Never Lose Him Review: How Can You Stop Him From Ever Leaving?

My Story

I’ve always been that lucky girl who was courted by many. I always had a lot of Valentine’s gift back then. During prom season, I would always get a lot of invites. I would always have letters on my locker. When I walk in a room, all eyes would be on me.  And then there was this boy I fell in love with. I was so drawn with his perfect smile and soulful eyes.

He began showering me with gifts and taking me to places I have never been. I remember how sweet our relationship was back then. He always surprised me with dates and flowers! He made me feel like the luckiest girl on earth.

And after a year of being together, our relationship turned so sour and bland. We would always fight over little things. He wouldn’t talk to me for days! He would always say that he’s busy or that he’s out with his friends. There were a lot of times when he wouldn’t say where he was at. He’s not as crazy as he was when he was just courting me.

Never Lose Him My Story


I started to think about what I did wrong. Did I say something that hurt him? I don’t think so. Was I not attractive enough for him?

I really wanted to know what happened why he changed so fast. I didn’t want our relationship to end. I wanted us to last. I wanted him to be crazy in love with me. I was so hopeless that I’ve always cried myself to sleep every single night.

There were days when he wouldn’t even give me a call. And when we were on a date, he wasn’t sweet anymore. He wouldn’t open doors for me. When we walk together, I always felt that I was a stranger. Even if this was the case, we didn’t break up. I wanted to fix this.

Looking for a Solution

I need to find out what was wrong. I needed to find a solution. I wanted him to be gaga crazy for me again. I want our relationship to be sweet again. There were times when I thought of breaking up with him because I think we were getting nowhere. I confronted him what was wrong and he told me that I was getting boring.

I started to wonder what made me boring? How could he say that? I don’t understand how I got so boring for him. Am I just a toy for him that he’ll throw away when he’s done with it?

Never Lose Him Looking for a Solution

I consulted my friends and love experts. I also researched when I should walk away or stay from a relationship. I was desperate because I really love my guy and I don’t want him to go away.

I started to chase him and give my all to him but it seemed that it wasn’t enough. He wasn’t talking about long-term plans. I didn’t know if he really wants me or not.

I asked him if he wanted us to end but he answered that he still wants to try. He still wants to know if there was still this spark between us.

Signs When Your Relationship Is In Danger

If you’re like me and you’re beginning to feel like your man is turning away from you, there are signs when you should be worried that he might break-up with you:

  1. He’s no longer sending you “Good morning” messages.
  2. He doesn’t take you out on dates anymore.
  3. He’s not talking about his long-term goals with you.
  4. He’s becoming more reserved.
  5. He’s hanging out with friends more often.
  6. He won’t reply as fast as before.
  7. He’s not as sweet as before.
  8. When you ask him to go out, he’ll say “no” more often.
  9. He has a lot of excuses to not see you.
  10. He doesn’t shower you gifts anymore.

Never Lose Him Signs When Your Relationship Is In Danger

What To Do When Your Relationship is in Danger

I know like me, if you realize that you observe more than 5 of the 10 enumerated signs above, you might already be on your guard and worrying about what you should do. Well, when I realized that our relationship is at risk and that I should do something about it, I asked myself these questions.

  1. Should I confront him what’s wrong?
  2. Why is he not spending more time with me?
  3. Why is he making a lot of excuses?
  4. Did I do something to make him go farther away from me?
  5. Am I not taking good care of myself anymore?
  6. Maybe he just needs a little space from me?
  7. How can he stand to not talk to me for days?
  8. Why doesn’t he call me anymore?
  9. What can I do to make him stay?

These along with many questions were in my head the whole time when I feel like he’s going farther away from me. I even suspected him that he might be going out with other women. My man told me that he wasn’t. And I trust him.

Where To Look for Advice About Relationships

I started researching what I should do. I consulted a psychologist and online love gurus. They’ve given me good advice but they haven’t given me the step by step guide I could follow. I wanted more than advice. I wanted a full-proof guide to making my man go crazy in love with me again.

Never Lose Him Where To Look for Advice About Relationships

This was my situation before I researched and stumbled upon the Never Lose Him workbook. There were many books, articles, and guides I saw on the internet but this workbook really helped me bring back the spark in my relationship. So ladies, if you’re tired of looking for the solution, worry no more! I’m telling you, it really works wonders!

When I scanned the workbook, I doubted if this will really work. I already tried a lot of methods to get my man back from where we were before but nothing worked. I was running out of ideas, time, and money. I was also losing hope. But despite being tired of another method, I just put my faith in the instructions and found that each activity suggested in the book really works!

This workbook got my nose on the book and it got me to sit at the edge of my seat because I was always excited what I should do next to have my man want me so much that he won’t search for another. I wanted him to have both his eyes on me so I was really eager to learn from this workbook.

I’ve Found The Solution (Never Lose Him!)

I found out about the wrong things I have been doing that makes my man go away from me. I found out why he was telling me that I was getting boring. He was even worried that if he’ll marry me, he might go and divorce me just because I was not as exciting as before. With the Never Lose Him guide, I was able to absorb and apply all the learning when I’m dealing with my man.

When I followed the steps indicated in the guide, my man started declaring his love for me. He always sent me gifts and took me out to dinner more often. I was so surprised at how he suddenly changed!

Never Lose Him I've Found The Solution

I also learned to distance myself and make him long for more of me. He always told me that he can’t get enough of me and he wants to be with me 24/7.

I’ve read about reviews from their previous customers and I found out how the step by step guide helped them grow their marriages. One review says that like me her boyfriend became so distant and found that she was getting bored.

