Male Enhancement Coach Review: Methods to Grow Your Member

Male enhancement coach is a one-of-a-kind, personalized penis enhancement training system. A chance to review this was naturally something that got me very excited, to say the least.

But first, a bit of introduction. This product is known to be one of the most effective penis enhancement tools, due to the one on one expert guidance you receive. Among other amazing feats, this product has helped thousands of clients achieve –

  • Growth of 2-3 inches in the length of their penis
  • A significant increase in the girth of the penis
  • Capacity to maintain harder erections
  • Stamina for endless sex sessions

Male Enhancement Coach

These outstanding results were achieved by everyone who faithfully went through with this program. This is the most amazing part – other enhancement products only work for some people, at best. This is because they rely on a fixed methodology that they sell that rarely, if ever, has a greater than 20%-30% range of success.

In contrast, this program doesn’t offer you access to a fixed enhancement program. Remember, even the best-designed enhancement programs have only about a 30% success rate.

Rather, this product takes a radically different approach to penis enhancement.

This is something that I, in fact, loved about this product.

Instead of trying to tailor a program that fits everyone, this program recognizes that we’re all different.

And rather than trying to fight that difference in a world of standardization, this program instead appoints experts to design the perfect enhancement plan for you. That brings the success rate of this program close to 100%. You hopefully see now how there isn’t anything even remotely close to this product in the market right now. This is what my initial excitement was founded upon.

That brings the success rate of this program close to 100%. You hopefully see now how there isn’t anything even remotely close to this product in the market right now. This is what my initial excitement was founded upon.

Who is this product for?

Have you ever wished that you could last longer in bed, maintain a harder erection, have a thicker, longer penis, and in general be able to please a girl better and have her moaning in pleasure? If so, this product is for you.

Male Enhancement Coach Who is this product for

The team of coaches behind this product is led by the legendary AJ ‘Big Al” Alfaro, who has featured on primetime TV for his expertise in penis enhancement. He has further written numerous books on the subject and with 18 years of experience, he is acclaimed as one of the worlds most skilled penis enhancement trainers.

Each coach on the team receives personal training and instruction from Big Al himself. They are trained to recognize a variety of defects and to provide the very best, most effective solutions.

What this product does

At this point, you may be wondering how exactly does this product achieve the incredible results it promises? Before diving into this, let me highlight the top promises made by this product:

  • Consistent, rock-hard erections
  • More than 2 inches in penis length
  • More than 1 inch in penis girth
  • Cure erectile dysfunction
  • Increase stamina and last for hours in bed
  • Stop premature ejaculation and have multiple orgasms
  • Increase their confidence, pleasure, sex lives
  • Help fight pornography addiction

Ok, that’s a lot of amazing things. But how do they do it?

While the exact program would, of course, vary by person (that’s kind of the point behind “personalized”), in general, the advanced techniques utilized by the coaches in this program include:

  1. Exercises to stretch the tunica. This directly correlates to the growth of the penis.
  2. Exercises to expand smooth muscle. This help grow the girth of the penis.
  3. Exercises to train the vascular system. The quality of erections is directly linked to the health of the vascular system.

“That’s great”, you may say, “But I don’t have any experience with any of these exercises. Can I still complete this program?”

Indeed, you can. You see, one of the best features of this program is that it is not selective. You need absolutely no experience to get started with this program. The experts will tailor the program exactly to your needs, thus you can begin from scratch and still achieve outstanding results.

This is not to say that more seasoned veterans will not find much of value within this product. The experts have many tricks up their sleeves that will surprise and impress even those that have scoured the market for every penis enhancement tip available.

Do these exercises really work?

Now, Most people who have tried penis exercises have reported failure to achieve. This, however, does not necessarily mean that the exercises are themselves ineffective. Instead, it is usually one of three reasons that is the cause of such failure

  • People do the correct exercise incorrectly for their situation
  • People do the incorrect exercise for their situation
  • People have no feedback mechanism to know how and when to progress to more advanced variations.

