Mesmerize Him Review: What Can You Do To Truly Capture His Heart?

“Hey, look at that guy. He looks pretty damn hot, don’t you think?” That’s pretty much how a usual conversation goes with women when a guy walks past them. “Do you think you can use your charms on him?”

The scene would always be the same as each and every one of them. A normal day in school, he enters the room, and everything just slows down.

passionate couple


What happens next? You start to check the guy out from head to toe, of course, and as a reaction, the following might be happening to you:

  • you could feel the dragons fluttering inside your stomach;
  • your heart continuously races – more like skyrockets;
  • you suddenly feel warm all over your body (most likely, on your cheeks); and
  • you could just hear the Heavens singing such a beautiful tune

 Uh oh! Girl, you know what this means? You could probably hear your heart screaming, “Oh gosh. I can feel it. He is the one!”

I’m not blaming you here. It is a given that it’s inevitable to have feelings toward someone. I could remember, as clear as day, how young I was when I had my first crush.

“Here you go again, falling for a guy who doesn’t even know you!”

At first, I was in full denial that I’ve actually come to like him, but what feelings can be stopped? I started thinking about him more and more. I was daydreaming that someday I’ll be riding my white horse and have him ride it with me while we see the sunset over a vast expanse of land. We gaze into each other’s eyes, slowly inch forward, and then our lips touch and we passionately kiss.

It was something I’ve ever dreamed of. Him in shining armor; my Prince Charming. Unfortunately, I can’t always stay in my dreams and that saddened me.

Romantic couple

Annalyn Caras’s Mesmerize Him

There came a time when I felt really sick for only being able to have him in my dreams; waking up was a disaster. My hands were longing for that affectionate touch, I just want someone to hold me. I want him to hold me, kiss me, or at the very least, notice me.

I was tired of always expecting him to look my way and start talking to me. It was hard looking at him being normal while I was here yearning for him all the time! That was when this girl knows she’s gotta move the chess pieces and start doing something different.

At least once in anyone’s girl life, we’ve tried to search online about getting the dream guy of your life. There was a lot of articles and reviews here and there but I felt like I needed something else. I needed an in-depth guide on how to captivate him instead of scanning through 500-word articles. It was when I decided to invest in her book, Mesmerize Him.

I’m not the kind of person to buy books or any other things except food. I’m pretty tight when it comes to money matters but what can I do? Girl, the things we do for love.

When I purchased the book, I had to ask myself first about what I actually want to happen. Did I buy this book to just experience what it’s like to have him? Or am I going to need him to actually love me like he’s never loved anyone before? I had to review my motives about it.

Mesmerize Him Review: What Can You Do To Truly Capture His Heart?

Fear came with it too. It was the what-if’s that almost made me back out. What if he finds someone better than me? How about commitment issues? But I had to push on further.

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Getting To Know The  Author, Annalyn Caras

Just like all of us, Annalyn Caras also experienced what it is like to be heartbroken.

Despite having fears brought by her past relationships, she didn’t let that stop her from dating.  Women shared their experiences through the surveys the author conducted. The survey results weren’t the only thing she relied on since not all women know what happens fully in a man’s mind. She then consulted her male friends and asked general and personal questions that brought her to know more of the opposite sex.

With this, she was able to review the things that could lead her to the answers she’s been looking for. She was able to solve the possible and that brought rise to Mesmerize Him.

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Past Relationship Traumas

Before we dig deeper into the book, the reason why we hesitate to get into relationships is that we picture ourselves in the same situation that we were before. It is normal to be afraid of the unknown but we shouldn’t let this stop us from venturing further into our lives. Always remember that every relationship you enter has different levels of toxicity.

guy texting behind girl's back

I can’t blame a woman like you when some jerk drops your porcelain heart and steps on it. We’ve met different kinds of guys that we thought were ‘The One.’ Whenever they leave we are always left thinking if there was something wrong with the way we handle things.

You must’ve crossed paths with someone who:

  • has commitment issues;
  • used you for sex;
  • stayed just to pass time;
  • used you as a rebound;
  • went with another woman;
  • didn’t treat you better; and etc.

The list goes on.

These experiences must not faze you to try something new. Always remember that not everyone has the same motives as some of your past dates or relationships. There are always those guys who could give you the love and respect you deserve.

To add, this book will help you in reading the body languages that one guy makes. It talks you through how men think mentally in a psychological way. When you learn these things, you will get to analyze if the guy you’re currently with is sincere or has hidden agendas; you got to weed these kinds of men out of your life.

Mesmerize Him

The Book

Mesmerize Him does not only teaches or advises you techniques on how to be able to attract men but also to sift out those jerks in your life you’ve been trying to avoid. It is filled with experiences or stories, advice, and techniques on how to handle certain situations. It is also a great help since it helps you to get over the anxiety and paranoia that resulted from your past experiences on dating and relationships.Mesmerize Him Review What Can You Do To Truly Capture His Heart 2Here are also some of the contents that you will come across in the book:

  • How to break his walls to get to know who he really is
    The thing about men is that they always put barriers to hide their emotions. It was proven that men are actually more emotional than women but they tend to hide it better. If you’re able to break through this barrier, that means he feels safe around you and sooner or later, comfortable enough to show you that side of his he usually guards.
  • Why your man has become aloof
    One of the major fears that no woman wants to experience is their partner turning cold. It brings out all the negative assumptions that would make you tireless from thinking. Have I bored with him? Am I not good enough? Was he able to find someone else? Is he cheating? Once you know the reasons why he’s distant towards you, there is still time to rekindle that love you’ve wanted from the very start.
  • How to flirt with the opposite sex
    Sounds easy as 1, 2, 3, yes? Unfortunately, it isn’t. If you’re going to flirt with the man you like, you should be able to send him the right message. Are you flirting just for fun or do you want him for a deeper relationship?



Mesmerize Me teaches you to express how much you love someone with ease and to achieve those goals you see on Facebook. This book has become my go-to book whenever I’ve encountered problems with my relationships (Yes, I was able to be in one, surprisingly). I would always have my highlighter and sticky notes ready with me whenever I read just so I could keep in mind the useful tips.

Here’s the thing I really appreciate about this book: It teaches you how to seduce that guy you want across the room but it doesn’t leave you right there. It doesn’t say, “Okay! My work here is done.” No, girl! This useful guidebook will still stick with you while you are already in the relationship as well. It will help you find solutions when you feel like the relationship is falling apart or other complications that weakened both of you.

As for my development, the book has taught me to be a more confident, powerful person. It stripped me of my usual mindset that guys would never “pick a daisy in a field of roses.”

It’s this kind of books that you know got you covered when you need answers. The reviews I’ve read online about the book has brought justice to it. Mesmerize Me has become my second backbone, my mentor, and a friend. It has opened more doors for me and gave me greater opportunities that I didn’t know was within my reach.

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