Lovetraction Lines Review: The Right Phrases To Make Him Go Crazy

The narrator of the product up for review today has experienced its success first hand. In a roundabout kind of way. His name is Robert.

Robert starts with a few confessions. The first is that at one time he was a womanizer. The second is that the idea of love is honestly downright silly. The third is that when it comes to women and relationships, the more the merrier is the motto proudly followed. It got to the point that he felt odd without a few ladies by his side at all times.

You can say what you will but this is an exhausting lifestyle. Regardless of how attractive it may seem.

I’m not sure if the next part happened intentionally or unintentionally but one fateful evening, he encountered a lady called Simone. She used a ‘trick’ on him. He was not aware of it at first. That trickled to him shedding his bad boy ways. He proceeded to fall deeply in love with her. When he confessed his love to her she explained what was happening. The ‘trick’ was revealed

Simone Myers 

Lovetraction Lines Simone myers

Simone is a female dating coach. Her specialty is the art of attraction. She teaches women how to capture a man’s heart using nothing but select keywords and phrases. Her discovery of these powerful select keywords and phrases was purely accidental.

She was researching love spells. This makes sense since she is a dating coach. Love is part of the dating landscape. In the course of her search, she happened upon a thought reader.

As the name implies, a thoughtful reader is supposedly someone who can figure out the thoughts of others. This particular thought reader had a lot of knowledge on hypnosis. This knowledge was used to create a number of hypnosis tricks. He used one on Simone. She was blown away.

What Simone learned from the thought leader lead to the creation of a program called Lovetraction Lines.

Lovetraction Lines

Lovetraction Lines

Lovetraction Lines is an online relationship guide. It is made up of surprisingly simple short lines. The target audience for this program is women. The goal of the program is to equip women with key powerful lines that heighten the attraction within their relationships.

Reviews indicate that the techniques in this program are backed by scientific research. That research is centered on the brain. The findings reveal that the brain is set up to respond to certain keywords and symbols in a pre-determined manner. A hormone is released when those keywords and symbols are uttered or seen. That hormone is known as a love hormone. It works on what is known as the “romantic nervous system.” When a man’s love hormones are released, the attraction to a woman is instant. It is also deep and intense.

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Program Details

Lovetraction Lines program details

The information in this program is divided into fourteen sections. The first section gives you a solid introduction to the male mind. Definitely a great jumping off point.

The remaining sections cover the various lines you will learn. They include:

1. “Soulmate Mishmash” line

2. “Precious Honeybunch” line

3. “Intimacy Yoo-Hoo” line

4. “Emotion Devotion” line

5. “Sensation Grand Slam” line

5. “Rejection Squish-Squash” line

6. “Fire In The Belly” line

7. “Slap of Love” Line

8. “Light of my Life” line

9. “Secret Hanky Panky” line

10. “Attraction Meow” line

11. “Queen of my Heart” line

12. “Blind Sweetheart” line

From the above names, you can tell that this learning session is geared towards fun. Following is a short summary of what each line focuses on and how it is used.

Sample Lovetraction Lines

Lovetraction Lines Sample Lovetraction Lines

Following are some examples of the simple yet powerful lines you can look forward to learning when you buy this program.

1. “Soulmate Mishmash” line

This line leaves a man with no doubt that you are the one for him. His soulmate. The only woman he is destined to live out his life with. This line turns the man into the initiator of life together conversation.

2. “Precious Honeybunch” line

This line is for those women who have their heart set on a man seemingly out of their league. It turns the ‘out of your league’ man into the pursuer and the woman in the pursued. The man is the one who has to battle the ‘does she like me’ feelings. For most ladies, that is definitely a refreshing change of pace.

3. “Intimacy Yoo-Hoo” line

This is the line that boosts emotional connectedness. No more fighting for your man’s attention or his time. With this line, you will feel like you have hit the attention jackpot.

4. “Emotion Devotion” line

This line ensures you never get played again. It makes your man not view you as a fling. A short time plaything. Use this line and all other women will be dropped in a heartbeat.

5. “Sensation Grand Slam” line

This line is designed for women who think they gave up the goodies too soon. Use this line and your man will constantly see you in a new fresh light. A light he cannot do without.

6. “Rejection Squish-Squash” line

Use this line on a man who is no longer in the picture. Of course, this means that you want him back. This line makes him miss you terribly. The result of which is that he’ll come running back.

7. “Fire In The Belly” line

This line is for rekindling the romance. Use it when you are feeling neglected or sensing any other negative change in the relationship.

8. “Slap of Love” Line

This line targets players. Those men who have multiple options in the dating arena. This line convinces him that no one but you is best suited to be in his life.

9. “Light of my Life” line

This lines also targets past loves. It is designed to make them see that you were the best thing in their life. Coming back to you is the very best thing for them. It works by emphasizing the positive memories you built.

10. “Secret Hanky Panky” line

This is a great line for when you are not feeling physically sexy. It awakens your man’s sexual fire. Even if you look like crap.

11. “Attraction Meow” line

This line is for the woman who has a great friendship with a guy but wants more. Wants to move out of the friend zone and into more intimate territory.

12. “Queen of my Heart” line

This one is extremely powerful. Your man will treat you like royalty after hearing it. To the point of embarrassment. Your man will want to do anything and everything for you. Protect you. Fight for you. Love you unconditionally with everything he has to offer.

13. “Blind Sweetheart” line

This line essentially gives sight to a ‘blind’ man. Hypothetically speaking of course. Use this line when your man has one foot in and one foot out of your relationship. It opens his eyes to the wonderfulness that is you and only you.

Program Bonus Items 

Lovetraction Lines Program Bonus Items 

Your purchase comes with three bonus items. They are:

– Tiger by the Tail Method Report

– Crystal Ball Report

– Mind Switch-Over Report

Tiger by the Tail Method Report

This first bonus item is a technique that addresses the “it’s complicated” relationship status. It shows you how to get a man to choose if someone else is the picture.

Crystal Ball Report 

This second bonus item triggers what is known as the ‘secret commitment instinct.’ Use this technique on your perfect yet clueless guy. It shows him the light that is you. How perfect the two of you are together.

Mind Switch-Over Report

The third and final bonus item is quite powerful. It shows you how to bend a man to your wishes. Especially when he feels like the relationship has run its course.

Money Back Guarantee 

The success of this program has been overwhelming. However, if you do not experience the same kind of success, a refund may be available. Your purchase of Lovetraction Lines comes with a sixty-day money back guarantee. Buy this program and try it out immediately since your refund has a time limit. Refunds are to be requested via email at No questions will be asked so processing is prompt.


Lovetraction Lines Conclusion

The lines you learn in this program are fun and easy to use. In addition, they work immediately. Not in months or years.

Simone says the program can be used to turn a player into a fully committed man. A man who wants to walk you down the aisle immediately. Also, use it on an ex. An ex you want back in your life.  Apparently, even if they have found their way into the arms of another. Finally, seasoned relationships also benefit.  This is definitely a powerful relationship tool.

Multiple reviews and testimonials show that this program will have a man falling deeply in love with. Craving you and simply adore you. Buy this program today if this is something you want in a relationship. The sixty-day money back guarantee allows you to try it risk-free.

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