Online Allure Formula Review: Are You Online Dating Correctly?

Development and technological advancements have changed how we interact with our environment and how we go about addressing our personal needs. Nowhere is this more telling than in dating.

Today, reviews indicate that approximately forty million Americans are trying to find the love of their life on the resourceful yet deceptive world wide web. Online dating is definitely not a taboo any longer.

Online Dating Magazine estimates that there are more than 2,500 online dating services online in the U.S. 1,000 new online dating services are set up every year.

With forty million online daters and thousands of online dating sites being created each year, the following question is a logical progression.

Are you online dating correctly?

Michael Fiore says there definitely is a wrong way and a right way to date online.

Who is Michael Fiore

Michael Fiore is the creator of the program we have chosen to review today. He is a relationship coach. His focus is on technology and its role in relationships. His aim is to use technology to enhance human relationships.

Reviews show that there are over five hundred billion texts sent worldwide every month. Texting has become the preferred form of communicating. Texting is not confined to the corporate world. It is being used in our personal lives as well.

The above facts led Michael to focus on texting in his relationship practice. This is an unusual focus for a relationship coach. Michael has become the go-to reference for how texting can be used to build quality relationships and enhance human communication.

Michael is also a Wall Street Journal and Amazon best selling author. Some of his popular instructional guides are:

– Text Your Wife Into Bed
– The Secret Survey
– Text The Romance Back
– Text Your Ex Back

Michael is also the creator and host of a digital podcast – Digital Romance Radio. You can find it on iTunes. He is based in Seattle, Washington.

The Online Allure Formula

The Online Allure Formula

The Online Allure Formula is a digital online dating instructional guide. Its goal is to teach you how to attract the right man online.

The program will show you how to think like a guy and understand what your online dating profile is communicating. Intentionally or unintentionally.

The program starts by reviewing common online dating mistakes.

Online Dating Mistakes – Words and Phrases

Online Allure Formula Online Dating Mistakes - Words and Phrases

The words you use in your online dating profile are key to your success. Certain words and phrases, based on how they are understood by men send the opposite of the intended message.

Some of these words and phrases are:

a. “Must be interested in a serious relationship”
b. “Where are all the good men”
c. “Princess seeks her prince”

The above phrases reek of desperation. Men with less than honorable intentions will see this as an opportunity to take advantage of you. They will tell you what you want to hear so they get what they want and you get nothing.

According to Michael, serious men join online dating sites simply looking for a date. They do not want to get trapped in a serious relationship. They also do not want to be stacked up against unrealistic expectations.

Frustration may have to lead you to online dating. However, that frustration should not be felt in your writing.

Program Details – Tips, Tools, Techniques

Online Allure Formula Program Details - Tips, Tools, Techniques

The Online Allure Formula program will focus on three key areas of online dating.

a. The types of photos and combination of words men find undeniably irresistible online.
b. How to get men to treat you respectfully right from the first point of communication
c. How to move an online dating conversation offline in the shortest time without playing games.

The program is made up of multiple modules. Some of the tips, tools, and techniques you will come across in the various modules include:

1. The Online Allure Photo formula

This tool will allow you to take all the anxiety and guesswork out of what type of photo is best to use on your online dating profile. It includes the specific poses you should use plus the types of activities you should reflect.

2. Writing Exercises

The writing exercises will show you how to create a profile that appeals to men at a psychological level. You will also learn how to write a profile that keeps away guys who only want to waste your time.

3. What Motivates a Man to Date Online

This section of the program will teach about the five types of men who you will encounter on an online dating site. You will also get the opportunity to hear about online dating from a man’s perspective.

4. Online Flirting

Flirting is a lot easier to face to face. This section of the program shows you what words and phrases lead to attraction, excitement and growing desire. You will learn how to keep communication channels open

5. Tripwire Trick

This trick will show you how to move conversations offline.

6. Beacon Message

This section will teach you how to initiate a conversation without coming across as desperate.

7. Test Date

Once you have met a great guy online you will have to meet them in person. You have not come this far to fail. This section of the program will prepare you for your first date. From what to say to how to handle uncomfortable situations. Finally, you’ll learn how to end a great first date and ensure that there will be a second date.

Question and Answer Section

Online Allure Formula Question and Answer Section

This program also includes a question and answer section for common online dating conundrums and questions about men in general.

Some of the questions and subsequent answers you will come across include:

– How long should online dating conversations continue before you go offline?
– Are men on online dating sites only look for sex?
– Paid versus free online dating sites. Which is better?
– How to detect fake profiles or guys who are too good to be true
– Do men prefer younger women?

Learn The Online Allure Formula And Finally Set Up Your Online Dating Profile To Attract Your Ideal Mate!

Bonus Items

Online Allure Formula Bonus Items

This program comes with three bonus items.

1. Online to Altar

This first bonus features and an interview with a lady named Susan. Susan is in her forties. She used online dating to find her wonderful husband. You’ll find out the exact steps and actions she took to qualify and disqualify her online daters.

2. The Profile Transformation Bible

This second bonus will share before and after views of online dating profiles. This is to provide further proof that this program does indeed work. You get to see each change that is made and understand why it was made. In addition, you will see the effect of the change on the dating activity. Hint – they all saw more activity.

3. Lifetime Access to the Online Allure Formula Community

Even with a great guide like this one online dating is still tough. It helps to have cheerleaders. This community will provide support and encouragement for your online dating journey. In addition, this should online dating change, you will be able to discuss those changes with the community.

Money Back Guarantee

The program comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee. No questions asked. This generous time frame allows you enough time to test the knowledge the program provides.


Numbers do not lie. Thirty percent of married couples in the United States met online. Marriage does not have to be your goal for online dating.

This next number is for those women who want to spend less time auditioning potential mates and more time living a great life with one. Men show true commitment three times faster in online dating than in traditional dating.

The tools, tips, and techniques in the Online Allure Formula are not age, body type or income specific. How old you are, how you look or how much money you make is not a high priority for men. Serious men want a deeper connection.

Online dating may be your key to find true and long lasting love. When you buy this program you will learn how to do it right. You will learn how to deal with online rejection and spot fake profiles and scammers.

If you are hesitant about online dating there is good news. The program will focus on online dating. However, it is a great resource for dating as a whole.

Online Allure Formula

What drives a man does not change based on how they choose to find a mate. This program has shown that what drives a man is primal. Those primal needs will be present at every dating opportunity. This program will help you establish successful relationships regardless of how you chose to go about doing so.

If your concern is money, it should not be. Your hard earned money will not go to waste. Multiple positive testimonials and the sixty-day money back guarantee ensures. That should put your mind at ease.

If you are serious about finding great love and companionship, we highly recommend taking this program for a spin.

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