Note these problems are common to virtually all one-size-fits-all enhancement programs. A one on one coach, on the other hand, takes away all these roadblocks.

With a personalized coach, you need not to worry about doing the incorrect exercises, as the perfect, most effective exercise will be chosen for your exact needs by experts with years of experience in the field.

 Male Enhancement Coach Do these exercises really work

Further, you will receive detailed, nuanced guidance on how to perform each exercise, how to verify that you are using correct form, and how to progress to more advanced stuff.

It stands to reason, therefore, that if exercises indeed work, they would do so when administered by a one-on-one coach, and not a generally fixed structure program.

My experiences

My experience with this product was nothing short of outstanding. After having tried numerous penis enhancement products without any success, I had grown tired and wary of scams in the guise of penis enhancement guides.

Naturally, therefore, when I first saw this product, I approached with caution. However, even from the outset, this product had a unique, reassuring feel about it. It seemed to make far more logical sense to prescribe personal trainers than the claim that a fixed program could achieve incredible results forever.

It was for these reasons that I decided to go ahead and buy this product. I have not regretted it for a moment since.

Right at the outset, I was introduced to my very own personal coach, who was this friendly but professional guy in his 30’s. He meticulously asked for a lot of details about my goals, health conditions, etc., before coming up with a training program tailored to my needs.

He didn’t just stop there, however. The coach painstakingly explained how each exercise was to be done (and how it was not to be done), how I could check my performance and when I should progress onto tougher versions. After making sure I understood, he took time to thoroughly answer all questions that I had.

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 Male Enhancement Coach

Indeed, I love the constant support offered by this product. For most products, it is a case of buy and be forgotten. Authors rarely, if ever, are constantly on call to answer doubts raised about their product.

The coaches on the Male enhancement guide team, however, are available virtually around the clock, always ready to assist me with even the stupidest query that I had.

I may mention here that such an atmosphere, where the coaches genuinely care and check up on my progress did wonder to my gains. Not only was I kept accountable at all times, but the coaches were also able to inspire me when I was most in need of it.

My issues with sexual confidence

Ok, so the coaches are really nice, but what gains did I actually make?

Well, after years of trying various products, I did not have very high expectations from this product.

However, much to my surprise and astonishment, this product delivers exactly what it promises.

When I first started doing the prescribed exercises, I felt stupid. Here I was, stretching a little muscle I didn’t even know existed, hoping to grow my penis. However, the coaches kept reassuring, encouraging and guiding me, and soon the results were plain to see.

Even better, the gains were objectively verifiable. Within a month of using this product, I was able to add over an inch to my penis length and over ½ inch to its girth. And that was just the beginning!

Most important to me, however, were not the gains themselves, but the benefits they had to my sex life.

In no time, I had become the talk among social circles of girls.

Now, while I am fairly attractive, I have always felt really nervous about getting intimate with girls.

This nervousness is further exacerbated by (and maybe even causes) premature ejaculation, and sometimes even inability to maintain erections.

Instances of such occurrences only increased with time and I gradually became afraid to have sex.

I knew I would come first and leave my partner unsatisfied. So I started avoiding girls even though deep inside I desperately wanted them.

What I needed was a way to regain my sexual confidence. I needed to know how to please women; but not just that. I also needed to have the physical traits needed to deliver endless pleasure to women – such as a thick, long dick and a rock hard erection for hours.

 Male Enhancement Coach Do these exercises really work

Now I was able to maintain none of those three things before buying this product. Naturally, I developed great insecurities and avoided girls as much as possible. I used porn as a crutch and was bordering on the verge of porn addiction when I finally found this product.

Subliminal Benefits

For me, this product came at a time when I desperately needed it. I didn’t just need the physical changes in appearance and performance, I was after the more subliminal gains that accompanied these, the gains in sexual confidence and overcoming of porn addiction.

