guys so be careful. Choose your words wisely. No to verbal attacks and hostile slurs that can ultimately ruin your relationship.

About the Author:

Big Mike is the best-selling author of Secrets To Lasting Longer, Guide To Rocking HerWorld in Bed, The Art Of Dirty Talk, Oral Sex Mastery and How To Cheat-Proof Your Relationship books. He was a former porn star but now he is a happily married man with two kids.

Because of his background, he became a “sex consultant” to his friends. He started coaching them via email and he got amazing results. In a while, he could not handle it anymore but did not want to stop helping the guys so he decided to write these books.

About the Book:

All in all, they are five books in this one. They are so many varieties to choose from but basically, the one I am focusing on is the Secrets To Lasting Longer with four bonus books.


• you can buy it in any bookstores near you.

• offers naturally cure your premature ejaculation in just 30 days.

• absolutely doable.

• helps to have a healthy sex life especially for men.

• gives tips for a healthy relationship.

• helps to reach porn star status of longer lasting ejaculation.


• nothing at all.




Wow! Finally, a helping book for our men to have longer and lasting ejaculation. I do hope that this read will rock your world. I can feel the change is coming and it’s for the better thanks to these books. Thank you for the author that he was able to share his tricks from the adult entertainment industry.

So c’mon you guys grab some copy of these books! For all women also, help your men achieve porn status of longer orgasms. remember a happy and satisfied sex life makes couples for forever. This is somewhat a happy ending of love or lust whatever suits you. Just don’t settle for mediocre, be spectacular and a great lay. Hit the books and be a big hit in the sack!

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