M3 System Review: 3 Easy Steps To Attracting Your Ex Back To You

Is there such a thing as love?

There are a lot of questions we don’t have a definitive answer to. The questions of life and death, the meaning or meaningless of it. It is just an attempt to try and explain phenomena with one single term like meaning or purpose. But life is much more complex than this.

Think about it: can you really put all your experience, all the pain, and joy, into one abstract word like “meaning”. Of course, you can. Love is no different than this. And soon you get a bunch of people arguing what love is, or does it even exist. If it exists, how would you describe it?

Philosophers, priest, psychologists, psychiatrists, biologist, physicists; they will all give you different answers to the question of love. Is love only a bunch of complex chemical reactions, or is it something much deeper than that?

The biggest problem is, that even if you know what love is, you can’t really explain it with words, mathematical equations or biochemical reactions. I know what love is, I’ve experienced it and I experience it every day, but I still can tell you what it is.

The meaning of love

“The meaning and worth of love, as a feeling, is that it really forces us, with all our being, to acknowledge for another the same absolute central significance which, because of the power of our egoism, we are conscious of only in our own selves.” The person who said these words was Vladimir Solovyov, the Russian philosopher, and theologian.

To me, this is by far the best “definition” of love. What he said is this: saying “I love you” is the same as saying “I’m glad that you exist”. This is the meaning of love.

You are grateful for the fact that the person you love exists; you love them just because they exist. To you, it doesn’t matter what they do or how they do it because you love them regardless of their actions. Moreover, you are willing to anything for the people you love. There are no mountains you are not able to climb or desserts you are willing to cross.

There are no mountains you are not able to climb or desserts you are willing to cross, even if at the cost of your life. That is what pure and unconditional love really is.

Why are breakups painful?

When you really love someone, truly and deeply, there’s no cure for it. You cannot simply replace them with someone else because of your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or life are unique. I know that a lot of “experts” will call this a myth or “lame romanticism”, but I’m sure a lot of people would understand this.

If you walk out of the relationship with minor grief, and if you are able to forget that person in a month or two, that that wasn’t true love. But if it the pain never stops as the years go by, if you are still thinking about that person, then you still love them.

Moreover, you desperately want them back. You want to talk to them, spend them, enjoy the silence with them… Now I know that there are a lot of reviews of different programs out there that want to help you get your ex back. And they use various methods, some of them promising that you can get your ex back in a matter of seconds.

Well, this is not one of those reviews. This review is about Michael Griswald, a person who takes a very different approach to this problem.

Who is Michael Griswald?

get your ex back

Michael Griswald is a relationship coach, who specializes in men-women relationships.

He also agrees with me on the definition of love and the uniqueness of one particular person. Moreover, he is not a fan of manipulative techniques that will help you get your ex back. What he realized throughout his career is this:

1. Trying to convince your ex to come back won’t work. He says: “Trying to convince your ex to get together after a breakup is like trying to fall asleep: the harder you try, the worse it gets”.

2. If you do the above-mentioned step, that puts you in a position of weakness.

3. Breakups can literally destroy our lives. The intensity of the pain you live with can often be unbearable, and can negatively reflect on other aspects of your life (friendships, career, progress…)

4. Friends can’t really help us because even if they want to help us, they can’t feel what we feel.

All these things can only worsen the breakup. However, amongst many other programs, guides, and techniques, he developed a non-manipulative program that helps people get their ex back: it is called M3 System.

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What is the M3 System?

The basic idea behind the M3 System is this: relationships may end because of disagreements and conflicts, but relationships die because of what happens after the breakup. It’s what you do now, after the breakup, that determines whether you have another shot with your ex.

Your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend doesn’t need to be convinced, manipulated or hypnotized, or they have to hear any magic words or text messages. They simply need to be reminded of all the things they love about you. However, you can’t just call them and tell them about the great times you had together.

But, there are some hardwired psychological triggers that can help you with this; all you need to know what are this triggers and when to use them.

The M3 System stands for:

  • Mindest
  • Method
  • Moving forward

M1: Mindset

Before you do any major steps, you have to develop and redevelop confidence. Emotions are like the flu; they are contagious. For example, if you contact your ex, but aren’t confident that the conversation will go well, it won’t work.

Your voice will give your fears and anxiety away, which will, in the end, cause more damage than good. It is more important how you say things, not what you say.

M2: Method

The second part of the M3 System focuses on developing strategic and step by step methods to get your ex back. Here, you will into the specifics of power balance within the relationship.

You will learn what things you should or shouldn’t say. Just because it is more important how you say something, that doesn’t mean that you can say whatever you want. Moreover, you will learn more about the psychology of man-women relationships, how each thinks and responds to certain things.

Also, you will learn what “No Contact” and “Limited Contact” really mean, and how to apply them. And the most important thing: how to make sure that your ex doesn’t leave you again once you get her/him back.

M3: Moving Forward

This part is about reconfiguring and reinventing every aspect of your relationship. You certainly want to prevent what happened last time, that is, what caused the breakup. You can do this in various ways, and I’m able to share the first thing you have to do.

Firstly, you need to reignite the passion between you and your partner. And I’m not just talking about the sexual tension: I’m talking about the passion in a much deeper level. A level that transcends mere sexuality. What you want is to make her crazy about you.

After that, you will apply other techniques that come with this step. After all, that is the job of this step; not repeating the past and building the future in present.

Why should you buy this program?

By now, you can conclude that this is not a program for everyone. Furthermore, if you are looking for some cheap magic tricks that promise you to get your ex back in a matter of seconds then this is not your kind of system.

M3 System relays on real, tested methods, not on hypnosis or manipulation. While I don’t deny that such systems might work, I’ just saying that this one doesn’t rely on them.

Also, you need to be sure that the person you are trying to get back with is important to you. This system cannot tell you whether or not you love your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend; only you can truly answer that question.

If you are sure that you want to get back together with your ex, then this is the right system for you. Also, I want to remind you that you have to apply yourself to this program. Study it, go through all of the steps it has and figures it out.

If this system doesn’t work out for you, you have 60 days to ask for your money back. That just shows you how confident Michael is in this system; if you don’t get your ex in 60 days, your money will be fully refunded. So why not go for it when you have nothing to lose?

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