Mack Tactics Review: What’s The Best Way To Get More Dates With Girls?

Have you ever went to a party, planning to hook up with someone but ending up alone in the bar? To top it all off, you’ll see your friends busy entertaining sexy women. At this realization, you decide to call it a night and go home dejected.

A time when you were crushing on this girl but you don’t have the guts to talk to her. It would seem like a bad idea especially if you base your judgment on how other women treat you. So, you watch her from a distance as she interacts with men and maybe fall in love with another.

When you have the urge to have sex with someone but sadly, no girl would even want to entertain you. You’re not the only one who felt isolated and unwanted.

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I have gone through the same phase where I wasn’t sexually active for weeks (even months). For some reason, the girls were snatched away by other men even before I could offer a drink. The girls also seem disinterested in our conversations and I always get an “I need to go” excuse.

I have given up my chance to even have the opportunity for a girl to look at me. Until Steve told me about his secret into seducing a girl (even if you think she’s out of your league).

Surprisingly, most men have used Dean Cortez’s ‘Mack Tactics’ while I live my pathetic life, clueless of its existence. But as soon as I realized what I’m missing on, I tried it out with Steve beside me to help. He opened my mind to new possibilities. I found out how girls mind works, and the meaning of certain body language.

But what really interests a girl? and what can you do to keep the conversation going? Well, continue to read to find out!

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The Secret Behind A Woman’s Desire

Do you know Barney from ‘How I Met Your Mother’? Barney is the type of person any girl wants even if he isn’t buff, and good-looking. Examples are men who work out in the gym or the ones who do modeling for a living.

So, what’s so special about him?

Words. You can’t imagine how powerful words can do to make a girl want you. Simple words to control her once, cold attitude into a sweet and seducing one.

The same technique Barney uses to pick up girls.

Crazy, right? According to studies, girls are more likely to be seduced with words. Even if you’re not as hunk or good-looking as Leonardo DiCaprio. You can counter attack this by your strong personality which will get you the girl faster than other men. You should have the ability to get a girl’s interest during your interaction.


  • This is one of the keys to making a girl want you. The more you make a girl laugh, the sooner she’ll feel comfortable in your presence. Thus, the sooner her heart will pound and desire to be with you every single day (more so in bed.)

2. Confidence

  • A girl finds a guy sexy when he’s confident of himself and on his decisions. When you seem intelligent enough and give off a “smart guy” characteristic. Take note, you should be confident but don’t ever be overly confident. They might think you’re cocky and/or a jerk.

3. Personality

  • Women fall in love with words and personality than physical traits but it doesn’t mean you should stop grooming. You still need to look presentable for the first thing a person sees is the physical appearance.

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What is ‘Mack’?

  1. M stands for Method
    • This means there are procedures you need to follow in order to achieve your goal. Your current goal is to be able to acquire an active dating and sex life. The method is more on planning your approach and tactics.
  2. Stands for Action
    • You should walk the talk. After you plan it all out, you need to try it for yourself. You should test drive the methods and/or apply it in a situation. This is where you will find out the effectiveness of the tactics.
  3. C stands for Confidence
    • Planning and taking action isn’t enough to have a successful execution. You need to show off a confident attitude. Imagine doing everything while you’re sweating and nervous, do you think its’ appealing? Nope.
  4. K stands for Knowledge
    • Before you can apply everything above, you need to be knowledgeable enough in what you’re doing. To know the techniques without looking at your notes, you should master it.

Mack Tactics package

About Mack Tactics

Starting a conversation and making it interesting takes a lot of effort. Most people will size you up in the way you talk. They will make assumptions about you based on the topic you’re conversing about.

Maybe that’s one reason some men can’t seem to get the girl engrossed during the interaction. Maybe something is missing, you don’t have a strong pull which attracts her.

The program aims to:

  • Aid Men
    Dean Cortez was once a homeless man like us but he found a way to gain women’s attention by learning from a professional, specifically, a man whose job is a hostage negotiator. Thus, he wants to help us who needs a little push.
  • Introduce the Science of Seduction
    Behind seduction and/or manipulation is psychology. Almost all the contents in the program are related to this, controlling and changing a woman’s feelings toward you in simple easy ways.
  • Give Tactics to Make a Woman Want You
    There are a lot of techniques the program offers, most of them are situational so you could apply it in the current state of event you’re in. It will show you what a woman finds attractive in a man, and use this to your advantage.
  • Understanding a Persons’ Body Language
    Action speaks louder than words so it’s important to observe a persons’ movement in order to understand what they really want to tell.

Get Mack Tactics today and start going on more dates that lead to something more!

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Content of the Program

  • The Female Mind
    Each woman is different but by knowing the basic knowledge about the mind of a woman, you’ll get the upper hand to use this to your advantage. What does that mean? Knowing how her mind works will help you walk through the right directions.

You can be able to apply techniques in the book based on the situation and the girl’s personality. It will enable you to control her thoughts and emotions.

  • Conversation Topics
    There will be a set of questions provided in order to trigger her attraction towards you. Conversation topics that will leave her on the edge of her seat.
  • The Forbidden Road
    Topics that are more sensual and wild, better be careful on deciding the woman you use it with. It’s preferable you choose someone with an open mind and who is adventurous.
  • Texts and Calls
    As I have mentioned before, Women love words. Words that would make them squeal with joy, laugh, and get turned on. The program offers you all these possibilities at your fingertips.
  • Truth
    Women like challenging men, to give them kinds of tests until they either reject or accept you. The program will help you get through with these tests and at least be familiar with it. To also understand if a girl is just playing with you for fun or is serious about your relationship.


As soon as I read reviews on how effective the techniques the program provides, I purchased it immediately on the website.

Mack Tactics Review What's The Best Way To Get More Dates With Girls 2

In my review on Dean Cortez’s ‘Mack Tactics’, all I can think of is “Damn! If only I knew these techniques years ago”. If I was aware of this information early on, I wouldn’t have wasted my time on being a wuss. Instead, I’ll push further in getting laid with women.

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I wasted a lot of opportunities in making a girl want me by applying the wrong moves. So that’s why I can never get a girl to say “Yes!”.
After months of mastering the correct and effective ways to make a girl desire my attention. Now, I can have different girls every single day (if I want to) thanks to Dean Cortez’s ‘Mack Tactics’!

Other reviews shed a light on how there were more men like us, who was once pushed to the sidelines. Wishing we were the ones in the guy’s place but now, we can! You’ll get to learn more of the different tactics if you buy the program.

Mack Tactics Review What's The Best Way To Get More Dates With Girls

In just a few easy steps and practice skills, you can be the man who every woman desires. Not only that, the program focuses more on enhancing your persuasion and manipulation skills. Most women are known to manipulate people to get what they want. How does a girl manipulate? Women use tears, a high-pitched voice, and much more to attain what they need and want. When it comes to men, we manipulate and persuade in another way.

Fellow men have agreed to such claims. They were once adamant on pursuing a girl in fear of receiving rejection once again. This program has helped even the wimpiest man turn into a guy which women want to be with.

Join Mack Tactics today, click this link and learn how you can pick up girls and get more dates!


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