Make Yourself Her Fantasy and Obsession

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the obsession of a certain lady somewhere who can only think of you when you are not even there? Well, there is a way that you can turn yourself into her one single most recurrent fantasy.

Most of the women think about sex most of the time. Even more than men do. This makes it easy to infiltrate their thoughts and leave an impression that will make them think you whenever they are having sensual fantasies.

The following may be simple and albeit somewhat obvious methods but you will want to take a look at them.

  1. The Hero Complex

Whenever your lady is in trouble, you will have to make sure that you offer solutions and even if you don’t have all the answers, at least be there and explain the little that you know and help where you can. This will make her appreciate your being there for her and she will see you as a knight.

Make Yourself Her Fantasy and Obsession The Hero Complex

Don’t be afraid that you may trip over yourself and mumble stuff, just be cool and don’t sweat it, she can see what you have done even if she doesn’t openly acknowledge it.



  1. Do Not Get In This Place We Like To Call The Friendzone

Do not always be available because the more time you spend with her, the less she will be thinking of you. Be mysterious, don’t always pick up the phone and don’t always be rushing when she calls. You will find yourself being in demand more.


  1. Don’t Be Too Casual

Yes, dress comfortable and be who you are but pay attention to your looks. Dress well, work out and be clean as much as possible. Don’t make it look like you are trying too hard. Just flatter your shape and be as natural as it gets without falling out of her scope.

  1. Turn On The Allure

When you are with a lady, she likes to laugh, she likes to b treated with respect and she wants to see you as a gentleman who can handle stuff with a cool head. Don’t miss an opportunity to be charming. Play that card frequently and when you leave, you will be missed.


  1. Be The Rock That Never Fails

A reliable boyfriend who is always there is something that a woman wants. Whenever she is in trouble you will be there to bail her out and when she is weak and vulnerable, you will help her get back on her feet without being a prick or taking advantage of that. She will reward you in good time.

Make Yourself Her Fantasy and Obsession Be The Rock That Never Fails



  1. Don’t be Needy and Pushy

When you are needy and pushy, it is grossly off putting. Just be aloof but not so much that your presence fails to be felt. Be there but not as a moony eyed puppy following her everywhere and appearing in the most weird of places with a corny ‘hey, we should stop meeting like this’. She knows when you are being pushy.

In Conclusion

I believe I have given you the ammunition that you need to succeed with this one. You can now go and apply the methods I have taught you and you’re welcome. That’s enough applause for now.

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  • David says:

    I felt I was not performing well with my girlfriend. I knew she wanted to do something fun and exciting in the bed but I just wasn’t able to do anything. She used to tease me that I am more little innocent boy. However this post gave me ideas and confidence to be kinky with her and she loved it. Thanks

  • Michael G says:

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    Stop giving your power away and start changing your behaviors. Once you take accountability for your own happiness, you will be much more likely to have a relationship that’s actually worth having.

  • Bobby Jones says:

    Obsession provides four psychological functions; predictability, identity, continuity, and stability to what might otherwise be a fractured and fragmented self.

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