Thankfully, the coaches behind this product have a very holistic understanding of sexual issues and do not focus on size to the exclusion of all else. They understand the more indirect, psychological consequences of being imperfect in bed and give you strategies to tackle them – leaving you free to be a total animal in bed, in both bodies as well as the mind.

For me, using this product was like a second awakening. I went from being an awkward, clumsy person who could never last long enough to a smooth, confident man that would have every girl raving about his sexual powers.

My only regret would be that I didn’t find a product like this sooner. A tool like this that would give me endless, mind-blowing sex would have been perfect for the social environments prevalent in college, from which I was mostly withdrawn due to my insecurities and feelings of inadequacy.

If only how easy it was, with expert help, to transform my penis as well as sexual capacity, I would maybe have never felt so paralyzed and doomed at the thought of sexual encounters.

Nevertheless, I can positively say that this book saved me. Or more accurately, saved my sex life.

Consistent results

The amazing results that I achieved using this product are by no means an aberration. Indeed, thousands of people who have used this product have had similar things to say, and hundreds of positive reviews bear testimony to the effectiveness of this product.

Closer to home, I recommended this product to a few of my friends, after trying it out and finding myself highly impressed with the results. My friends, without exception, came back with raving reviews about the product.

And while I haven’t actually checked their gains, girls in their lives have confirmed to me that there was indeed large and dramatic changes. One of them even asked me “I don’t understand how my boyfriend went from being O.K. in bed to an absolute fucking machine in a few weeks”.

 Male Enhancement Coach

These consistent results kept coming back again and again as I checked with a wider circle of people who had tried this product. An elderly man told me that after having tried everything unsuccessfully, he was now having the best sex of his life after using this product. And that was at the age of 65!

Another man told me about his crippling problems with erectile dysfunction. He said that for years doctors had failed to provide effective remedies, and therefore, for years he had virtually no sex life. This changed drastically when he brought this product –with a few simple exercises and expert tips, he was able to regain his lost vigor and have sex like never before.


• Quick results. Forget about the drugs that you take for months and still no results. The Male Enhancement Coach is created to make sure that you will get results within the shortest time possible.

• There are no side effects related to this guide. It is such a smart guide that everything provided is natural. This makes sure that there are no side effects of the techniques given.

• Works for everyman. If you feel like you have struggled too much then this is the program that is going to work for you. It does not matter the current size of your penis.

• Consistent. Unlike other programs, the benefits that you get from this program will be there to last. You will get the kind of power that will remain.

• Easy to understand and simple methods or tricks to apply. Forget about some difficult procedures that people always want to talk about. With this guide, you are provided with very simple techniques that are easy to apply.

• Provides additional benefits. With this guide, you will not only be able to enhance your penis size, but you will also be able to maintain an erection and last longer.


• Requires one to take the time to read and follow the instructions correctly.

• It might not work for men with some health problems.


It is impossible to define this product in any way that is complete and sufficient. That is because this product is, essentially, unique to every person that uses it. And this uniqueness, in fact, forms the most important selling point of this product.

You see, far from reviewing a product, in this case, what I was reviewing was a process. A process aimed at arriving at the most effective product that will deliver results for you, and not just to a statistical percentage of people.

This process is highly fine-tuned, with a proprietary method developed by AJ himself being applied to your unique case.

And the process is able to deliver results, better than any one-size-fits-all program ever could. This is brought forth by the countless positive reviews received by this product by people of all ages, experience levels, health conditions, and even genetic predispositions.

I believe that this product is a stepping stone towards a revolution in modern medical science – towards tailored products guaranteed to work for you, and away from products that only work for the statistically “average” person.

Regardless, as a means of penis enlargement, boosting sexual stamina and fixing common sexual issues like erectile dysfunction, this product is unparalleled. For anyone looking to enhance their sex lives to a whole new level, to please their partners in ways they never imagined, and to look in the mirror without ever feeling insecure again, this product is perhaps the only one on the market that is guaranteed to deliver results.

Start Growing Your Manhood, and rest easy knowing that she will feel completely satisfied and pleased with your performance with this guide!


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