Mental Impotence Healer Review: Is Your Problem Really in Your Head?

Imagine a scenario, where you’re with your partner and things are getting pretty steamy. You’re on the verge of your game when suddenly the inevitable happens. No matter how much you try you just can’t get it up! And the harder you try the softer it gets! Don’t worry guys, the  Mental Impotence Healer is your new best friend.

Don’t worry. You should not think of yourself “Broken”. Men’s all around the world have gone through it at least once or twice. But it becomes a problem when it extends itself from once or twice to always.

Well, what you’re experiencing has a name – “Erectile Dysfunction” and it’s pretty natural for us men’s even if we are healthy. Chances are that your erectile dysfunctions are caused by psychological factors. Yes! I said psychological.

Some factors such as performance pressure, anxiety, relationship problems, and depression can really cause problems with your erection.

Though there are many well-known drugs like Viagra, Cialis, etc. that can cover your symptoms but they are unable to get rid of it permanently. The underlying causes of ED are mental so it’s better to treat it psychologically.

What are the primary causes of psychological Impotence?

There are plenty of causes of ED but these are the primary ones:

  • Long time without having sex
  • Lack of sexual experience
  • Doubting yourself for your sexual performance
  • Having sex for the first time (in general, or a new partner)
  • Comparing yourself to experts (porn stars)
  • Not having any affection towards your partner
  • Partner has poor hygiene and bad smell
  • Communication problems (common for men in relationships)

After an Erectile dysfunction, most guys become more anxious and stressed, which caused more ED problems.
Finally, you become too much concerned about having sex, ultimately causing you a Psychological Impotence.

There are hundreds and thousands of men struggling with ED in silence and are getting depressed. But many of you fail to realize there is an effective solution for your problems right on the market.

What is Mental Impotence Healer?

Mental Impotence Healer is a combination of guided imagery therapy and brainwave music. This unique method helps you to release all your stresses and worries that you are feeling. This program is particularly designed for helping men, like you, who are constantly self-doubting or stressing and sabotaging their game.

It’s a natural mental erectile dysfunction treatment that has a twenty-minute MP3 recording with powerful Guided Imagery Therapy and Theta Brainwave Music. You can listen to the MP3 from any devices like your computer, your iPod or any kind of Android device.

Mental Impotence Healer is a revolutionary program that helps men change their lives. It’s a very simple program and easy to follow. The full package of this contains the main manual and an added bonus audio clip that lasts 28 minutes. Just right after you purchase this program, you will have access to the membership site.

Mental Impotence Healer

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How does it work?

It’s a 20-minute MP3 recording that is downloadable. The MP3 is carefully scripted by a certified psychologist. It’s a visualization exercise with the powerful guided imagery therapy and Theta Brainwave music that helps to relax your mind.

You just simply listen to the audio clip and music within the Mental Impotence Healer program to control your thoughts. For better results, you should listen to it every day for at least a month.

In the therapy, you have full control over your mind, relaxed and prone to suggestions. Guided Imagery is an excellent way of releasing all the worries and anxiety during sexual intercourse.

When your body becomes stressed it disrupts blood flow to your penis leading to an ED. When you’re listening to the MP3 you become relaxed, so the blood can easily flow into your penis and thus results in a long-lasting erection.

The program helps users to relax, visualize and experience comfortable sex. The program mainly helps you to visualize comfortable sex. As our minds cannot differentiate between reality and imagination, all it does is it anchors the feelings what people have while visualizing. It only takes 20-30 minutes of your time. You just have to listen and follow step by step and you finally overcome your ED problems.

Mental Impotence Healer How does it work

Why Guided Imagery?

Guided Imagery is a therapeutic script of directed instructions in which you listen to suggestions. It would help you visualize a scenario that helps your body to overcome the psychological problems. The product is mainly based on the concept that one’s body and mind are connected. It stimulates all the senses of your body, therefore, your brain can’t differentiate between the reality and the imaginary.

Oh! The wonders a mind can do is indeed fascinating!

These instructions alongside Alpha and Theta brainwave stimulation music allows your mind to completely relax and take full control of your body. Psychiatrists often use “Guided Imagery”  for better therapeutic treatment.

