Making a Long Distance Relationship Work

It is not easy. That is the first thing that you should know. It will require you to have some really special connection with your spouse or boy/girlfriend. That is the first step to making it survive. You need to know that your love is strong and that you are both very patient.


When you are apart, you will begin to feel the brunt of the long days apart and the facing of fears that are just so debilitating. You will question the whole thing and if something happens and you are not there to fix it or talk it out, it will be a nightmare getting the problems that crop up to go away.

So, before you decide to make a long distance relationship work, you need to consider and do the following things so as to increase the chances of this going on for as long as you can maintain it. That way, when you know what to do and what to expect, you can start down the road to having a better life with your loved one.

 Making a Long Distance Relationship Work

  1. Be Prepared

At some points, you will be unsure about what you are doing and you will feel the uncertainty wearing you down. This is normal and when you are prepared to expect and accept it, you can start moving on and dealing with it better. So, when you feel that things are not very smooth, do not fear, it’s a reaction to the distance.

  1. Communication is Key

When you are far apart, you need to make the communication a bit better. Am not saying you should be clingy and all that. Just make sure that when you are communicating, it is not every single day. Make sure to say the right things and time the right moments. Skype is also really good if you want to get naughty.

Another thing is that you can set up a private Instagram account just for the two of you. Pictures of your love ones are known to be very effective in making you feel better and keeps the romance factor in the relationship going.

  1. Live Apart Before Living Together

You need to learn how to live apart before you can learn how to live together. That way, you can be prepared to handle the really tough situations with ease and grace under fire. People live together and still feel as if they are far apart so, some distance will test the relationship and help you make it last.

Making a Long Distance Relationship Work Live Apart Before Living Together

  1. Ground Rules

Before you go, you need to talk about our relationship. You need to know if it’s exclusive or if your partner can go on dates and have fun. Also, when it comes to the matter of partying, you need to let your partner know when you are going somewhere and that way, you can avoid displeasing each other.

  1. Be Creative With The Internet

With great services like Vimeo, Skype, and YouTube, you can do things simultaneously. You can go shopping and watch things at the same time. Sing to each other over the internet and generally make a day of it. You can even go shopping while skyping.



      Have Visits

These will help ease you out of the brunt that he distance has. When you have regular visits, you can always be intimate and do all those things that you talk about over the phone. That way, you will be enjoying this even more immensely since you have been anticipating it for a long time. This is one of the things that will get your partner to commit.

  1. Be Honest

This will go a long way to making the relationship survive any and all rocks that you may encounter. So, when you are apart, be the responsible one and keep the relationship afloat. When it goes down, you will walk away knowing that you played your part well.

Making a Long Distance Relationship Work Be Honest

In Conclusion

Making a Long Distance Relationship Work


Making it work long distance is all about the dedication that you have to each other and the honesty and integrity of your partner. When you go into a relationship of this kind, make sure that it is with someone who really cherishes you and has the best interests for you at heart.



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