How Much Do Men Think About Sex?

It is known that all human beings have a certain thing for sex, it is fascinating and very alluring and they cannot help but think about it at least once every day. As you grow older from teenage-hood, you will have more and more thoughts of sex as a man.



The following is a small rundown of major factors that have influenced the sex drive of men over the years. Sexual desire changes from time to time and this happens because of influences that change the way that we perceive the world and of course age.

Men and Sex Thoughts

Men are not the hot blooded stereotype that we are cast to be. We do not think about sex in that lust-driven manner all the time. Yes, we admit that we do think about sex more than women do. But here is an interesting fact, we also think about other things much more than women, like food and naps.

How Much Do Men Think About Sex Men and Sex Thoughts

So, we are not sex driven monsters but kind caring creatures who just want to satisfy our needs on an urgent basis.

Men and Sex as We Age

It is a fact that as we get older, there are more and more ways that we can get dysfunctions. I mean, the machine has been running for decades through adolescence and teen years into the thirties that when we get to the fifties, we are bound to have some glitches because the mileage on that thing is insane.

One thing that does not change though is the need to have more and more sex, that one remains constant, it’s just that, at that age, you are exhausted and it gets harder to get a rise if you have a dysfunction.

Men and Sex Drive In Life

When you think about sex more, need sex more and have a healthy drive that pushes you towards sexual acts, you are more likely to have a better sex life than people who think less and less about sex. More is almost always merrier when it comes to the sex lives of people.

How Much Do Men Think About Sex Men and Sex Drive In Life

So, by all means, fantasize and play erotica games in your mind, they will boost your sex life which means happy spouse which means a happy life.

Men, Sex, and Naps

Should I have sex or should I sleep so I can binge watch Game of Thrones? I really want to have some but then again, am so sleepy and… drift off into a sound smooth sleep. That is how men work; we think about sex and weigh it against naps. It’s that simple.

Women are different, they fluctuate. One day they are like ‘do me, do me, do me…’ and then the next they are like ‘come on, I need a break you horny bastard’.

In Conclusion

When you look at the differences in men and how they think about sex as compared t women, it is clear that we are need driven and women are just driven by fluctuating testosterone which makes it hard to see where the tides will go to.

Otherwise, we are easy to figure out.

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