Pleasuring a Woman Is an Art

This is an art that requires you to be creative. Yes, most men are not that creative and that is why people like me go out there and tries these things out then brings back the gospel. There is a way that you can make a woman feel you and get all the pleasure she needs.

You just have to play it like I do. Multiple orgasms, great sex and a happy life is all you want and I understand. You can get it all here and with no hassle. These are the ultimate ways that you can play the game to make sure that your woman is getting what she deserves.

The Foreplay Game

Well, a few men can really make foreplay the best time that a woman has. This is the groundwork for the whole thing and this is where you get her to be ready for what’s coming. This is where you get creative and make the creative and albeit literal juices flow.

Pleasuring a Woman Is an Art

No one wants to have the kind of sex that is painful because they didn’t get wet enough because you were in a rush and didn’t work for the pleasure enough. The following are way that you can make your hands, tongue and body useful.

The Oral Chapter

Women like to feel the maximum effect of mind blowing clitoris play. You need to know how to use your tongue before you get down on a woman. Someone once said that you can draw the alphabet twice with your tongue on and or around her clit and by the time you are done, she will be totally spent.

Also, if you are going to use your fingers, make sure they are not rough or dry, wet them up by licking them first or having her do it and don’t be aggressive about the clitoris job. It is a gentle process that needs the magic touch not Hulk’s strengths.

Just keep on testing and when you find the spot where she moans most loudly; work it and watch her come. Gently…

The things you should know;

  • Don’t rush it man, hold your own horses and give her to priority
  • All girls are different and will take different time frames
  • Make your way down, don’t just go for it
  • Up and down, side to side motions are excellent (or draw the alphabet)
  • Use the hands on her body and breasts while your tongue works
  • Change the positions

There you go; you are now ready to get down on her.

The Rest of the Ammunition That You Need

  1. Be Aggressive

Pleasuring a Woman Is an Art The Rest of the Ammunition That You Need

Women like gentle play but what really turns them on is a man who is aggressive (hey, I said aggressive, not violent). What this means is that you can lift her and turn her as much as you want and watch her go gaga for you. She needs to know that you are confident and that you are in charge.

  1. Go for The Clitoris While in Intercourse

Most women do not orgasm from you just going in and out; you need to touch the clitoris. It’s the pin on the grenade, just activate it and there she blows. You need to find a position where the clitoris is accessible to you so that you can make this happen.

  1. Keep On Kissing Even During Sex

Yeah, I got you there. You probably stop kissing her when the action starts. Well, next time do not do that. Keep on kissing her. When this happens, you will be providing stimulation from multiple spots and that can blow her top.

  1. Go For The G-Spot

Pleasuring a Woman Is an Art Go For The G-Spot

Located about 2 inches inside her vagina canal, this area is spongy and is a mass of orgasm inducing nerves that just make it happen. Try to hit that using a modified doggy style where her hands will be down low, probably on her elbows. That should do it.

  1. Talk Dirty And Pull Her Hair While Nibbling Her Neck

This is also called the full out attack where you provide stimulation from all sides. When pulling her hair, do it gently and nibble her neck to intensify the experience. That way, you will get her to the end faster.

In Conclusion

Now that you know what to do when you are with a woman, I think it’s time that I let you go out and have fun. Make sure that you are aggressively gentle, if you know what I mean and let her know that you are in this 100%. Then, watch her thank you.

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  • Scott says:

    Who needs older siblings when you have the internet and articles like this. SexEd missed some lessons. But then again this might slip past the realm of plain sex into love-making.

  • Brandon says:

    A lot of valuable tips. And it won’t be hard to apply some of the techniques you suggest. Thank you very much, sir…

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    The kissing tip is a real bomb! I would have never thought about that myself, thanks!

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