  • It helps to relax your mind, which lowers the heart rate and blood pressure.
  • The product helps in reducing other problems caused by anxiety and stress.
  • Highly recommended for stress-related conditions like chronic pain, anxiety attack, high blood pressure and headaches.
  • A well-proven technique that helps radically alter your mind’s state, with positive and astounding results affecting all areas of your life.
  • Achieve your goals such as losing weight or quit smoking.
  • Can be used in managing pain and boosting your healing system.
  • Helps in making you confident and focused for events like an athletic event or public speaking.
  • This effective program alongside with soothing Brainwave music helps you to unlock your sexual performance from shackles!
  • They both tend to work in a harmonious way to help you calm your negative thinking so you can receive new positive signals from the brain.

Is Guided Imagery Better Than Drugs?

Erectile dysfunction or psychological impotence is not a physical element. The anxiety causes this condition to grow. The drugs available in the market can help you but it would only be temporary.

Drugs can not cure or get access to the root of the problem. It will only treat the symptom. Also, the nasty side effects of the drugs can make your health worse or it could make you dependent on it. Then you are going to have a hard time getting an erection without their help! Can anything be scarier than that?

On the other hand, Guided Imagery is an effective method that has no possible negative side effects. From the thousands of positive reviews from their clients, I can surely say this program is going to change your life. It helped so many people to lose their fears and take control of their bodies.

So you should definitely buy this natural program instead of drugs.

Mental Impotence Healer Is it better than drugs

Can Your Brain Waves Help You Cure Erectile Dysfunction?

The brain is a combination of billions of brain cells and works in a mysterious way. The cells or neurons constantly communicate with each other by electrical waves. These are called “Brainwaves”. The activity of the brainwaves tends to change depending on what you’re doing. There are mainly five types of brainwaves.

  • Alpha Wave (7.5-14Hz) -Deep Relaxation Wave.
  • Beta Wave (14-40Hz) -Waking Consciousness and Reasoning Wave.
  • Gamma Wave (above 40Hz) -Insight Wave.
  • Theta Wave (4-7.5Hz) -Light Meditation and Sleeping Wave.
  • Delta Wave (0.5-4Hz) -Deep Sleep Wave.

Mental Impotence Healer Can Your Brain Waves Help

What the Mental Impotence Healer program does is that it uses the “theta” brainwave music which puts in a state where you are totally awake but also in a deep relaxation state. In this state, your mind seems more prone to change. Scripted suggestions and images will guide you in this state.

After repeating the suggestions, the anxiety and worry that you feel about your sexual ability will vanish. That’s pretty cool, right?

After finishing their program you should have full control over your penis and it would stay hard for a long time.


• The guide has a step by step procedure.
• The techniques are explained in English and are very easy to understand.
• You can use the guide right after downloading it.
• The turnaround results of the program are quick.
• The program is updated constantly.
• If you encounter any problems regarding the program there are experts that can help you in any problem.
• It’s a natural process. There are no risks or side effects.
• Really affordable price.
• User-friendly guide and easy to download.
• The program has some added exciting bonuses.
• This program is applicable to men of any age.
• You can easily follow the program comfortably in your own home.
• You get a full money-back guarantee within 60 days if the system doesn’t satisfy you.
• It offers customers emailing support 24/7.
• Hundreds of positive reviews.


• The program is only available on the internet. You cannot purchase it from the store.
• Focus is the main key here. You have to strictly follow the steps to have better results.

Where Can I Buy This?

Mental Impotence Healer is an online product. Click the link below to buy your copy of the program. You can immediately download the program after purchase.

If you don’t like this program for any reason you can always cancel your order. They provide a 100% money back guarantee within 60 days of your purchase. As for the growing positive reviews of their clients, I am pretty sure it’s going to help you energize your sex life in no time.

Mental Impotence Healer Where can I buy this?
After using Mental Impotence Healer your inactive sex life is over. It’s is an effective program made solely for people suffering from mental impotence. This unique program can help you to tap into the root of your problem and get rid of it permanently. With its unique step by step process, it helps you to overcome your psychological problems along with physical problems too!

Mental Impotence Healer Step by step Process

This product contains the main manual, a mental bonus and an account on the website which will help you whenever you’re suffering from anxiety or stress. But it is always up to you to decide whether this program is right for you or not.

Click Here To Get Started With The Mental Impotence Healer Today, And Finally Cure Your ED Problems For Good!

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