The Amazing Results From the Workbook

After carefully reading and following the program, his guy became head over heels. Another review tells of a story of a relationship which just began recently. And after a few months, the guy grew sour. After undergoing the Never Lose Him program, her guy also began to fall head over heels. These along with many more stories really prove how effective the program is.

When I purchased my copy online, I was lucky to get freebies! I received audio recordings regarding how to turn around any conflicts in relationships. I learned about insider secrets of Sex, Love, and Commitment by Matthew Hussey, New York Times Bestseller, resident expert on The Today Show and the key coach and matchmaker of the primetime NBC show Ready for Love.

Worth The Price

The whole package of Never Lose Him was worth $425.95 but I only paid $47 for the entire package! It was worth the price! For just $47, the secret to lasting love was revealed to me. And what’s amazing is that you could be part of the community who has access to the secret, too!

I’ve asked and followed much advice but nothing worked for me. I’ve wasted time and effort when all I needed was this program. And now whenever I have friends who need my advice regarding their relationships, and I would recommend them to this program and step by step workbook. They all are surprised by how easy and effective the workbook is!

I know not all relationships are perfect. There will be times when couples have to disagree and fight. But, there is a technique to a healthy and sweet relationship. Aside from already accepting each other’s flaws, we must remember the real reason why we fell in love with our partner. We must follow a step by step guide indicated in the workbook. It’s so simple and effective that you have to prepare to be amazed.

Couple-Holding Hands

The results are guaranteed and I would not stop writing reviews for this product on different relationship sites so I can help other girls struggling in their relationships.

Another thing I noticed after following the instructions in the workbook, my man and I seemed to get along with a lot of things so easily. I felt like we were already soulmates. I loved how he spoiled me with getaways. He truly can’t get enough of me.

Dark Days Are Over


Never Lose Him Review 2

I was first hesitant to even buy this product before because I was so tired of looking for solutions and I felt like it was easier to give up. I was starting to lose hope. I even thought that my man wanted to find another girl. I was always crying myself to sleep.

Never Lose Him

Dark days were over and I finally found the solution. I figured that I need to stop being angry at myself or at my man. I have to stop crying myself to sleep. I need to put some effort and find a solution. I needed to act.

When I finally found the solution, with faith, I just followed the workbook. And what miracle did happen when my man was going crazy for me as he met me for the first time.

Never Lose Him Review

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  • Bridgers says:

    loosing him is one of the greatest fear of my life.and after a year of being together, our relationship turned so sour and bland. We would always fight over little things.then i saw this review.i downloaded the book.followed it.and now i dont think he will ever leave.our bonding is stronger than a brick now.

  • Jessica says:

    Wow. This is amazing dear friends. Yes, I never want to have my boyfriend walk away any time now or even the future. He is the best thing that I have. I am lucky to have him and also the tips that will make our relationship keep growing. IT is amazing and I am looking forward to this awesome experience.

  • Reyes says:

    Sometimes, couples end up aggravated and leave each other hanging. Most of the times, men break it up and it’s too late to patch things up. I’m one of those who was left many times and I got tired of the same routine. Now, because of this course, it has given me a bigger picture on what I’m doing wrong. I will be more mindful of my actions and behavior.
    I found out I’m quite controlling and jealousy builds up easily. I really need to stop it. Thank you for your informative article.

  • Samuel says:

    As a man, I must say that every woman should read this program. Most of the relationships broke just because of some silly mistakes. Women don’t understand men all the time. That’s why they should learn so many things from this program.

  • Allen M. says:

    If you are a lonely woman struggling to find true love in your life, this relationship guide is for you as it has the right tips, strategies and tactics to help become successful in this area.

  • Allen Burke says:

    We have been having issues with my girlfriend to a point of breakup. Luckily I came across this book and the curiosity got the better part of me. After I was through I gave my partner the copy to read. Wow, the results are incredible. I have noticed a lot of improvement and our bond is getting stronger every day. it’s a book worth investing in.

  • Jerome says:

    This is a program that will help you to attract the man that you like and make him committed and loyal to you. The program is a PDF e-book that you download instantly into your digital device after paying its retail price which is 47 dollars.
    You will receive a step-by-step guide that can make even an unromantic man to be passionate about you.

  • Jeffrey Welch says:

    Never Lose Him Review by Nadine Piat, is an extremely beneficial relationship program solely created for intelligent and genuine women like you seeking to have the best relationship with your man and also genuinely want to be loved and cherished by him. this program teaches you how to first build your identity, respect, and self-confidence before you can truly have a healthy, successful love life, and why the absence of your self-identity can make it easy to be manipulated and also subject you to verbal and emotional exploit, and so as the absence of self-confidence will make you dependent on any man.

  • Jeffrey Wertz says:

    Never Lose Him is a relationship development program designed for women. The main guiding principle of the program is that you should build your self-identity, self-respect, and self-confidence first before you can have a genuinely healthy and fruitful relationship and love life.
    Among other things, lack of self-identity can make you easy to manipulate, lack of self-respect can open you to emotional and verbal abuse, and lack of self-confidence can make you needy and dependent, all of which can’t lead to an authentic, healthy relationship.

  • David Williamson says:

    It is a well written and detailed program that has been designed to help you enjoy an unshakable relationship with your man.

  • Guy Haynes says:

    For me, my relationship became stronger and more intimate. My man became the guardian of our relationship, and all I can do is wish the same for you.

  • Roberto Mullins says:

    The strategies that you will use to attain your target are unique; they cannot be found within the reviews of other products.

  • Judy Bernardi says:

    This guide is very simple to understand and implement the instructions, unlike other programs that tend to be ambiguous.

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